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  • Any good CPS arcade emulators?

    I've been wanting to play Captain Commando and all the good Marvel vs. Capcom series. Anyone know any good emulators?

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  • What is the best MTG Shadowmoor pre-con deck?

    I'm looking to buy one and Mortal Coil looks like its worth buying, but any ideas from people who've already boughten some pre-con decks?

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  • Magic the Gathering Card Question?

    Alright, so I'm currently running a modified Dimir Intrigues deck. Its a mill deck. I just have a simple question. Is there such a card that I could use as a combo with Traumatize that makes oppenent lose life for each card discarded?

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  • CD Burner not burning at 52X?

    Well I've had my burner for about 6 months. It is a Lite-On CD/DVD combo. It reads dvds but only burns cds. Well... point is... my burner recently started acting weird. I used to be able to burn all my cds at 52x, now, everytime I try to, it gives me an error so I just slow down the write speed to see if it works, but now I have to burn at 16x. Takes a freakin' long time to burn. I already updated drivers and everything and still nothing. Does anyone know what could be wrong with it? I have tried using Nero and Media Player but they both give me an error unless I burn at 16x.

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  • Does anybody know where I can find a program for my tv tuner card?

    Alright well I bought a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 274 on newegg and the cd it came with is horrible so I have no software to use it in. I am using a media center pc so I can watch tv by using the media center program, but I am trying to get the 3 video connectors working (red, white, yellow) because I dont know with what program I can use it with. I used the one that came on the cd but image quality is horrible. I am just using media center program to watch tv, but I need the 3 video connectors to work also. Does anybody know where I can find a program for this?

    link to product

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  • Alright guys, well I just got a new pc and I got media center edition 2005. What I wanted to know is where the

    tv shows I record save to on my computer. I can watch them using the media center program, but I want to know where my recorded shows save. Can someone help me please?? Thanks in advance...

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  • GIRLS What can I just tell her?

    Ok so Ive been "almost" on and off relationship with this girl. Right now we are like broken up, broken up lol. When we would break up, we'd still flirt alot and kiss on the cheeks and stuff...but now that she likes someone, she barely even talks to me. I know the first thing everyone's going to say is to get over her or move on. Thats the thing, I just cant. Ive tried but I just cant stop loving her, shes everything I ever wanted in this world. Just want to know what to do... :(

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  • Does anyone know how to seduce an Aquarius girl to dig me? :D?

    My friend is an Aquarius but its just so hard to tell what she does/doesn't like and I can't figure her out. What is a good way to get to know her better?

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