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I have many interests, however I tend to use Yahoo! Answers to assist people with questions they have about technology. Professionally, I am a software engineer who works for a computer security firm. My primary areas of interest and expertise are network communication, cryptography, and operating systems. C and C++ are my favorite programming languages. In addition to them, I also use C# and Java regularly. While studying Computer Science at the University, I also studied Electrical Engineering. I prefer the software side of things, but I do have an interest in some of the lower level hardware details (assembly language programming, embedded micro-controllers, etc.) I love learning. I think that is about it :) Oh yeah, I don't like Apple (Mac) computers -- insist on buying a real computer at a fair price.

  • Is anyone else disappointed with TurboTax 2019?

    I purchased TurboTax 2018 last year and was so impressed with how easy it was to complete my Federal and State taxes, I recommended it to all my friends (sorry!!!) and blindly bought it again for 2019 :-(

    TurboTax 2019 Deluxe has been a nightmare every step of the way.  The latest bonus -- the actual filing fees are 300% higher than the advertised fees on the CD-ROM packaging from Costco.  If you look closely there is a little footnote next to the pricing stating that "Prices subject to change without notice"

    Anyways, aside from the dishonest pricing, the software itself just seemed extremely poor at gathering the required information this year.  It would ask a question, I d supply the answer and then the next question was as if it completely ignored my prior responses.

    This will definitely be the last year I use TurboTax.  What other personal tax preparation software do you use? Would you recommend it?

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  • Will Yahoo! add an option for users to use the old Yahoo Answers! website interface?

    The new website interface experience is TERRIBLE!

    I can't find the questions I've asked, I can't find the questions I've answered. You can't see which questions have answers without opening them, you can't see all the categories without clicking a bunch of "More" links... this is a HUGE step backwards in usability. Please revert the design to the classic look or at least provide an option for those of us who want to spend our time answering questions and not fighting with a flawed website.

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  • Why do some "Americans" think that failure should be rewarded and success penalized?

    I believe in the America of freedom, liberty and opportunity -- you reap what you put into it.

    Mitt Romney is the only candidate that has a chance of saving our nation from another 4 years of Obama's mismanagement.

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  • Whats a good way to stop your lip from bleeding?

    I cut my lower lip this morning while shaving -- of course it bleeds and bleeds and bleeds and bleeds. The problem is even more of a headache for me because I use Warfarin/Coumadin which further impairs the bloods ability to form clots. The cut is not large, but just a pain to bandage since its on your lip -- I've been switching around bandages and gauze all morning... if it wasn't such a pain to get off, I'd brush a light coat of super glue over it ;) I tried putting some hot wax over it and it sort of works, but it's not adhesive enough to the lip. Any other tips/ideas?

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  • Warfarin / Coumadin Management?

    A little over a year ago, I underwent an emergency surgery for an aortic dissection. Amongst other repairs made internally, my aortic valve was replaced with a mechanical valve. As a result, I am on Warfarin to minimize the probability that a clot will form on this valve and cause problems.

    My cardiologist has instructed me to keep my INR between 2.5 and 3.5. Following the surgery, I became associated with a doctor at the University I was attending who had some specialization in Coumadin use. She was very methodical in adjusting my Warfarin dose when my INR was not in the desired range.

    I have since graduated from the University and have been getting my INR checked at a doctors office near where I work. Compared to my last doctor they are terrible! Everytime I get checked, I have to call them for the results. If I don't call in, I never hear the results. A different person looks at my results each time and makes the decision what I should do. Last night, my INR was at 3.6 (just barely over) and this random doctor instructs me to skip my Warfarin altogether for the day! Bad move. I'm just curious what you all experience for Warfarin management? It strikes me as really bizarre to not have the same doctor review your results. I am looking for another doctors clinic is better, but would like to know what to expect.


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  • Why does my vehicle sometimes struggle to start?

    I bought a used 2001 Ford Escape in August 2007 -- it presently has just under 75,000 miles. Until a couple weeks ago, every time I tried to start it, it would fire right up as one would expect. About 2 weeks ago, I came out after work and tried to start it -- you could hear the engine trying to start (weakly) but something wasn't right. I waited a few seconds and tried again...same results. After about the 5th or 6th try, finally the engine weakly began working and then it became strong to how it normally sounds. I turned the vehicle off and tried to start it -- worked as expected. I've driven it since then with no issues...until last night. Again, the same scenario where you can hear the engine trying to start, but not firing. After a few tries it starts it finally starts weakly and then sounds normal -- I can't get the symptom to reproduce on demand :(

    I live in Minnesota (it gets cold here!) so I replaced my battery this summer -- I don't think this is a battery issue as the starter sounds like it is trying to start when I turn the key.

    Unfortunately, I'm a computer/electronics guy -- I don't know much about vehicles. Your insight would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Does anyone else think this is a really good song?

    I just heard this song on YouTube -- this girl does a really nice job singing!

    Youtube thumbnail


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  • How many people missed getting on a doomed plane on 9/11?

    Every year as September 11 approaches, I like to look back on the historic events that took place. Although a disastrous day, America did come together and there proved to be many heros.

    Anyways, one of my friends missed his flight today and he was very upset about it. I thought about what it would be like to miss one of the flights that was used in the attacks. How many people missed their flight that day? Provide a link if you have one please :)

    Everything happens for a reason. Hopefully, missing your flight doesn't mean the plane is going to be hijacked, but you will probably never know how the delay might have impacted your life.

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  • Orange tagboard card + white stonewash cargo pants = ick?

    Alright so as I was doing my weekly laundry, I discovered that I forgot to remove a 3x4 card from my pants... and of course the washer shredded it and made a complete mess. Although a headache to clean that stuff up, I discovered that the ink from the card has bled and made all sorts of stains on my stonewash pants. I put stainstick on all the marks and then re-washed -- everything looks like it has washed out for the most part except I just finished drying them and discovered a mark on the front of one of the pockets :( Any tips on getting this out after its been dried?

    PS. I've tried getting rid of it with cold water and have just re-stainsticked the stain -- I'll wash them again next week.

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  • Does anyone know an easy way to clean a George Foreman Grill?

    A few years ago I bought one of those double wide George Foreman grills -- you can cook two hamburger patties on it simultaneously. The grill is excellent because it cooks all sorts of meats and you can also use it to toast sandwiches, etc. The biggest problem for me is that cleaning it is a HUGE headache.

    I've found that it is easiest to clean one of these things if you clean it right after you're done using it -- maybe let it cool off for a couple minutes, but you want the grill to be somewhat hot otherwise it's impossible to clean the grease off. Even with the grill still hot, it takes me a good 15 minutes to get it all cleaned up. Has anyone found a fast way to clean these things?

    Thanks :)

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  • Why do some banks insist on trying to scam people?

    Today after finishing up a little grocery shopping, I remembered that I might need a few quarters to do laundry. The grocery store I was at has a Guaranty Bank branch so I stopped in after shopping hoping to get a roll of quarters.

    The teller inquired "Do you have a Guaranty Bank Account with us?"

    Me: "No"

    Teller: "Sir, I need to inform you that because you are not a customer, I will have to charge you $0.25 per roll of quarters"


    Granted twenty-five cents is by no means going to cause me to go broke, I just thought it was pretty pathetic that a BANK would try and charge someone to convert legal US tender from a paper form to a coin form. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Needless to say, I stuck by my principles and did not cave into such a ridiculous proposal from a bank. I bet you can't guess what I'll be thinking about the next time Guaranty Bank tries to get me to sign up for an account.

    What other shady things have you seen banks try to pull on the general public?

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  • Why are keyless entry fobs always designed poorly?

    Whenever you look at a vehicle key you'll notice that the hole cut into the key (for the keyring) is typically not cut right at the edge of the key, but inwards at least half a centimeter and often this metal portion of the key is also coated in a thick plastic. Needless to say, you don't often find your car key falling off your keyring -- Unfortunately auto manufacturers seem to love making the keyless entry fobs in a completely foolish manner -- the link that connects to your keychain is almost always made of plastic, less than 3 millimeters thick. It shouldn't come as any surprise that these little fobs often break off quite easily after a short amount of time. Why are the people designing these things completely oblivious to reality? I realize that the car dealers probably love this because it forces people to spend more money replacing cheap garbage with more cheap garbage, but really all it does for me is make me want to avoid Ford products in the future.

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  • Am I the only one who has had a bad experience with Oster blenders?

    Summer is in full swing and I find myself craving a delicious shake after I come home from the office. I've never owned a blender before, but I've used plenty (owned by friends) to make shakes, orange julius, etc. Searching online for reviews, I discovered that "Oster" was a quality and respected name in blenders. So over the July 4th holiday, I was more than pleased to find an Oster 10-speed blender for $25.

    This blender is a complete pile of you know what. It is advertised as being able to break down up to 6 ice cubes, do this and that, etc. This blender STRUGGLES to mix 1 scoop of soft ice cream mixed with milk.

    Additionally, it is extremely loud and vibrates a great deal (not an appliance you can just set to blend and do something else -- you have to hold the lid on tight or this thing would go jumping off the counter -- literally!

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  • I have a Sprint family plan -- if I add unlimited text messaging does it apply to all the phones on the plan?

    I think unlimited text is something like $15 -- if I add it will all three of the phones on the family plan have unlimited text or just one?

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • What should I do?

    Four years ago I signed up with Sprint for wireless phone service. In general, I have been pleased with their service. Last June I decided to add two phones to my plan -- 1 for my mother and one for my brother. I renewed my contract with Sprint and added these two phones. About 6 months later, my Mom's phone started having problems -- the large LCD display (which you use to view your contacts/use the features of the phone) stopped working. It just shows random bits of color here and there. Also, when you close the phone, it sometimes randomly turns itself off. The phone has not been abused in any way and I was not impressed to find it was giving my Mom problems only 6 months into the contract! I called Sprint and they told me that since I did not have insurance for the phone, I would have to either buy a new phone at full price or send it to Sanyo to be serviced under their 1 year warranty. Ridiculous. I called Sanyo and they said they would repair or replace the phone,

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  • Are there any foods that are anti-vitamin K?

    Hello friends,

    A year ago I had an emergency surgery for a condition known as "aortic dissection". It was a real surprise to me because I had no idea my heart had any sort of problem to begin with...

    Anyways, I have an artificial heart valve and in order to keep my blood from clotting on it, I have to take a medicine called Coumaden (it makes the blood clot less easily). I'm told by my Dr's that Vitamin K has some impact on the blood (it basically undoes the effect of the Coumaden) Does anyone know of a food(s) that occurs naturally which has the same effect as Coumaden? I'm not looking for a substitute from my daily coumaden pills, but I'd just like to know something I can eat to help offset the vitamin k foods I eat (eg. lettuce I eat when I visit Subway for lunch)


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  • Appropriate use of 9-11?

    Today on my way home from campus I observed that the traffic signal at an intersection on campus (4-lane road with a 2-lane road) had somehow become "stuck" so that the 4-lane road never received a red light, while the 2 lane road was constantly stuck with the red. I didn't notice the problem until I had waited 3 minutes to cross the 4 lane street and the light was still green (usually it changes after about a minute).

    As you might expect, a crowd of college students had gathered on both sides of the street and some were attempting to blindly cross the 4-lane road (you can't see when there are buses loading up by the intersection) and a bunch of them nearly got hit at 40+ MPH. Then the traffic that had the eternal stop signal was beginning to ignore it and make left and right turns onto the 4 lane road, again almost near accidents. When I called 9-11 they were like "what is your emergency" and I'm thinking I don't really have one...but it could be one if this isn't fixed fast...

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  • Will any conservatives vote Dem in November?

    To me, it was plain as day that Romney was the best choice for Republicans. I wouldn't vote for Huckabee because he wears his religion on his shoulder -- not everyone in this country is religious (nor should they have to be, Huckabutt!) McCain is a liberal, plain and simple. I'm afraid to say if Romney doesn't win, I'll be voting for Obama before I'd vote for any of the other republican candidates.

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  • Why does the liberal media hate Romney so much?

    I've done a lot of research on Romney and he has a clean record -- he has successfully rescued many failing businesses, increased earnings and is just a great business man! America could really use someone him given the condition the country has degraded to. I can only believe that he must be doing something right given how much hate the liberal media has for him.

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  • Where can I find old AAPG journals?

    I'm looking for back issues (1980-2007) for a geology periodical called "American Association for Petroleum Geologists" (AAPG). I am told that I can read them online, however I prefer to read the hardcopy. Does anyone know where I can purchase these or find back issues?



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