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  • When I clear from a army post (ETS) do I need to return to the unit if I clear earlier?

    Okay, today I started clearing from my unit (ETSing) and someone within the unit suggested that when I get done clearing in just a couple of days, which he assured me I would be done, then I would return back to the unit to continue working as usual. They give you 10 working days to clear and as far as I understand, once you clear from the unit and post, then you no longer need to return to a unit in which you have just finished out-processing out of. Doesn't make any sense to me. I guess i will have to tell them if they insist that i return to work as usual that i will first have to go back to in-processing because technically, I will not longer be a part of that unit. Any help or quoting of any army guide would be helpful (AR, REG...).

    Thank you

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  • Can the First Sergeant enter my family residence uninvited?

    This morning, the First Sergeant announced that he was going to do home inspections to all married soldiers on and off post. I am living on post with my wife and daughter. My wife is furious and feels that if the First Sergeant (or other soldier) that her 4th amendment right will be violated (The 4th amendment is part of the constitution that declares all the rights of its citizens). Of course the 4th amendment declares privacy in ones own home. This is obviously a violation of my family's 4th amendment.

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  • A soldier is trying to take me to Court even though he is at fault.?

    Here is what happened,

    Six months ago, I PCSed from hawaii to arizona, and right before I pcsed to arizona I sold my neighbor some furniture that i no longer wanted for $190. I helped him carry the items over to his home and then about a week later he gave me a check. Unfortunately I cashed the check and then pcsed to my next duty station. It wasn't until 6 months later that I got a letter from my bank that said I owed them $205. Come to find out, as soon as I left hawaii and pcsed, my neighbor put a stop on the check and that is why the bank came after me for returning them the funds due to them not being able to collect from the check before it was cancelled. I paid the fees to the bank and immediately took the matter to the legal office. The legal office had me file a Article 139 Claim and send the supporting documents to his battalion commander. His commander was prompt to take care of this offense. Less than 4 days after sending his BN commander the information and supporting documents, he called my and said he would be sending me a check for $190. He was afraid because his BN commander had threatened to chapter him out if he didn't go good on his checks. After that, I thought that it was all finished, but I was wrong. The same soldier who attempted to defraud me is now threatening me that he is going to get the money back. Also, a couple of weeks before PCSing from Hawaii, I borrowed his vacuum for a few minutes to touch up on one of the rooms in my home. Now he fabricating a story saying that I broke his vacuum because I vacuumed my garage and them left the vacuum outside without returning it to him. None of these accusations are true. I did borrow his vacuum for a few minutes to clean one room, but it was in working condition when I returned it to him. After realizing that he got caught in his attempt to defraud me (not paying for the furniture I sold him) he is now coming up with this ridiculous story to attempt to get the funds back that his BN commander forced him to pay. I am really tired of this individual and his lack of honesty and his further attempts to counter the justice which forced him to pay me back for those items. My question is, what can I do to put an end to this individuals attempt to falsify a story against me for the purpose of not having to pay for the items he should have paid for? Can I take this back to legal if he attempts to falsify stories in the attempt to charge me with these lies? Any insight on the matter would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • Do I need to setup the Fail-Safe, GPS, M and A when configuring my Naza Controller?

    I just bought a dji f450 and noticed on the Naza assistant software, under TX CALI, there is the control mode switches such as GPS, Fail-Safe, A and M. Do these options need to be configured or can the defaults just be left as how they came? If I need some of these setup, which ones are necessary and which ones are just convenient? What is the easiest way to set these options up on my dx6i? Not sure i fully understand the purpose of these options. GPS I believe is for holding a specific position. A which stands for attitude im not sure what this is for. Fail-Safe most likely is for allowing the machine to land itself. And M is manual, for manual flight. What are the minimum choices needed to be selected? I mean, can I select only failsafe and leave the other options unselected?

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  • Service Member Wrote me a Bad Check?

    A few months ago I PCS'd from Hawaii. Right before I left, my neighbor who is also a service member (army) bought some furniture from me for $190. I let him take the furniture and he promised to pay me, which he eventually did but with a check. Because he was a service member and I kind of knew him, I trusted that he would be good on his payment. A couple of days after I received the check, I went and cashed it at the bank (Navy Federal). Then I PCS'd to Arizona. Just yesterday, I got a letter in the mail from the bank stating that my savings account had been overdrawn for the sum of $200. I was angry because I knew that I hadn't spent any funds over the amount that I had in the bank. I called them, and come to find out, a couple of days after I had pcs'd, my neighbor who had bought the furniture from me decided to put a stop on the check and that is why my bank was now stating that I had overdrawn on my bank account. It appears that all along he had this whole thing planned out to give me a check for the furniture I sold him and then put a stop on the check as soon as I pcs'd. I still have a copy of the check that he wrote and the bank has the information that show that he put a stop on the check. Problem is, I had to pay the bank back $200 and the service member has the furniture that I sold him. As both of us are active service members in the Army and both of us are active duty, what can I do as far as getting him to pay for what he took? There has to be come type of legal action that can be taken against him. Any help on this matter will be highly appreciated.

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  • Is the SB-400 speedlight compatible with Nikon Coolpix A?

    Is the SB-400 speedlight compatible with Nikon Coolpix A?

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  • How to respond to FIRST SERGEANT or SERGEANT MAJOR when deciding not to go to WLC?

    I have only about 8 months until I ETS from the Army. I have also ACAPED. Today, my sergeant told me that our leadership is considering to send me to WLC. I know that they can't force me to go, and I can refuse. If I refuse to go, then of course, I will be barred from reenlistment, but I am ETSing anyway. Not sure why they even bothered to consider me when I have already made it clear for the last several months that I intend to ETS, not reenlist. I am just asking for help on a way to tell either the FIRST SERGEANT or SERGEANT MAJOR that I decline to go to WLC so that they won't get confrontational with me about it. I know I don't have to go, but I do want to be wise in the way in which I tell them that I decline from going to WLC. Any help on the matter would be highly appreciated.

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  • When I use the Military Star Card can I take the item from the store that day on credit?

    When I use the military star card, do I have to pay the total for the item before I take it out of the store or can I take it from the store (on credit) and pay for it as monthly payments? Please help me clarify this if you have any information on the subject.

    Thank you.

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  • Can a soldier go on leave prior to his AVAL date?

    I was wondering if a soldier could go on leave before his AVAL date? Originally it was my plan to take leave on the 29th of September even though my AVAL date is the 5th of October, however, my platoon sergeant said under no circumstances can anyone go on leave prior to their AVAL date. That means the soonest I could go on leave would be the 5th of October which is my AVAL date. Doesn't seem correct, what does going on leave have to do with the AVAL date anyway, I am not reporting to the next duty station for one month, which is the amount of leave I requested. If my platoon sergeant is incorrect, please let me know, he claims that the reg states that leave cannot be taken until on or after the AVAL date.

    Any help or clarification on this matter would be appreciated.

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  • What is the best type of job to have in the case of an economic crash?

    What is the safest job to have in the case of another great depression or hyperinflation?

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  • Are FEMA camps really going to be used as concentration camps?

    Seems to be more and more evidence that FEMA camps will be used to incarcerate and exterminate a large number of American People.


    Ron Paul the congressman said that the FEMA camps were being setup as a stage for violence.

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  • If I fail my Army PT test and get chaptered out, will the Army still ship my personal belongings?

    If I fail my Army PT test (3 x's) and will be chaptered out, will the Army still ship my persona belongings to my to be residence? I have failed my PT test, however, I don't want to ask anyone in my unit this question. Any knowledge on this question would be appreciated.

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  • What is the best outdoor water filter to buy?

    Some websites claim that, Katadyn Vario Water Filter is the best filter in the world, however, I want to see what other people think about this? What is the best outdoor water filter on the market?

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  • Is the U.S. government planning to exterminate 60-80% of the world?

    There is hard evidence that the U.S. government along with the Banking Cartel, has a plan to exterminate 60-80% of the world. Americans are not free from the genocidal plan, we Americans are also on the extermination list. The way it looks like this thing will go down is: First, the government along with the Banking Cartel (Federal reserve, and other banks around the globe) plan on destroying the world economy by expanding the U.S. dollar to the point of destruction. Right now, the Federal Reserve, is printing new dollar bills around the clock which is inflating the number of dollars and ultimately devaluing the worth of each and every bill (referred to as QE3 or quantitive easing). Once the dollar crashes, there will be a panic and run for food at the grocery stores, many tens of thousands if not millions will starve to death (was the plan of the government and the banking cartel). Those left will be surviving on their own efforts (garden, food storage). The government will then intentionally create and release a deadly virus into the public, which will kill millions or even possibly billions of people around the globe. Those remaining will be forced into concentration camps (the government is now building camps all around the country, hidden behind the name "FEMA") and forcibly given lethal injections in the name of curing the virus, but in reality, most will die. None of this can be debunked, do the research yourselves before coming to any conclusions. The group is referred to as the Builderburg group. The reasoning behind their murderous plot is, they don't believe that there is enough resources for the number of people on the planet. Basically, they are evil people selfishly trying to take all the resources for themselves and in the process, murder the majority of the people on the globe, including Americans. We must do something before they succeed with their sick plan. If you don't believe this, then research it. I will provide some links, but you must also do your part and find your own answers. Please help, I cannot for the life of me, debunk these horrors as i have researched them for the past several months. The truth is very scary to think about. To realize that 9/11 was actually planned by the government so as to be able to implement the Patriot Act. They have now passed laws that don't require police to have a search warrant when entering your home, they can just enter and do anything they want. Also, a bill is being may be passed that would allow the president to declare war without congressional approval. Please debunk these fears, or agree with them. Lastly, we must stop them at any cost.


    Aaron Russo A private film maker tells of how a family member from the Rockefeller family reveals the government and banking cartel's plan to start 911 intentionally so to be able to move to a fascist state:

    Youtube thumbnail

    George Green, a former member of the banking cartel reveals the disgusting plan:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Jessie Ventura's conspiracy theory "bilderburg group", this documentary has 5 short segments:

    part 1:

    Youtube thumbnail

    part 2:

    Youtube thumbnail

    part 3:

    Youtube thumbnail

    part 4:

    Youtube thumbnail

    part 5:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Here is a couple of short clips on the FEMA concentration camps:

    The Coffins:

    Youtube thumbnail

    This is the best overall documentary on the Bilderberg group:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Congressman Ron Paul speaks of his concerns on the shrinking of our freedoms:

    Just a bad dream:

    Youtube thumbnail

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  • Was the U.S. government involved with the creation of the 9/11 attack?

    Was the U.S. government involved with the creation of the 9/11 attack? I mean, do you believe that the U.S. government in a pact with corporate America instigated the attack on the world trade center (911

    ), so as to have cause and reason to open the door for the patriot act? Please issue your opinion based on evidence, not just opinion.

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  • Is something wrong with my wife?

    At first, I thought the problems I was having with my wife were entirely my fault, however, as time passes, and I observe more situations, I am beginning to believe that it is her. To begin, I have a very difficult time speaking to my wife about relatively small family issues. If I try to talk to her, even in a very calm and well mannered way, she will suddenly become angry. Her anger comes so quick and sudden, sometimes it really scares me to see her like that. She goes from having a normal level of calmness to screaming and often throwing things (hitting me). What makes it worse, she does it in front of our 2 year old daughter. I recently started my 2 week vacation from work. My wife makes money by watching children (5 in all). Since I have been home on vacation, I have been trying to take it easy and get some rest, however, when my wife sees me sitting down relaxing, or using the computer, she gets upset with me because she says I should be helping her with her baby sitting job. I don't mind helping around the house, in fact, I usually do many chores around the house to help her out, such as fold the laundry and wash the dishes. But what I have noticed is she gets irritated that I am taking it a little bit easier during my vacation time. If she sees me on the computer, she get upset. She is often angry at me about things that happened years ago. None of my mistakes are very serious, yet she holds on to them as some type of excuse to be upset at me. I really want to have a great relationship with her, however, I don't see how it is possible if I can't even make simple suggestions to her without her going into an angry frenzy. Her expectations of me are way to high, Everyday I go to work, I take out the trash, I usually do the dishes, I bathe our daughter, I mop the kitchen a few times a week, I clean the bathrooms, I often fold piles of laundry, and I do the grocery shopping, but despite all I do, she complains to me saying, "I am not impressed with you, you don't do anything for me", She gets me down because I work well for family but she still puts me down. I am not bringing these issues up because I want a divorce, on the contrary, I just want to have a better relationship with her. I have taken her to family counseling in the past, but for her it was a time to battle me rather than understand each other. Is something wrong with my wife, or is this just how women generally act? Any suggestions on improving my relationship with her would be highly appreciated.

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  • Does a Soldier have to attend WLC?

    Does a Soldier, if he or she is not planning on staying in (reenlisting) have to attend WLC? I have been told that a Soldier can refuse to go to WLC, and his leadership cannot force him or her to attend. If you are knowledgeable about this subject, please comment with your expertise.

    Thank you.

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  • Are Mormons Christians?

    From every aspect of their teaching, to the way they pray, to the way they conduct themselves to the very acts and thoughts they have, Mormons meet the perfect definition of Christian as stated in the web definitions.

    Here is the link to the definitions:

    Christians as such:

    • relating to or characteristic of Christianity; "Christian rites"

    • a religious person who believes Jesus is the Christ and who is a member of a Christian denomination

    • following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ

    I can only assume people who call Mormons non-christians to be those who are either for Mormons who have an opposing spirit about them to attack Mormons simply out of hate, or individuals who are ignorant to what a Mormon actually believes.

    Need i say more.

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  • How can I get my Yahoo account back?

    Yesterday, I got a message from Yahoo saying that my account was locked due to violating the terms of agreement. I wrote them back to get the account unlocked. I guess when I was using FLICKR.COM which is one of yahoo's services, I did post a very mild picture of nude model. All she was showing was her butt. I didn't expect to react that way over a butt. Now I am trying to get my account back. What should I expect from yahoo? Are they going to give my account back or have I lost it permanently? Has anyone else experienced something like this from yahoo? Any info would be appreciated.


    This is an automated message regarding your recent request for Yahoo!

    Abuse Customer Care support. We have received your message and will

    respond within the next 48 hours with an answer.

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We look forward to helping you!


    Yahoo! Customer Care

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  • Federal circuit courts originally were created by Congress for what?

    Federal circuit courts originally were created by Congress for what?

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