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  • where in houston can I buy ice cream bars?

    Im looking for a place that sells those bars like the ones that are sold from the ice cream truck,the ones that have shapes like sonic,spider man and that stuff don't want to sell them just want them for my self I just move to a new house and the ice cream truck sells it each for $3 on my old place use to be $! so if any one know where the ice cream trucks buy them please let me know

    2 AnswersHouston8 years ago
  • how does the the ez tag works houston tx?

    I just got a new job and I will be using it a lot will drive from houston to khema ,but how does it work some one was telling me is more expensive,since you don't have to stop,but how does it really work any person with the tag will really help thanks,and is better to get it or is better to just stop at the toll booth to pay

    3 AnswersHouston8 years ago
  • dog training in houston ?

    Hi I Have a 9 week old german shepherd,I pretty much already teach her to sit,and to go out to pee and poo,but will like to have her trained by a Professional on the rest like come,stay,and the rest,will like a place or person that is close to betway 8 and telephone rd south houston,and also in a cople of months when she is older will like to train her for personal protection is some one knows of a good place in houston will really appreciate it

    2 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • toyota center where should I park ?

    Im going tonight to the toyota center,any good place to park, I have heard about the toyota garage,is this a good place to park,and also does any one know how much it cost

    1 AnswerHouston8 years ago
  • how to cancel my account?

    how do I cancel my account I have call the 1888 number but they say cant find my account I try the free month but Im barely 5 days since I started it and they put a charge on my bank account I call to cancel but they say they are not able to find the account by the name,the number,the cc that is being already charge , or the email,any suggestions of what can I do to close it

    2 AnswersPersonal Finance8 years ago
  • toyota center houston?

    where should I park in the toyota center Im planing on going to the cirque du soleil a lot of people told me to park in the garage that is attach but is there like some advice like getting early to the garage or it doesn't get full and well how much they charge

    3 AnswersHouston8 years ago
  • good tailor in houston?

    where in houston can I go to get a custom suit specially made for me I being buying my suit from express for the last few years but I will like to own a nice suit that was done from scratch for me Im planing to spend 1k it can be less or a bit more if a nice one don't need no 3k 5k suit cuz only use them for special occasions Im close to beltway 8 pearland and telephone rd if that helps

    1 AnswerHouston8 years ago
  • how do I get the title ????

    I do body and paint in cars like a year ago a guy came over and drop a truck to have some work done on it I was going to prime it and fix it up a bit was going to charge him $700 but is being sitting in my back yard for 1 year being calling him and he say he will come but he never does how can I get the truck to my name and get the title so I can sell it get it out of my yard and get the money I invest in labor and material, we didn't sign any contract or anything but have all the txt messages that we have being sending each other since last year when I told him his truck was ready how can I legally get the title so I can get my money back,Im in houston tx Harry's county if it help

    1 AnswerInsurance & Registration8 years ago
  • what can I do with my overweight gf?

    ok my girlfriend is being getting really big this last couple of years what can I do she only likes to eat junk food and this is also affecting my life Im 6' and use to be 170 now Im almost 200 pounds but since Im tall doesn't show that much she just don't want to do nothing she join the gym but she only goes like 1 time per week or none sometimes all she wants to do is watch tv, now she is 230 and she denies that she is fat, she is always tired I really love her but don't find her atractive any more or sexual life is really bad now,and my main concern is that her mom has diabetis so she is propence to get it too with the way of life she has,what should I do,and please don't go with the love her the way she is or look at ur self first cuz people that say that don't care about their partners is like letting some one eat till they died

    6 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • san antonio hotel? drury or omni hotel?

    im going to san antonio next month I being checking hotels that are close to the park I found the drury hotel and the omni hotel which are close to the park but will like to know what best drury or omni both at about the same price drury 89+tax omni 92+tax

    2 AnswersSan Antonio8 years ago
  • san antonio six flags?

    im going to san antonio next month I being checking hotels that are close to the park I found the drury hotel and the omni hotel which are close to the park but will like to know what best drury or omni both at about the same price drury 89+tax omni 92+tax

    2 AnswersSan Antonio8 years ago
  • Omni hotel san antonio texas? ?

    Im going to san antonio next month nd im looking for a hotel to stay in i head about t omni hotel the one to six flags nd t one by downtown or riverwalk does any one know if this is a good choice or can some one recommend another one this one is going to cost $220 for 2 nights

    2 AnswersSan Antonio8 years ago
  • Omni San Antonio at the Colonnade hotel close to six flags?

    I won't tickets for six flags a few days a go so going next month but will like to find a good hotel, I found this omni Hotel that say is 5 min from the park, I have read a few reviews and heard good and bad stuff but will like to hear it from some one that have stayed there recently,I can book a room for $92+tax or one with the breakfast buffet for $124 u guys think is work it and also do the buffet is for every person or do I need to pay extra for an extra person

    3 AnswersSan Antonio8 years ago
  • ez tag violation? what to expect?

    ok I went to china town in houston by sharps town mall today and the gps send me to high way but it was ez tag all the way to downtown where u get 59 didn't know that I try to exit but was no where to go paying it was all ez tag so what should I do,Im supposed to call them or just wait for t fine if I get a fine how much its the ticket for?

    1 AnswerInsurance & Registration9 years ago
  • paypal how safe???????????

    ok Im selling and item on Craigslist im in houston but the guy its on new york he will pay for shipping and will pay with paypal first I thought it was a scam so I stop answering his e-mails but today he call me asking if I still wanted to sell the items so will like some advice from people that use paypal I have use it for years to buy but never to make money transfers is it safe or should I pass on this transaction ??

    4 AnswersYahoo Shopping9 years ago
  • ice cream man where to buy in houston tx ?

    ok I want to start a business as an ice cream seller u know the ones that drive around the city selling ice cream and other stuff,im in houston tx, can any one tell me where can I find a place to buy all t supplies like ice cream cones,team popsicles like spider man im on houston tx close to hobby air port, on telephone rd and beltway,so if any one knows of a place where I can buy them please let me know I know its winter but will start when gets warmer

    1 AnswerHouston9 years ago
  • pink eye how to know if its pink eye?

    ok its being 2 days my eye its red looking and having clear discharges and have like a sand feeling inside,not sure if it is cuz this 2 thing happen the same day I was welding and the mask fail too go black once so I end up looking at the light when I was welding,but also whent to try some prescription glasses at the store later that day so how can I know if its pink eye or not my symptoms are veins red not entire eye,clear discharge,both eyes look the same size,and eyes are not glue togheter in morning cuz have heard that when u get pink eye they are glued in the morning

    5 AnswersOptical9 years ago
  • anal sex?????????????????????//?

    ok after 4 years of relation my gf agree to try anal sex but I have being trying it but cant get inside she is too tight have never have this problem in the past I just had to play with it nd stretch it till my penis fits but with her we spend close to 20 min just to put my little finger inside we use lube but no luck, any advice nd I know she is trying cuz she was the one that ask for it but just cant get it inside

    4 AnswersWomen's Health9 years ago
  • has any one ever hear of the restaurant discount card ?

    ok I found this car on ebay sounds to good to be real has any one use it or have any experience with it I want to buy one but will like to know if is just a scam or does it actually works

    2 AnswersOther - Dining Out9 years ago
  • have u ever hear of this discount card ?

    its a card that is good for 26 restaurants has any one use this card or u think is a scam

    1 AnswerCorporations9 years ago