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  • how do I format a hard drive with vista?

    I have had it. My C: drive needs to be formatted and the OS reinstalled.

    When trying to accomplish this with my Vista machine says that I cannot cannot perform this function. How do I format only the C: partition of my drive? Thanks

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  • Why buy a Fender "Blackie"?

    Why not buy a Custom Shop American Stratocaster? I mean will I sound like Eric if I buy a copy of his guitar, will cigarette burns really make it sound more authentic. I guess I am missing the point. Its just for the asking price the guitar is not "real". Thanks

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  • I just met someone that has 2 kids. I am deeply attracted to her.?

    I am a 47 year old divorced father. I have a fully grown daughter away in college. I met this really special lady that I am starting to have feelings for. She is a great person, and has a great life. She needs a man. I need a woman. She has 2 kids both in elementary school. I am not sure if I can handle raising 2 more kids. She keeps telling me "don't worry" take it slow. I hate to sound like a selfish person in fact I've no desire to monopolize her time, her kids need her more than me. Seems all the women I meet, the ones worth having, all have got loads of BAGGAGE! What to do, its driving me crazy. I cannot imagine having to meet someone younger and having to start a family all over from scratch I am too old. If you happen to read this and you have not experienced real life, kids/divorce or are a right wing fundamentalist with nothing to add except that I should never have gotten divorced and serves me right, get bent. 1/2 the country has this dilemma.

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  • CA DMV "Charges Set Aside" DUI Info?

    What it means? It means you beat the wrap you lucky SOB. I got pulled over blew a .06 they still took me to jail and booked me for a DUI. I was not very cooperative with the arresting officer. That may explain why he arrested me. 2 weeks later I got a notice saying charges have been "set aside" from DMV. 2 weeks after that I showed up in court as ordered. My case was not on the docket. I asked the DA's office why not and they said, I could walk "lack of evidence to prosecute". So I did. Also remember only DMV has the authority to revoke your driving privileges not the criminal court. IF the DMV say charges have been set aside the DA aint got a pot to piss in. You can walk. They might get you for the speeding or what ever bs the arresting officer said was "probable cause" in my case they did not do ****. Don't trust cops. Its this mentality that got me off. If I would have believe that cop I would have been screwed royally. Did not blow into the field sobriety tester and passed on the "Roadside Olympics". I told them to arrest me and take me to jail, they did. Since they had nothing to book me on they offered me the breathalyzer again. I took it but it was 2 hours later. I totally passed. Spent the night in Jail, car got towed, had to pay to get it out. ETC. cheaper than filing an SR22 sunshine. So yeah, you got off. But guess what I just got a ticket today for a california stop. IF you live in SF bay area be careful man. I have lived here my whole life (47 years) and have never seen it this HOT! Cops are enforcing everything.

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  • DUI in South San Francisco,?

    Hi All,

    Got pulled over for speeding. Officer thought he smelled Alcohol. I had a couple of Vodka Crans. Declined the Roadside Olymipcs. Blew a .06

    Still got arrested, car towed, court date and all the other pleasantries of running a foul with the law. First offense. Being a man I accepted my fate, I screwed up. Never again. DMV sent me a letter saying they have reinstated my driving privileges and they are "setting aside" the charges leveled against me. I called DMV and Drivers Safety for clarification and they said I could even get a duplicate license also that there is nothing from this sorry incident as evidence on my record. It "never happened". Well that takes care of the all important administrative side of the issue. I got a court date in a couple weeks and thats when the other shoe will drop. Since DMV did not have enough evidence to revoke, suspend my license what can the judge do to me? I am hoping that they will see it for what it is and just give me the wet and reckless. Since DMV alone and not criminal courts have the authority to revoke or reinstate my license. Its confusing since DMV already set aside the charges to suspend on a DUI. This appears to be a glimmer of hope, I almost wish it would not have happened sinc e now I have "hope of avoiding sr-22 filing". I guess the judge can still get me for going 70 in in a 50. Oh well.

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  • How do I remove Zlob.dnschanger Malware from Vista?

    I am somewhat of a typical end user. All the solutions on the web regarding Zlob removal are geared towards <XP.

    Is there anyone that can help me remove this from my Vista based computer?

    Mcafee did not catch it. They want $89 to "consult" thanks

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  • Can I claim my child on my 2007 taxes that is no longer living at home but who I am paying college expenses?

    My daughter just started college. So are there still deductions?

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  • Whats the minimum captial a company needs in order to be listed on the NYSE?

    Or is it total assets. An accounting question.


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  • What is the difference between a CD "interest rate" and "annual percentage yield"?

    I just opened a cd an I want to figure out simple interest. Which do I use Interest rate or Yield?

    My yield is higher than my interest rate.

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  • Whats a "Sanctuarty City"?

    How can illegals in these havens of illegal activity be deported? Does this mean that they cannot be prosecuted for crimes?

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  • I want to own a Meineke car service franchise, are they profitable?

    Car repairs are profitable. I want to open with an established franchise. What are the pit falls of an automobile repair franchise?

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  • I want to open a car repair garage, what are the pitfalls?

    I love working on cars. I got a bit of money from a dead relative. Enough that with a loan I can lease a place with 4 lifts and hire mechanics.

    I want to work on Volvo and Subaru. With things the way they are in San Francisco I can make a killing.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Are the california wildfires to blame for the record price of oil?

    Might as well be right? Seems like anything in the news causes oil to go up!

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  • I was fired what should I tell potential employers during the job interview?

    I was terminated for "lack of performance". The company basically closed my department, changed my job title, gave me a position that I was not interested in and it did not work out.

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  • Cannot play mpeg3 songs on on my itunes (ipod)?

    I ripped a bunch of songs off the company intra-net. I am able to place them in itunes. However when I attempt to listen to itunes the songs dont play. An exclaimation point and popup declares that the Location of file containing source is missing?

    whats up with that.

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  • Just for men, does it work?


    I am starting to go grey. I want to touch things up a bit and "stay in the game". Does just for men really work? I would sure hate to screw it up and turn out a red head.

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  • What does a wah pedal do?

    I usually play clean with maybe some high gain. I have a Epiphone LP 2 . Would a wah pedal be worth the expense?

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  • What is the definition of a "chronometer"?

    How can Rolex and Omega be condsidered chronometers?

    My Seiko Kinetic gains only one second every other day.

    My Rolex and an Omega and both lose betweem 2-3 seconds a day. I was curious and tested them. Makes me sick!

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