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this section is way to f-ing short to put anything in damnit.

  • When does the information learnt in class become my own?

    Let me elaborate a little. I'm studying visual communication and often I am required to write essays about the theoretical background of design, as well as the theories of Modernism and Post-modernism. In these essays we must follow very specific procedure to cite and reference the information researched to prove our arguments. (Otherwise we are deemed to be plagiarising this work.) This got me thinking, we are continually referring to the theories and writings of acclaimed philosophers and no matter how many tests and essays we write we seem to be seen as unfit to actually understand this information and therefore must continue to cite information we already know. Now I'm not proposing that the ideas of these philosophers have become ours, but at some point should not the logical steps taken in formulating new ideas be accredited to us solely. So I'm wondering if there is any specific model which explains the way in which this information learnt becomes knowledge gained?

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  • Ex-girl driving me up the wall, Advice Needed.?

    Here's the story, dated this girl for about 4 months, everything was going well then, all of a sudden, she dumps me, says something about her ex-guy, and that he's proposed to her, this was about a year ago. Now begining of this year she calls me, out of the blue, (we stopped speaking after the break up,) she said we should do coffee and catch up, so we did, a couple weeks later coffee again. So basically we started talking again, slowly. This all started in march, now she keeps saying : Let's go for coffee and at the last minute blows me off. But every weeks she calls or sends me a message. Now my gut says theres more to this than friendship, but she's not being very forthcoming with the info. And I'm not about to push her for it either. Part of me wants her back, the other part is very confused. Can anybody maybe shed some light on what is going on in this womens head?

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  • I need advice from a women's perspective, what do I do?

    I'm in love with a girl in my life I've known for about seven months, and over the last couple weeks have been hanging out very often, I have never been a timid person, I'm actually quite confident, but I'm stuck, I want to have more than friendship with her, and my gut is telling me that she feels the same. Here's where I'm stuck, I had this opportunity to kiss her one day, and found myself lacking the confidence to do it, so now I'm a nervous wreck, I want to know if I should just go for it? And after blowing it the first time do I still have a chance?

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  • I think i screwed up, Advice Please.?

    Been dating this girl for almost 3 months, haven't seen her in 3 weeks, due to schedule conflicts, so i started to worry that she has changed her mind about us, text messaged her that i was gonna call a soon as i got out of my meeting to talk, she returned that she was going to be out and would call me when she gets back in. She never called, so I tried to phone her but it went to her answering message, i was annoyed and left a bad message about her not calling, then realised my mistake called her again to apologise also sent a message apologising, I've heard nothing since then, what am i to do?

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  • More advice needed, can anyone help?

    Been with this girl for about 8 weeks now, I love spending time with her, I'm having trouble keeping her out of my mind, things are running smoothly except that she shares her flat/apartment with her ex, she says thier just friends, I trust her but I'm still skeptical about this whole situation. She's been staying with her folks while on holiday but she goes back to university in a week or so. So what do you suggest? Do I talk to her and tell that this situation is upsetting me or do I let it slide and hope nothing happens. She happened to mention that her ex still has feelings for her. And that she is still kinda confused about him but that she is falling for me. Now i'm confused.

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  • Help I need advice, what do i do?

    Here it is, been seeing this girl for about five weeks going out for coffee, dinner etc, Saturday I made arrangements with her to see her tuesday, but yesterday she texts me that we need to talk, ok this is never a good thing, she happened to mention that she had said to her sister that she wasn't looking for a guy at the moment but because we been going out so often, and fooling around from time to time, I thought she said it to get her sister off her back, but when thet text came, I started to worry, should I be worried? And is thier any possibility that we might get into a relationship? - I really do enjoy being with her she makes me happy -

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  • Can you explain to me why?

    We've been seeing eachother a few weeks now but she refuses to make it a permanent situation, she is being faithful and so am i. She says she doesn't have time for anyone right now but when i ask her out she happily says yes. Why does she continue to go out with me if she doesn't have time? Honestly I don't believe its time thats the problem, so i need a little bit of a clue as to what is making her so stubborn about making the relationship official?

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  • Orwell, How close to the future truth is he?

    1984 - great book, but doesn't seem as though things are slowly moving in such a direction, taking into consideration that in the last ten years a war of some sort has been in progress...

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  • If she's worrying about what I think does it mean she is considering a relationship?

    Its casual at the moment but it started of intimatly, hot and steamy as they say, then when i saw her again she was worried that i thought that she did this with every guy she met, i said i didn't and to be honest i didn't think so, i'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, i know she recently ended a relationship and was most probably hurt in the break up so i'm trying not to force the issue but i would really like to get something more serious to happen between us, but i'm more interested to know if she's thinking about what i think of her is a good or bad thing?...I'm slightly confused about what i just wrote but hopefully you understand what i'm trying to get at.

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  • Love at first sight...?Is it a sound theroy?

    I've found that the theroy is flawless like communism but in practice it just doesn't ever workout, what are your opinions?

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  • Where do i go from here?

    Ok I've been seeing this girl i really like on a casual basis, but I want to move into a relationship ie dating, she however doesn't because she recently got out of a relationship. I'm thinking she's scared of getting hurt again, but none the less, I want her in my life in a far more permanent situation, I'm not talking friendship. I know she likes me, things get intimate every time I see her, like 3rd base intimate not sex yet but I don't want to have sex before we start dating, so how do I get her to date me?

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  • How many people from South Africa are using Yahoo Answers?

    I'm from SA just wanting to know how many of us are out there.

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