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  • Would a cartoon face that could simulate different expressions help children develop emotional intelligence?

    I'm an engineering student currently considering major project ideas, and one of these is a cartoon face that could mimic expressions via movement of eyes/eyebrows/mouth etc. The purpose of this would be to display the key tells of emotions in an exaggerated manner to help people learn the cues and apply it in real life.

    The thing is, would this be a useful tool? I'm thinking it could maybe help people who have difficulty with this - autistic people, for instance. Do you think it would help and do you have any suggestions?

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  • How do you think my school network is being 'hacked'?

    My school has recently come under attack from a 'hacker' who is apparently using a laptop or other mobile device to attack the school network, causing the network to slow down, some computers to freeze up, and people to lose work due to their computers acting up.

    I'm sorry that I can't supply any specifics, for the school hasn't given us a full and detailed report. I know that there is something to do with the IP addresses, however. There's an error which flagged up on my own computer whereby my IP address was supposedly duplicated somewhere else on the network. I was fine, but elsewhere an entire business class crashed.

    The IT support team seem to be able to get somewhat of a fix upon their whereabouts, but when they turn up, he's gone. I don't place much faith in school IT support, but then again I've never had a lot to do with them. (I hear they spend most of their time playing WOW...)

    Does anyone know how this mysterious hacker might be doing this? I ask out of mere intellectual curiosity and also because they've now banned anyone from bringing in mobile devices, which is pretty annoying for those some who keep their notes on laptops etc. I know a bit about computers, but nothing about hacking, although I find it an interesting topic. Not something I'd try myself, though!

    I appreciate that this is all a bit vague, but I'm interested to know what might be going on, or just any theories. Do you even think it could be accidental? Anyway, cheers.

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  • How do I download Quicktime MP3s?

    I really want to dowload some MP3s from, but can't figure out how. If I click on the song link, it takes me to a page with a quicktime player that plays the song. But how do I download it and save it? So I could use it in videos and the like, and listen to it offline?

    Please answer in simple terms, too much technical stuff confuses me ^-^;

    Oh, and if you can't find the music list, click the OST's out of 'Just some of anime OST's may be...' that's down the bottom. It's a bit small, so some people get confused. Just to help ^-^

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Know any good xbox games?

    I prefer games that let you have some freedom in where you go, aren't all violence and preferably with good graphics. I already have Blinx 2 (*), Halo, Midtown Madness 3(*), Pirates of the Carribean(*), the Simpsons Hit n' Run(*), Colin Mcrae rally.

    Game with a star next to them are games that I enjoyed

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  • Anybody know as good site to learn HTML or programming?

    I would just really like to learn how to make my own stuff for others to enjoy. Just links would be great.

    10 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Know any harmful things in shampoo?

    It's for a school project about whether stuff in shampoo in harmful or not. But don't put sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate- there's a lot of lies about those on the web. Thanks!

    6 AnswersChemistry1 decade ago