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48 female spokane wa. used to manage auto shop but its been a few years...

  • i need to change the coilpack in my 99 Hyundai Accent. if not mistaken, this should be a basic repair?

    I had my car diagnosed today and it has a bad coilpack which damaged the spark plugs. My concern is that with the misfire, the catalyst may have been damaged as the plastic splash shield under the radiator was melted from the heat of the cat. What are the chances that changing the coilpack will cure the problem. I used to manage a GM parts department but am not familiar with Hyundai's and I am guessing that just taking off the coilpack and putting on a new one will be a basic repair. Please let me know if I am correct

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  • what does TTY stand for?

    On commercials there is always a TTY phone number for the hearing impaired. What does that stand for?

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