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I am a photographer, musician and promoter based out of Oklahoma City. I love body modification and have spent many years educating myself on the subject. I am also a member of S.B.S. (Sick Boyz Suspension), which is a human suspension group based out of Oklahoma City. piercings, for those who might want to know: in ears: 00 gauge first holes 4 gauge second holes 8 gauge third holes 14 gauge UFO piercing (rook to forward helix) (left ear) 14 gauge conch (right ear) 14 gauge vertical industrial (right ear) other parts of the body: 14 gauge tongue (retired) 14 gauge left nipple (retired) 14 gauge septum 14 gauge right lip (x2...spider bites) 16 gauge left nostril 16 gauge right nostril 14 gauge bridge 16 gauge vertical lobe with snug placement ( in each ear) I'm an avid traveler. I average 40K miles a year on road trips. You can usually find me at concerts in OKC or in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. If you happen to see me, come up and say hi

  • 9 month old is refusing to eat?

    For the past week she tight lips me if I try to give her puree (doesn't matter if store bought or home made). In the last two days she has also started to refuse finger foods (she might eat a bite or two..but that is it). She will take her bottle, but often leaves at least 2 oz unfinished. (she normally takes 6oz at a time, more if she obviously isn't done)

    She is teething presently. She just had her two upper canines cut through and her upper central incisors look like they will be cutting through any day now. (and yes, I did say she's already cut two canines. it is very common in my family for canines to cut before incisors on top)

    Is this something that I should call her pediatrician about or just wait and see if it is a phase related to her teething?

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  • why do people think that hollow piercing needles remove skin?

    seriously. I'm trying to understand the logic on this.

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  • what is "old wave" music?

    So I know what new wave is, and the difference between 70s new wave and 80s new wave...but what is old wave?

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  • quick question about vertical lobes?

    if you have had them done, how long did it take for the swelling to go down? I've had mine done for a week and even though they don't really hurt, my right ear especially is noticeably swollen.

    for what it may or may not be worth, the placement is not traditional, they both have snug placements..

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  • is it okay to leave an already prepared bean soup on the stove overnight?

    long story short, due to the weather, people who were supposed to get home today were not able to make it and the beans had already been started. We don't have room for it in the refrigerator and would like to know if it would be okay to leave it on the stove (on low) overnight. Thanks!

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  • is chap stick safe to use when you've got a cut on your lip?

    I was in a car accident today and the airbag split my upper lip open.

    its pretty badly swollen but my lip feels super chapped. is it safe for me to use chap stick?

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  • is it possible to be allergic to wood plugs?

    I bough some wood plugs a few days ago and put them in yesterday. ever since then my holes have been excessively crusty, a little swollen, and one lobe side appears to be a little scabby.

    its not like I was using these to stretch with. my ears are where I want them to be.

    allergic reaction?

    and please, if you don't know, don't answer. I don't need any eww comments or anything like that.

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  • nostril piercing swelling?

    I just got both of my nostrils pierced tonight. I really should have thought to ask my piercer...but I didn't.

    how long does the swelling usually last? its not toooooo bad, but it is slightly uncomfortable to the point that it making my septum jewelry not sit properly (it keeps sliding to one side if that makes sense)

    and which would be better? heat or ice?

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  • why do YOU call stretched lobe piercings gauges?

    I'm just looking for a justifiable answer. I've come across people who are up to fractional inches who still refer to them as gauges......

    people who use proper terminology can answer this too (yay two points, lol)...but I'm really looking to hear from those who don't

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  • how to deal with the ignorance of customers?

    this is not what it sounds like. I actually do quite well with dealing with customers in the accounts on my route but I had something happen today that I can't seem to shake.

    I had a woman who, after realising that I have facial piercings (septum and two lip piercings) decided to start calling me metal face. That...I could ignore....her telling me that I couldn't make it through a metal detector when I know I can...I could ignore....

    she asked me WHY I had the piercings. I calmly told her that it is no different than choosing a necklace to wear or what colors of makeup to put on. which really is how I feel. I'm 26 and have no need to be "rebellious", this is just simply how I chose to adorn myself.

    she proceeded to tell me that I was stupid and that I would want to take them out. I shook my head in disagreement. and then the part that is digging at me....

    she told me that I would take them out when I decided to "stop being a heathen and become a woman."

    now usually I do well with ignoring the stares that I get from little old ladies and some of the off colour remarks (particularly about my septum) but that just absolutely floored me.

    she followed me around the store for about 10 minutes telling me to "be a woman". I think the only reason why she stopped and finally paid for her selections was because I stopped responding to her.

    so really, the question is, should this situation arise again, is there anything that I can really DO other than ignoring it?

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  • need tips for keeping my tattoo better moisturized?

    I recently got a new tattoo on the nape of my neck. the problem that I'm running in to is that I work 12 hour (minimum) shifts and I don't really have the opportunity to reapply A&D while I'm working. I really just would like to not have it feel bone dry when I come home. tips? saran wrap perhaps?

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  • a few piercing questions...LITHA?

    for those of you who follow LITHA with your piercings, have you ever noticed a difference in how much it crusts up?


    i have two lip piercings, done at separate times. the first one, I was religious about cleaning. didn't really have bad crust until the third week and by the fourth it had stopped. my second, i pretty much followed LITHA with the exception of my consuming certain food and drink and it was crusty until it healed.

    another example:

    my first two cartilage piercings were a rook to forward helix orbital. even with good cleaning, I still developed a hypertrophic scar and had/still have (still a healing piercing) massive crusties. my conch (on the other ear and only a little over a month old) I've followed LITHA and its hardly gets crusty at all.


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  • bugle call etiquette?

    I am a civilian whose route includes the commissary at the air force base in town. Sometimes I arrive when one of the bugle calls is being broadcast across the base. Is there anything that I should do when this happens?

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  • sensor issue? or something more?

    I have a 2004 Dodge Neon SXT.

    Its been a great car and ran wonderfully until the ethanol gas started to hit the market. ever since then the car gets jumpy when sitting at a stop, whether its just simply me idling in park or waiting at a light with my brakes applied.

    I took a road trip that went through states that I couldn't escape having to put gas with ethanol in back in october and that was when I noticed my car starting to act funny. first time my check engine light came on was right after I took the trip and filled up with real gas again. a trip to the dealership told me that I needed a battery and my brakes flushed, but nothing else.

    back in January check engine light came on again. had a situation in which I had to put ethanol gas in, light went off.

    when the light came on again last week, just to see I put in ethanol gas, the light went off. as soon as I filled up with real gas again, the light came back on.

    any ideas as to what is going on with my car?

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  • curious about Jack in the Box tacos? the nearest jack in the Box to me is an hour and a half away so obviously I can't go there all the time...but when I hapen to be in the area, I will stop and grab a bunch of tacos.

    I often bring them home and refigerate them so that I can enjoy them later on.

    microwaving works, but it also makes the taco sheel soft. anyone have any tips on how to reheat without losing the hardness of the shells?

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  • trying to find a song?

    sung by a female.

    the subject matter is talking from the perspective of a girl who found out that her boyfriend was cheating. she says in the chorus "you can have him"

    its making me nuts trying to find this and I don't know much of anything about new

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  • cartilage piercing advice...?

    ok, so I kinda feel odd asking this since normally i'm the one helping people with piercing questions, but until yesterday I've never had my cartilage pierced.

    I got a rook to forward helix orbital done. heres what one looks like though mine is more vertical than horizontal because of the shape of my ear.

    anyway... I just want to know if having a slight ache is normal with cartilage piercings. I know what to do as far as icing and painillers to minimize it, but I just want to know if its normal or not.

    by the way i highly doubt that it has something to do with the jewelry because I've got a very large diameter ring in to minimize pressure.

    I would especially like to hear from people who have had orbitals done before.


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  • I received a notice from the National Arbitration Forum?

    It said that my case had been dismissed at the request of the other party. I didn't even know that I HAD a case against me. is there anything that I need to do?

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  • training for/running a marathon...and being hypoglycemic?

    A close friend of mine recently asked me if to run with him in a marathon in November. I'm in ok physical shape but know that I'm going to have to train hard and he is willing to help me with that. (he's run several marathons in the past).

    I'm wondering though if there is anything that I should be doing or not be doing because I am hypoglycemic (but do not have diabetes). i'm planning on consulting a doctor but wondered if anyone had any personal experience.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Need some song suggestions for a mix cd...?

    to give to the guy I've been dating...we've hit a bump in the relationship and I feel like I'm being played. Since he and I communicate well through music, I think that this might help him to see how I'm feeling.

    I would PREFER no pop but anything along the lines of the lyrics for "Eyes without a Face" by Billy Idol, "I Hate Myself for Loving You" by Joan Jett, or "Holding On" by VNV Nation would be fantastic.


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