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  • In response to answers received the info is posted for protection of unaware of the cost to see this dentist.?

    To the dentist who responded to my question, first I would like to verify you are a dentist. Here are more details. My sisiter had tooth pain and visited this dentist. After several visits the dentist recommended a root canal and so my sister agree to get pain relief. This root canal did not work and worse my sister was now in futher pain. The dentisit assured her that this could be resolved, so several more visits with the same results more pain and her health was worseing. After more than a year of this my sister sought the advice of a MD who found the problem. When the root canal was performed a staph infection had set up in her teeth and mouth with all of its ugly secretions flowing throughout her body. The staph ate holes in her lungs the size of styro foam cups, she has COPD,congested heart failure, blood pressure problems, weighs 80 pounds when at one time she weighed 105 pounds at her best. Spent weeks in a hospital. So no I have no concern to post his info.Truth is Truth.

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  • I need to find out the public information on a dentist that is free on the web.?

    The dentist name is :

    Dr. James R. Wright

    1985 Mount Zion Road

    Union,KY 41091


    This Doctor has cost my sister her health and will most likely die from his failure to fiulfill his responsibilities to this patient. Any help would be most appreciated before this dentist has another opportunity to ruin another life. Thank you.

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  • Is it legal to prohibit an employee to take prescription medication while on the job?

    I work at a not for profit hospital that has in its employeee handbook that it is against policy to take any form of medication while on the clock. I have medication that has set time intervals to be taken which would require me to take while I am working. Is this a legal to prohibit to take medication prescribed by my Doctor? It is necessary to take this medication but I am in fear of losing my job if it was found out that I am not compliance with company policy? I need a definitive answer please.

    Thank you.

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  • I am looking for the complete financial records of Murray-Calloway County Hospital detailing where the $ goes

    Murray-Calloway County Hospital is a non-profit

    hospital. It's fiscal year ends 09/30/06. I have been able to locate the raw financial numbers for the fiscal year of 09/30/05 showing gross revenue and net income, but not a breakdown of how that net income is being reported. For example how much the CEO is paid and the board of trustees salaries. Also if revenue is left where does it go? The hospital has a gain sharing

    program which would be known in corporate America as profit sharing even though this is a non-profit hospital. The criteria for distribution of gain sharing is based on budgets being met by all members of management, or in other words the more under budget departments are the greater the gain sharing. I found a website to provide such info at a cost of $395.00 membership fee which I cannot afford. Surely there must be some type of regulation requiring

    public disclosure of how the money is being spent from a tax exempt organization. Please help,Yhank you;

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