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  • Good websites about internet censorship?

    I'm doing a research project on different countries internet censorship laws. If anyone has any good links, or site that they recommend please let me know!

    I'm having difficulty finding anything that's current. I have found tons of site with articles from early 2000's and what not, but if anyone has any other information, it will be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!


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  • Letter dated 1763 in foreign language, maybe German?

    I found this letter at a garage sale in California while on vacation. It's in two parts, one is the "envelope" that still has the wax seal on it (broken, but still there). I can't tell if it's written in German, or maybe Swiss..

    I want to know where I could go to get it translated (it's in cursive that I can't hardly read myself) also, how much something like this would be worth? Or does it depend on what exactly is written in it?



    I mostly want to know where I can get it translated!

    3 AnswersLanguages10 years ago
  • Are hallucinations normal while on Vicodin?

    This is the 9th day in a row ive been having insanely bad migraines so I went to the doctors yesterday, they got me an MRI which came up with nothing...and then gave me Vicodin extra strength until I do another test. I dont have a history of headaches at all and have never taken Vicodin but I had serious hallucinations last night! I heard lots and lots of loud whispering, but i was home alone...soooo yeah. What do you think? Normal?

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  • Where did my memory go!?

    So basically all of a sudden, i cant remember what I just did. Then I couldnt remember what I did over the weekend, without thinking for about 5 mins.... im only 16 so its not like Im an old granny. It pretty much happend all of a sudden too. And its not like Im forgetting long term things, its just the short term stuff like why did I just do that? or what did you say? sometimes i end up repeating myself cause i forget i said it!

    Any help as to why this is happening would be soo helpful.

    Please no stupid answers. =]

    thank you!

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  • What are the top 5 places to visit while in France??

    Ive been to France before, and I have my own personal top 5 but I need to know a site where I could get a more reliable statement. I know it will all be a personal choice on the top places, but if there is a website or something like that where people were polled or whatever please let me know!


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  • Any airplane experts?

    Just some questions (not for homework)

    1. How has the airplane effected society?

    2. How did the economy change with airplanes came into play?

    3. Why did airplanes impact peoples lifes?

    Please dont tell me to do my own reasearch. Cause I just need some help.


    9 AnswersAircraft1 decade ago
  • PAPPER DUE TOMMOROW!! I need help with a rebublican government question!! PLEASE?

    I need to know what the government does, such as creating laws, ect. And what types of roles are in a republican government. Like president, council, branches,


    paper due tommorow

    5 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Video Games coming out this summer?

    I need a list of 5 or so big games that are being released this summer. Not including Halo 3. And not any of the no name games

    6 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • How much money is Halo 3 expected to make?

    I need any Additional information (cited) that is on Halo 3

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • What makes Johnny Depp famous?

    Some things I need to know about Johnny depp

    -Why is he famous

    -Date city country of birth

    -What did he do to make him famous

    -Family members


    -Intrests hobbies/ Past life


    9 AnswersCelebrities1 decade ago
  • Nintendo Wii problems! PLEASE HELP ME?

    Hey okay so I got a Wii awhile ago.. and no problems what so ever. but about 3 mins. ago I was looking through pictures on it, and when I went to go back to the menu the screen went black. and it wont go back to the menu or turn off. HELP ME PLEASE!!

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  • Im doing a health project and I need to know how and where Over the counter drugs are avaliable. help please!?

    I dont want to know for personal use but I do need to know for this assignment.


    7 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • Songs that relate to the odessey?

    For my english project I need to find a song that relates to the odessey. anyone wanna help?

    3 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • What movies relate to the Odessey?

    with similar characters and settings please.

    Do NOT say Troy or O brother where art thou cause I already know that. thanks!

    4 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • HELP! Biology stuff.?

    Im in Biology right now and I just need to know about a Ceratostoma inornatum [Japanesse oyster drill] why its a risk. why are people concerned about it? only answer if you know!

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  • what movies relate to the Odessey??

    be specific why please. simaler temes and characters. =] Thanks

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  • Nintendo Wii. Im writing a newspaper article for school. HELP?

    I dont want to hear how you think it "sucks" or whatever. I know people have their own opinions about this but its more then an opinion in this case.



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  • Im writing an article for my school newspaper and its about the Nintendo Wii. help woud be nice.?

    DO NOT TELL ME IT SUCKS. I understand people have their own opions but this is more then an opinion. thanks to all that help!


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  • Will school be closed tommorw in Washington?

    do you know what districts will be closed tomorow? If you know PLEASE tell me soon cause I want to sleep in. Edmonds school district?

    3 AnswersSeattle1 decade ago
  • 9-11 attacks?

    i am doing a project and my topic is 9-11 i need some desperate help please!

    how is aviation related to the differing preceptions of freedom?

    that is the esential question.

    4 AnswersAir Travel1 decade ago