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  • Ipods-What should I look for when shopping ?

    I purchased a small radio for jogging years ago but I would like to try something new this year for summer jogging. I would like to purchase an Ipod but I really don't know that much about them. I would like to be able to change songs quickly and volume. Do they come with "Bass adjustment" or is the bass sound from your headphones only. Last, I am thinking of only purchasing a simple one that only holds a small number of songs. Thank you.

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  • CD R and CD RW. Wasted money on CD-RW?

    I purchased CD-RW. Found out that it copies the same as CD-R. Both copy files. Both replace an updated file. Both you can continue to add files until full. However, the only difference I see is that the CD-RW can be erased. But after you write on it who wants to replace it with completely different info. Am I missing something....they are so expensive.

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