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  • Seeking Community opinions again, 4 part question. PART 4?

    Part 4. Thank you for following this long question. You can find Parts 1, 2, & 3 by clicking my profile.

    I demand this violation be withdrawn because the complaint, and Yahoo Answers by association, is denying my ability to express a reasonable, personal point of view. Supporting the complaint biases the entire system to favor a limited set of beliefs. That is EXACTLY the same as if Yahoo banned discussion of Islam or of Christianity because these topics are insulting of others. You would be better off banning 100% of all religious discussion as, at least, that would be unilaterally equitable to all.

    I say ban ALL or ban NONE!


    That’s it folks. Thank you for reading all that.

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  • Seeking Community opinions again, 4 part question. PART 3?

    Part 3. Thank you for following this long question. You can find Parts 1 & 2 by clicking my profile.

    The person who reported my answer was forcing his/her belief system on me. I am willing to bet that this person habitually reports people who have opinions that are different. By denying my right to my own opinion in favor of an opinion built on intolerance, you make a mockery of a free and relatively open forum. I wrote nothing aimed at insulting any individual or specific religion and do not apologize for my words!

    The price of freedom, both physical and intellectual, is the insecurity and danger of seeing the ugliness of mankind exposed to the light. Yet, for those willing to take the risk there awaits the prize...the beauty that exists in man's soul!

    Continued on next question

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  • Seeking Community opinions again, 4 part question. PART 2?

    Part 2. If you are going to all the trouble of following this, thank you. Part 1 can be found by clicking my profile.

    What follows is my written response to Yahoo:

    My answer was PERFECTLY in keeping with the question. It was consistent with human behavior and more importantly it was exactly how I feel on the subject. The person who wrote the question may have not understood the fascinating nature of his question but, indeed, did open a subject well worth exploration. Both the question and my answer can be taken at a deeper level as an underlying theme in human behavior, the undeniable impact of human sexuality and gender bias on culture and religion, as well as the transient nature of belief.

    For every religion there will be alternative views that a practitioner of that religion may take as insulting. The purpose of allowing religious discussion should be to explore alternate views, not to force others to believe as you do.

    Continued on next question

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  • Seeking Community opinions again, 4 part question. PART 1?

    Part 1. This will take several questions but I believe in what I am saying and was curious what others thought. I look forward to serious answers. This mostly concerns freedom of speech and freedom of religion and at the same time is an indictment of Yahoo's violation policy and abusive users.

    A day ago I answered a question. That question was subsequently removed and I was given a violation notice as well.

    Question: Can god be a woman and can she be hot?

    Answer: Darling, from what I have seen of men having sex, God is any woman a guy gets to put his genitals into. She stays his deity for about 3-10 minutes and then his religious fervor is all over. A gal goes from god to grunge in about 10 seconds flat. Oh, and as for hot...we are ALL hot when the guy is getting some. After that it becomes a bit dicey.

    Reason of Violation: Insulting Other Participants : INISULTING THE ALMIGHTY=GOD

    [This is exactly what the abuse reporter submitted to Yahoo]

    Continued on next question

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  • What is the communities' opinion on the following exchange I had with Yahoo Answers!?

    The following is a notice I received from Yahoo. Apparently I am an outlaw. I welcome serious disscussion and community opinion about my heinous crime.


    Question: what are the nutrients in an orange?

    Details of Violation: hell, look it up! why bother us?!

    Reason of Violation: Not a Question or Answer :


    My response to Yahoo:

    You may delete the response if you feel it is right to, however, I feel you are wasting time worrying over a nothing issue when there are other cases that are not only contrary to community rules but are filfthy and disturbing.

    As an active participant of the Answers community I want my opinion heard and noted by the Yahoo team. My statement, the one I am being censured for, was a genuine attempt to make a point. It was genuine in its appeal for the poster to consider the quality of a question before asking it.

    While not a violent or sexual question in nature, it was just worthless and a waste of time. I think there are many people in the Answers community who would feel the same as I do. I don't ask a lot of questions myself, but when I do, they are on serious topics looking for insights not readily aparent from web research. I sometimes waste considerable time trying to find interesting and serious questions and when I do I honor them with serious responses. And yes, I give the occasional flip response just out of boredom in between quality questions.

    As a side note, I wrote the subject response before I got hip to the report abuse feature. Since then I have reported several extreme cases. Cases of clear-cut abuse that I found offensive. The answer I gave that you are harassing me over is not, in my opinion, bad or offensive. Not compared to the numerous sexual invitations I have endured and the threats of violence, etc... My answer had a legitimate point to make and I stand by it.

    Please spend your valuable and limited time working real cases of abuse and leave unimportant statements like mine alone. The community is not benefited by censuring an honest participant but it is made better by filtering out the garbage.

    Who ever said "there is no such thing as a stupid question" never logged on to Yahoo Answers!

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  • Any one familiar with composting techniques for raised garden beds?

    Are you familiar with the "Lasagna Garden" technique? Layering raised beds with carbon-rich (dried leaves/straw) and nitrogen-rich (grass clippings, kitchen waste) materials then composting it in the beds. Within 6 weeks you are supposed to be able to plant directly into the resulting compost. I put up about 500 sq feet of these beds last week.

    My question (finally): Have you tried it and what is your opinion of its feasibility?

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  • Can anyone recommend a non-toxic product or combination of ingredients that will repel garden bugs?

    I used seven last season and I suspect it made me sick a couple of times when I harvested too soon after application and couldn't get the produce fully cleaned. I want something non-toxic to humans. I was wondering about a mix of dish soap and vinnegar or something like that.

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