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  • How do you handle sacrificing yourself to make your recent lover's life better?

    I was recently involved with someone who, I was very connected to. He didn't even have to be in the room for me to feel his presence. I had to basically make him hate me to make him get back to his life. It's complicated but, I need some answers :-(

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  • What do you do if your ex is also your best friend of 15 years and his newbie wants him to halt contact?

    My ex husband and I have been through so much the last 15 years since we have divorced. He has been my rock through my sister's murder and my other sister's death from cancer. He has is so kind he watches my younger son from my 2nd marriage. Now, his new girlfriend of three months is telling him to break off contact or she is gone. I want his happiness with this woman but, what about me losing my best friend? I am in so much emotional pain over this!

    I want what is best for him... pure and simple!

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  • My sister's husband cheated on her with her best friend...she has since passed from cancer. The other woman..

    is now raising my sister's four boys with their father.

    How in God's name am I supposed to forgive this woman?

    I try, for my sister's sake. She made some sort of peace with it.

    Why can't I?

    My nephews seem to be okay. Except the oldest. He is 15. He knows what has transpired.


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  • I want to know why a woman cannot be honest!?

    Why is it that, a woman cannot be honest about her feelings?

    If you are crazy about someone, why does that scare them off?

    If you just want to be around someone, what is the problem?

    Love was never mentioned...

    Relationship was never mentioned...

    I just wanted to relax and enjoy his existence.

    After 3 weeks of attention, constantly phoning, I was stood up...

    Very confused!

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  • Okay, so, I met this man. He makes me want to try the whole relationship thing again.?

    The problem is, I literally cannot lose something else I love in this life. I am so confused. When I am around him, I am absolutely mesmerized! When I am not with him, I start all this rationalization of why I should just be happy raising my two boys.

    I have literally been hurt by, abandoned by, or lost every important person in my life.

    He is the most wonderful man.

    He doesn't know all of the things I have gone through.

    Should I talk to him and let him know?

    I don't want to scare him off but, I want him to know why I feel things the way I do, why I tick.

    Please, no haters .

    I really need input!

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  • I am looking for a long lost friend!!!!!!?

    I am looking for Fred Vergenz! About ten years ago, I had a great friend. He was my lover, my friend, and a great person. I made the mistake of embarassing him and, I never saw him again. He lived in the greater Cincinnati area around 1995. He was very athletic, attractive, sandy blonde get the picture. The last time I saw him, he was working at Best Buy. I would really like to find him so I could apologize for the encounter that ended our friendship! This has been bothering me for a long time...If anyone knows ANYTHING in regard to this person, please let me know! I greatly appreciate it :-)

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  • I'm 35. What do you do when you meet someone that turns you inside out?

    I have been alone for a long time. I recently met someone and things escalated to a very heated level very quickly. I'm afraid I may have ruined any chance of seeing him again because things escalated so quickly. I'm normally not this rash. What should I do?

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