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  • Caught him in bed with another girl, should I try to salvage this relationship?

    He says he cheated because we were having problems and I was pushing him away. He says he just fell asleep with her, but they didn't have sex. Now he wants to work things out and go with the flow. But I find myself taking the initiative on everything and I don't feel I should. What should I do?

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  • Would you forgive this?

    If you were in a bind and was staying with a girl you were dating, and she put you out after you embarrassed and hurt her and then a week later, she asked you back. Would you forgive her?

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  • What does it mean when a guy says don't pop up unannounced?

    It's not even his house, it's his mothers. And I texted him both times before I came saying that I was here or coming...come out....when he didn't reply after 10-20 minutes...then I went in! When he went off on me about it...he says, "It don't necessarily mean I"m doing something." after he asked me "What if another girl was there?" Are you serious?

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  • Is he trying to manipulate me or the situation?

    This guy and I were dating for 8 months, last month I let him stay with me because it was easier for him to get to work and I liked having him around. But over a course of 6 weeks he was less affectionate and started to get more rude and disrespectful and the situation didn't feel right to me any more. When I would address him on his behavior he would use logic and make me feel stupid for even assuming he was trying to hurt me in anyway, telling me U react too fast and all he hears is "I feel." Anyways when he didn't get me anything for Valentines day saying that he doesn't celebrate the holiday. I started to get more frustrated because here I was sleeping with this man, letting him borrow my car, picking him up and dropping him off everyday, cooking for him, and buying things here and there and he couldn't do one simple thing like buy some candy or just spend time. The next day he was a complete jerk and put me out his mom's house because I told him I didn't feel like using my gas to bring his stuff to him and that he couldn't see my car that night. I told him I was done with him! So I dropped his stuff off but forgot some items and found out I was pregnant. He won't answer my messages but he'll answer my calls. What is this? I called him and he said because I don't have nothing to say. I said when you gone get your stuff. He say I don't need it now but I'll get it eventually. WTF? I text him what the Dr said about me being response. Is he trying to get me to call him again? Because I don't want to.

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  • He says that it takes time to break walls down but he's not ready for a relationship?

    I've been seeing this guy for 9 months and he's been staying with me for almost 2 months. My gut is telling me that I'm being used but something else keeps me around. He uses my car, eats my food, we're sexually involved, he sleeps in my bed but then he says things like don't ask him where he's going or what he's doing, he needs "personal" time, and that he's not ready for a relationship. Twice I've made attempts to purge him from my life, the first time it was for a month and he came back and got upset saying I should have talked to him first. Then he asked to take our relationship to the next level...i.e. dating. So when he started saying the things above last week, I told him that we needed time apart and that he should leave. He pulled a guilt trip on me and I ended up asking him to come back. The other day he really made me concerned when he said, "The best way to manipulate someone is with the truth." After he said the day before....."How can I be manipulating you if I'm telling you the truth?"

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  • He gave me till today to decide if I still want to be with him?

    We've been together for 3 years and 10 months. We have had a host of problems including his family hating me and my friends hating him. We come from two different sides of the track. We had an argument last Thursday and I told him that I had been trying to leave him for months and because he wants me to be sure, he gave me till today to make a final decision.

    I don't want to stay with him because he is controlling, obnoxious, emotionally immature, and my friends and I believe he is constantly giving me demands and ultimatums that involve me changing some aspect of myself. I feel trapped sometimes and we are always disagreeing on some moral or value.

    The other part of me wants to stay with him because he's considerate, giving, supportive of my dreams, understanding when I'm going through something, doing everything he can to better himself financially with the hope that he can take care of me and our future family one day, and he loves me like crazy which is said to be hard to find.

    Should I go or should I stay?

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  • Should I pursue a doctorate or a second masters?

    I'm interested in 3 different fields that can be interelated: education, library and information sciences, and business administration. I currently have 2 degrees in communications and creative writing and I am half through my masters program for education. I'm wondering if I should continue to get a doctorate in education and or English. Or if I should I pursue a dual degree in Library information science and Business Administration.

    My long term goals are to be in education administration, rather it be the person developing curriculum or a principal. And eventually I want to open up my own school and business. For both these I need to have lots of credentials in education and business.

  • Do you think he'll call or text me again?

    Made the mistake of driving 3 hours to go see my ex who I had been reconnecting with for 3 weeks, slept with him the first night twice. Didn't see him at all the second day because he had to work out of town. The third day he called and came to see me that morning but left after 5 minutes saying he was going to go home and shower and he'll be back before I take off for home. When he didn't show for two hours and sent a text apologizing saying he owed me two days next time, I got angry and told him he was on BS. He text me back saying I was being insensitive to his time and he wasn't going to drop everything for me and he told me that he would be busy. He said he wanted to spend all his time with me but he couldn't there's a difference. I told him the difference was how much he wanted to and whoever he had waiting at home for him. Then I text him 3 days later apologizing (not that I should have) but it's been hours and nothing back. You think he's done?

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  • Men, What should I do now?

    So I text this guy on Thursday and I asked him what part of the city he lived in because we were arranging me coming to visit him. He doesn't respond, so i text him hours later with a question mark and he says, "Hold on babe I'm in a meeting." Two days I text him saying it will only take a quick second to answer my text. He text me about an hour later telling me where he lived. I don't text him again. A day later he text me saying "Sorry I've been so unavailable lately. But I'm free so let's talk now." I send back, "Call or text?" He says, "Text for now." I'm slightly annoyed. Should I go ahead and text him and act like it doesn't bother me, should I tell him that bothers me and I feel like I'm on his time, or should I just not text him at all?

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  • When should I contact him, or should I not?

    My childhood boyfriend and I recently reconnected online. he sent me a message asking why I don't text him and it was because I didn't have his number. He text me the first time saying "Don't forget to text me." Then I text him and no response. So then I messaged him online and then followed up with a text and he text me back and then later called me but I was busy. Then I called him back and he was busy. Then he text me late saying he couldn't wait to see me and wanted this time to be different for us sexually. (I was still a virgin when we first dated). I didn't reply. He then blamed his text on alcohol and text me the next morning to apologize. I told him it;s cool. Then the next day I called him and he text me later saying he was sleep. Then 4 days later I text him because he didn't return my call and said you still have not called me. He say's sorry, been busy. I will. I say ok. A few minutes later he calls me, we talk for about 20 minutes. It was a good convo. He then says I enjoyed talking to you hope to do it again. That was two days ago. Should I initiate the next contact since I initiated the last one or should I wait to see what he does? Because the way this played out I suspect disinterest or someone else in the pic. Or maybe he thinks I'm disinterested because I didn't respond the text about sex?

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  • He says that I'm like a big sister to him. Does this mean no chance?

    Been in love with my best guy friend for five years. He liked me in the first year and then in the second year I started to fall for him, but then his feelings for me had passed...sort of. He still makes sexual passes or comments every blue moon. But anyway I broke down last year and told him everything and it turned into a fight and then a deep discussion about me being an amazing person, but not the person for him. And he looks at me like a big sister and he really wants me to be happy, but he's not it. I've tried to separate myself from him to help get over him but we work together sometimes, and he's my best friend and confidante and the only person in this world that makes me want to be a better version of myself. I felt lost and out of sorts when I didn't talk to him for weeks. Do you think there's a chance he'll change his mind later down the line or should I just really give up all hope?

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  • Is it wrong for a 25 year old woman to be attracted to a 19 year old man?

    Known this guy for about a year and tonight he just revealed his attraction to me, but not in a direct way. He said that he missed me, that I was tasty, said he wanted me to cook for him, and when asked if he would do me, he said yes. But my best friend said he was a minor compared to me, and that it wouldn't be right for me to be involved with him and basically shunned the whole idea.

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  • What color boots should I wear with this blue shirt?

    I'm wearing a monochromatic light blue shirt with hints of green and white and I have brown boots and black boots. I also saw these beautiful royal blue boots at one of my favorite store. Which color would go best with this shirt?

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  • If a guy mentions that another girl is cute to YOU, that means he's not interested right?

    Just curious. I heard somewhere that if a guy talks about another girl to you, then he's not interested in you.

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  • Ten points for a well thought out answer? Roommate's girlfriend got naked!?

    My Roommates situation: His girlfriend played a dare game with some male friends that resulted in them seeing each other naked last year while my roommate and her were dating. She just told him about it tonight after he asked her about it. He wants to know if his girlfriend should stop seeing/ being friends with the two male friends that saw her naked?

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  • How can I get a car loan to pay off someone else's loan?

    I'm buying a car from a private seller but she hasn't paid off the original loan. I don't have the amount needed to pay it off out of pocket. I want to get a loan to buy her loan out so that the car could be transfered into my name. Are their banks that do this? How can I do this?

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  • When should you tell a guy you're not interested?

    After he tells you he has kids, after he requests a phone pic of you, or after your first date? I just started talking to a guy...but after he said I have a daughter I was no longer interested. What do I say now?

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  • What are some words that rhyme with laser?

    Writing a poem

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  • We have feelings for each other but I'm in a relationship, what should I do?

    My co-worker and I have been working together closely for a year now. He's had a crush on me the entire time. When my boyfriend of two years and I broke up, he came out with his feelings but I wasn't sure how I felt at the time and I wanted to take it slow. But my ex and I ended up getting back together and we're trying to work it out, but I'm little skeptical because he hurt me before and there's always the possibility he could hurt me again. Lately my co-worker and I have been getting closer and I find myself more drawn to him...should I see where it leads...or leave it alone and see what the boyfriend I have in store?

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  • My boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend/Ex-Best friend sent me a message?

    When he and I were together she had feeling s for him and I knew it and when I asked him to get rid of her, she and his sister tried to paint me as crazy and insecure and wrote me nasty letters on Facebook. When we broke up, not even two weeks later they were dating and she called me ugly and cut up his pictures of me. They broke up a few weeks later because he was still in love with me and he and I got back together and now she sends me a message asking for reconciliation...should I respond or ignore it because I'm not really interested in what she has to say...

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