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Hi there, i'm Laura. I have all kinds of interests and a stack of random knowledge that i've aquired along the way. I really enjoy Yahoo Answers, its quite the intellectual treat! Sorry, i'm too lazy to do the 360 page, but you can go to this website and read one of my favorite stories! It's not too long, and it'll boost your spirits!

  • Dreamweaver XML parsing fatal error?

    I have a problem opening Dreamweaver. I get an error message that says,

    "XML parsing fatal error: invalid document structure, line:1, file: C:\Users\laura\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\DreamweaverCS4\en_us\Configuration\Workspace\Coder Plus.xml."

    When I click OK, it says,

    "The following panel is missing or could not be read: XML parsing fatal error: invalid document structure, line:1, file: C:\Users\laura\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\DreamweaverCS4\en_us\Configuration\Workspace\Coder Plus.xml. The application will not have a correct layout. Please load one from Windows -> Workspace"

    Please help!!

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  • A few questions about auto loans?

    I just found out my car is totalled and now i'm shopping around for a new car. I'll need to get a new loan, but I have some questions. I financed the old car and made payments on it for about two years before the accident. The insurance company paid off the remainder of the loan, but there wasn't really anything left over, so i'm back at square one. I would like to get a newer car, and my credit is ok, but i'm wondering what the best approach is to get the best rate. Should I go back to the same lender I had before? Would my chances be better with them since I was their customer before? Or should I try a different lender? If so, what are some good auto loan companies? And one last thing... I could probably increase my credit score if I paid down my credit cards (I only have two). But I was saving my money to put down a larger down payment. Do you think it's better use my savings to pay down my cards and improve my credit and hopefully get a lower interest rate or should I use the money for a large down payment upfront? I could do a little of both I suppose. Anybody work in the auto loan industry or have experience that might want to share some advice? Thanks so much!

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  • Help! Female co-worker is driving me crazy!!?

    There is a woman at work whose behavior is driving me nuts. The place I work for is a small business (less than 2 dozen employees). I've worked there for about two years now, and she's worked there for about 3 years. Technically, her title is the same as mine, but she behaves and is often treated like a member of management.

    That's all fine and good, but this woman goes out of her way to step on other people to make herself and her ideas dominate the entire office environment. I can't do my work without her stopping to tell me what I should do differently. She will literally stand over my shoulder and ask me "so.. how's it going?" That sentence right there makes me cringe. No matter what I say or what I show her i'm doomed. I have tried ignoring her and telling her it's not a big deal, but it's a small office, and everybody knows everybody else's business. She always insists on putting her two cents in, and she acts like she's doing the world a favor. The trouble is, her criticism is always negative and she never offers any useful suggestions. Her favorite thing to suggest is that you put your project on hold until she figures out what she wants to do with it. Yeah, right. Most people would probably blow her off. Hard to do with her. She tends to throw a big fit and finds plently of other ways to make your work day intolerable if you don't show her everything you're doing.

    I've been noticing a pattern lately. I'll be working on something, the manager will come by and give me some suggestions, a few words of encouragement, and the go ahead to proceed. Then after a few days, this co-worker will appear (after she knows I've been working on this project for a little while) and she'll get all huffy and tell me i'm doing it all wrong. She'll pick it apart in the cruelest possible way until all the things I felt good about in the project are gone. Where was she two days ago, when I first started? Why didn't she give me a game plan then? I don't understand her logic. She'll rip everything apart, and tell me all the things I did wrong, yet, she never gives me any suggestions on what I should do to make it right. It's almost like she enjoys making other people feel two inches tall. She has this look that she gives people that makes my skin crawl. As if to say, "you better do as I say or i'll rip out your eyeballs and eat them for lunch" She also has this habit of going to the manager and convincing her that what i'm doing is all wrong. The next thing I know i'm being told by my manager (the same person who just gave me the thumbs up to proceed) that I need to scrap everything and put the entire project on hold until my co-worker and management figure out what they want to do.

    It's confusing and unproductive to have a manager give you the go ahead and then make you scrap your work based on another employee's opinions. It's insulting. I don't appreciate someone posing as a manager ripping my stuff apart and acting like what i've done is child's play. I'm the only one there that even has a clue how to use the software needed to complete the project. And the other day my co-worker asked that I explain how the software works. First of all, it took me years to acquire what I know about the ins and outs of this software. It isn't something you learn overnight. And secondly... what? Is she serious?? Is she trying to push me off the ledge here? She's nuts, I tell you. And as good as she is at criticizing other people's ideas, she has very few solid ideas herself. She's also unorganized, and myself and my other co-workers have noticed that it takes forever just to get projects off the ground when she's at the wheel. I just don't understand why management keep going along with whatever my co-worker wants. It's bad for morale and productivity. Maybe they don't realize what's really going on? Or maybe they are trying to avoid conflict? I don't know. I need help though. I don't know how to deal with this person. Any suggestions for what I could say to her? Should I approach my manager about my co-workers behavior? If so, What should I say? Any thoughts or similar experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Does the HP 6005 Pro desktop have an agp slot? I can't seem to find it?

    Everybody says it's a brown slot above all the white slots, but I don't see anything like that. There's two chips stuck in two black slots above all the white slots, but that can't be it, can it? Why would there be two? I just ordered the machine so it has all its original parts. I need to remove the old graphics card, and put in a new one, but I can't find it. Any help? Pictures would be helpful too. Thanks!

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  • Altima shakes during idle and while driving. Service engine light comes on and then goes away?

    Hi. I have a 2003 Nissan Altima with about 93,000 miles on it. About a month ago, I turned the engine on and the entire car started shaking. The check engine light was blinking. There was no noise, just shaking. I noticed that as I sat there with the car in park, the RPM was jumping around without me touching the gas pedal. I sat there a little while longer (about 5 minutes) and it stopped shaking and the check engine light went away and the RPM went way down and stayed down. For several days, everything was fine. Then it happened again. Only the car was warmed up and I was sitting at a stop light halfway across town. Then it was fine for another couple day. Then one day, I was on the highway going about 60 mph and it started shaking again and the check engine light went on again. I had also noticed that I seemed to be going through fuel a lot faster than usual. I felt like I was filling up the gas tank all the time.

    Annoyed and worried, I took it to AutoZone to do a check engine light diagnostics. They got the code and told me cylinder 2 was misfiring. They said I needed new spark plugs and to run some fuel injector cleaner through the gas tank. So, I took it to a mechanic and paid for them to replace the spark plugs and put the fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank. They recommended a tune up, so I also had a new air filter and serpentine belt put in as just a general maintenance thing. They said everything else looked great.

    Well, it ran really good...for about two weeks. Then yesterday I turned it on and it was shaking really bad. The service engine soon light was flashing, and it didn't go away within a few minutes like it had done in the past. It continued to shake, and the service engine light continued to flash for the majority of my drive across town. It seemed to be worse when i was idling at a stop light. When I got on the highway, I had trouble accelerating. There didn't seem to be enough power. The car surged forward a little bit as I tapped on the brakes when I made a tight turn. It was a little scary that it did that. I had not noticed that before. I finally stopped and shut it off. Then, about 20 minutes later, I turned it back on. No shaking. No service engine soon light. I drove home without any problems. I'm not sure what's going on.

    Some people have told me it's the fuel injector and others have said it's the ignition coils. Any thoughts? The shop I brought it to before never really did an official diagnostics themselves (Auto Zone gave me the code and the parts) so they said they will charge me $79 just to figure out what the problem is. They said it could be upwards of $400 for the ignition coils (just for the parts!) and $600 or more for new fuel injectors. I get the impression that the only way to know for sure is by process of elimination-trying new parts until something works. Does anyone out there have any thoughts? I'd hate to get all kinds of parts I don't need before I figure out what the problem is. Please help! Thank you!!

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  • Employers: How can I get you to notice me?

    I need help. I've applied to several jobs in the last two weeks and haven't heard anything back from any of them. Am I doing something wrong? My resume is very detailed and I tailor it to each job, with specific details describing what I can do for the employer, so it's not just all about me. I check and double check for errors. I spend a lot of time making sure the format is clear and easy to navigate. If the job posting lists the employer's name, I research the company and write a cover letter tailored to them. But sometimes the employer's name is not listed, so I don't write a cover letter, because I have no one to research and write to. I want to show potential employers my interest and dedication, but just about every posting i've come across says: "please, no phone calls about this job." I was always taught to follow up on a resume, but I don't want to bother them. What can I do to get noticed in this market? Employers: what do you look for?? I feel like i'm working my butt off and not getting anywhere. Please help!!

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  • Career Change: Paralegal or IT?

    I am thinking about making a career change. I have a bachelor's degree in Interior Design. The work i'm doing is ok, but i'm looking for a change, something with better job security and higher earning potential. I was thinking about going back to school to be a paralegal. Or maybe something in the IT field. I like fixing computer problems and I know there's a demand for that. On the other hand, i've always been interested in the legal field, and I think I have a lot of traits that would helpful as a paralegal.

    Anybody have any experiences they would like to share from either of these fields? What specific jobs have the highest demand and best job security? What are the required abilities and daily responsibilities? What kind of education is necessary? How does one break into one of these fields? What kind of salary is to be expected?

    Thank you!

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  • Small painful bumps on fingers-SEE PICTURES-please help!!?

    I have some sort of skin problem on my fingers on my right hand and I need some help figuring out what it is. I started noticing it back in December. In some areas, i'll have an area thats swelled up with clusters of 4 or 5 pinprick size dark red/purple dots deep under the skin and in other areas i'll have a single purple dot or red bump. They feel a lot like slivers, but I couldn't find any foriegn objects. I tried popping inflamed areas with a sterile needle but nothing came out-I think that actually made it worse. Occassionally, i'll feel a stinging sensation and it will itch a little, but mostly it just hurts when I touch it, hold a pen, scissors, etc. They almost look like blood blisters, but again, I haven't injured my hand or fingers at all. It is ONLY on my right hand, no where else! I created a blog with several pictures that you can look at that might make it easier to identify. The address is: I appreciate any thoughts you might have! Thanks!

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  • Employee to pay restitution for giving discounts??

    My fiance was fired by Wilson's Leather after they claimed an audit revealed that he was giving to many discounts to customers. Upon being fired, $400 was taken out of his paycheck after he admitted he gave discounts. Now, three months later, he gets a call from someone saying he owes Wilson's Leather restitution in the amount of $12,000 and they gave him a file number and said they would send him the paperwork. I don't understand why this is happening, he didn't steal anything and it's not like he was standing at the door giving leather jackets away for free. He was a manager and he gave discounts for damaged merchandise and to meet competitor's prices. They told him when he started that he as the manager had the right to give discounts where he saw it fit. Apparently they have evidence of multiple transactions for less than the ticket price-but why didn't they step in right away and give him a warning? Why watch it all add up and then demand restitution? Advice? Can we fight this??

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  • After the interview? Hiring managers, your opinion?

    Ok, I had an interview Tuesday, July 3rd for a job that I think I am plenty qualified for and I thought the interview went quite well. On Wednesday, July 11th, I called the woman I interviewed with for a follow up and she said: "...actually we've been very busy and I haven't even had the chance to call any of your references yet...but I plan on doing it tomorrow." I know that she had mentioned during my interview that they had a huge event that weekend and they are understaffed so she very well may have been busy. Well, I talked to one of my four references and they said they haven't got any calls yet. Nor has she contacted me. She had also mentioned during the interview that they would do a background check. So maybe she's waiting on the results from that?? (I have a clean record, by the way) I don't know what to do, I really REALLY want this job and I was thinking maybe I could call her again? Would that be too annoying?? Should I just give up and move on??

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  • Trouble getting an auto loan?

    I don't understand why several different lenders refuse to give me an auto loan. I have good credit and I think I bring in enough to pay it off without a problem. So what's the problem? Has anyone ever worked for a lender and knows what specifically they want? I just graduated from college in December and have been working 30-35 hours a week since Nov-although technically considered part time, I think I make plently to pay car payments, insurance, etc and live comfortably. I never had any trouble getting a student loan, in which I am now in good standing with, and credit card companies are throwing themselves at me. I've rented from 3 different landlords and i'm in good standing with them too. On my credit report, of the 13 accounts, it says one-my credit card could be potentially negative-because I was late with a payment one month. But it's current and i've paid ever since. Can that one missed payment really keep me from getting a car? Or could it be something else? Please help!

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  • Is it wrong to ask your best friend to be your maid of honor and have your only sister be a bridesmaid?

    I've been closer to my best friend for as long as I can remember and she's a girlie girl like me and we share many similiar tastes. My sister and I are very different and were very distant for a long time and we are just beginning to connect-but we have very different tastes. My sister is very critical of me and what I like and i'm afraid i'll be constantly defending myself and my selections because she hates all the flowery over-the-top girlie stuff that I love. I mean maybe I have it all wrong..what is the role of the maid of honor anyway? Are they expected to help plan or do they just calm your nerves the day of the wedding? I am just starting to get to know my sister and she's starting to open up to me so I don't want to slam her by not asking her. But I think it would be so much fun to have my best friend be the maid of honor. Any advice you have on this-especially those of you that are married-is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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  • What little things really set you off?

    You pet peeves. Just curious.

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  • What is the best phone service to get for a landline?

    I need a landline thats reliable and inexpensive (i'm job hunting and I can't afford to have my cell cutting out on me when I contact potential employers) I live in Minnesota and I want to switch to a cheaper service or at least something that includes long distance for a decent price. I currently have Qwest, but its like, 45 bucks a month for local calls only-don't you think that's kind of a rip off?? Anyway, if you know of any good carriers that have decent plans for landlines, please list!! Thank you!!

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