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  • how do you find windows/microsoft movie maker once its installed on the computer?

    i dl'd ..... but i can't find it in programs or anywhere. it did not place an icon, nor info where to find the program, so how do i try to use yet another crappy program from microsoft/windows?

    5 AnswersSoftware7 years ago
  • how do i remove e-mail that blocks thew checkbox and loads malware in my computer?

    before christmas e-mails have come in that have little icons covering the checkboxes on the headers. if you click on them the e-mail loads the computer with some malware. how do i remove them out of my yahoo mail?

    1 AnswerSecurity7 years ago
  • my yahoo spam will not delete. how do I fix this?

    it refused to delete in march, and continues to not delete now. I cannot get to make adjustments to spam mail and delete automatically after a day or so.

    1 AnswerAbuse and Spam8 years ago
  • what plants/trees/shrubs are used for Master Root and Money Root in Hoodoo?

    Tryng to find out if these roots used in Hoodoo are more common in the eastern part of US. and what their more common names are, or if there's a complementary plant(s) in East Tennessee.

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality9 years ago
  • what are the triple metal days for snake?

    Just people who really know; too many assholes on here trying to be heard. Someone who really knows chinese astrology please. Lotta rich chinese who use their astrology, Feing T'shui, and their three coins sitting in mansions and fat bank accounts to not be taken seriously!!

    1 AnswerOther - Visual Arts9 years ago
  • how do i break into voiceovers?

    I'm a double amputee and seeking serious paychecks; I did voices in the past, and want to see if i can make a really good living at it.

    1 AnswerOther - Entertainment10 years ago
  • where can i find M-Machine to power vehicle?

    free power device generates 5 times the power it uses, and once installed in my mini-pickup should more than supply all my energy needs for my tansportation/biz needs. Willing to allow as "Experimantial Research" Vehicle for the right developer.

    1 AnswerOther - Electronics10 years ago
  • wheelchair upgrades: wheels, lengthening wheelbase, replace front spinners with wide dolly wheels.?

    I've got a square short turning radius which is unstable, there's a brand of "Third World" chair that is made in America, but can't be sold here. I want to modify my titanium chair to their specs, but can't find the dolly front wheels I would like. Also I have a design for the Great Wheels that won't slip & slide like the cheapie sorry plastic tires, will grab to the pavement,sand, cay, deal with rocks, potholes, and rairoad crossings, but I can't get them made for myself. Much better quality than offered no in marketplace, and better than the third world version one can't buy in this country.

    1 AnswerOther - Health10 years ago
  • where do I find parts for Kirby field glasses?

    I was given an old pair of Kirby Vista 7 x 35 field glasses, and they have a broken part I really need to replace. Cast aluminum part to do wth the adjustment of the lens. I can not find anythng about them on google or such.

    1 AnswerOther - Outdoor Recreation10 years ago
  • Can one get Hepetitus A from oral and/or anal sex?

    let's just say a "friend" whom changed the nature of our relationship has been suffering from Diarrhea for over a month. she finally got tested. But instead of parasites (like I hoped) she got Hepatitis A it seems.

    Could she hae gotten it from her affair with her bf she dumped me for? Say Oral or Anal sex with him??

    1 AnswerInfectious Diseases1 decade ago
  • how do I move photos from samsung camera phone to computer without e-mailng?

    I've got a Samsung phone (AT&T) and an sdb cable for phone/computer direct connection. I find no instructions for moving the photos directly into the computer. How do i manage that?

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • How do you modify a standard wheelchair for off-road travel?

    I've got a double amputation and it'll be a while until I can get fitted for another leg. meanwhile I'd like to get out and have some traveling fun (at least). Sitting alone in the house is not my cup of tea. The slick solid tires on this chair are not workable in grass or gravel, nd I don't have anyone for the hard parts; i prefer it that way, but still need some pneumatic knobby traction.

    4 AnswersMen's Health1 decade ago
  • Have you seen beyound this reality before?

    WITHOUT THE USE OF DRUGS OR ALCHOHOL have you seen or traveled into what might be a paraell universe? A world that co-exist with this one? Either in a "real world" fashion, or as if through a veil or mists? Not the world of the dead, maybe not even faeries, but things that just weren't here in this reality?

    2 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • Do you believe in the existance of Faeries?

    Although LOTR is a very good intro to the Fae (fey, eldar, the good folk, etc) his earlier work: "Silmarilion" gave a more intimate detail. Tolkin spent the rest of his life trying to upgrade his research from fairytale to mythology. After his death his son took up the gauntlet and continued the challenge to upgrade his father's work. This is not a reference to drug use or homosexuals, but to a separate species of humanoids with a high grade technology we call "Magick" these days. According to many myths they were cappable of breeding with humans. There seems to be more scientific proof of humanoids co-existing on this planet, plus a race of separate "evil" beings sub-created from the humanoids but these records are not known to the public; Darwinisim... I offer logical evidence to a seriouos question, and ask the same consideration from respondants.

    7 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • Do you commune with the Faerie-folk?

    Dispite the babblings of fools who seem to think this is a drug-related question my question is real. From Tolkin's Silmarilion to Poul Anderson's translations of Danish mythology the Eldar have been with us and a few have had the experience of communing with them in person (not similar to UFOLOGISTS EXPERIENCES). For those of you who are so pathetic you have to mock we who have seen the extraordinary, I pity your miserable pathetic lives. You have never left the confines of your city prisons. Forr those of you who believe and wish to share, I hail your open hearts! Do not dispare! Have faith in your knowing and open to their becoming a part of your lives soon! I was alone and in great dispare when they came to me and took pity on my beinig. They gave me renewed hope and something to look forward to at my end of days. One medevil writer communed with them, and gave him an insight: they showed him the roads to heaven, hell, and the third road to Avalon.

    9 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • Who all has had an on-going relationship wiht the Eldar, Faeries, or Gnomes in the past or to present?

    Long ago when I dwelt in the wildwood, two came to me one day, I smelled the horse musk before I saw them. We shared time in a several meetings over four years or so. Has this happened to anyone else in their lives?

    11 AnswersMythology & Folklore1 decade ago
  • Why won't this window close?

    I clicked on a link to answer a Yahoo question/answer window this morning and i can't get it to close! It's 4:20 PM now!

    2 AnswersNotices and Errors1 decade ago
  • Ptah; you got 360 page?

    It occurs to me that it would be interesting to read about you and so on. I think mine is listed as akulian53, but I haven't been there regularly for a while. It seems Yahoo! has developed problems for some groups and some of my friends have moved over to another domain and a bullitenboard kinda format. Not really wanting to do that, but it seems I must learn a whole new domain system yet again...

    1 AnswerYahoo Profiles1 decade ago
  • Looking for real home business that I can do both on puter and in yard sales.?

    I'm sitting at home recovering from surgery, loss of income has been critical, and health is kinda iffy. I need something with little or no major activity that I can do. I've been a salesman for over 35 yrs., and a short-long hauler. Now I'm suffering from diabeties related surgery and amputation, no insurance and no health benifits. Attempts at sales in the past several years have been nil. I put my goods on various sites and try to yard sale them but no bites. Everything from my own artworks to hardware tools.

    7 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • I got a 4 yr old compaq that crashed. reboots have not worked to fix progs. What else can I do?

    We have run recovery system several times since 13th when it begain. Anyone know what we can do about fixing it permanetly? we have to run system restore every day.

    7 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago