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My names, Kp... I love anime, manga, and my friends and family *My Favorite anime* -Fruits Basket -Ouran High School Host Club -Lovely Complex -Petite Princess Yucie -Sailor Moon *My Favorite Manga* -Fruits Basket -Kitchen Princess -Lovely Complex -Ouran Highschool Host Club -Ultra Cute

  • Tmobile, iPhone 4 data plan question. PLEASE HELP!?

    If i take my sim card out of my phone( mytouch 4g slide) and put in an iphone 4( unlocked) will my data plan work with it? I have Tmobile and a 2gb data plan. Will I be able to get on the internet and use apps if I buy an iphone off ebay? Or will I be charged more a month? Or will it not even work at all??

    ps. I know i need to get a sim cutter if I do do this. Please I need answers before I blow money on the phone.

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  • A name for my Youtube Account! Please help :)?

    Hey everyone :D I am going to be starting a youtube channel on make up tutorials, and I just want to know some names :) I figure that I'm going to be making these videos for others to watch so I thought the name should come from others as well :) Here is little why I want to make videos, and a little about myself

    Why I want to upload: I want to show the world that everyone can be beautiful in their own way. To some people make up it just stuff you put over your face, but to me, its an art. Its kinda like painting but instead of using a canvas the face is your canvas. :) So I'm really excited about learning new things and doing the best that i can ♥

    A little about myself: My names Kristen, and I believe that everyone has a purpose in life. I believe mine is to help others see the beauty in themselves and teach others its what matters on the inside. I also want to show people how to express and design themselves with make up!! Also i believe in fairy tales :D and on July 15th I'll be 21 :)

    So here is my problem, I cant think of a name that suites all of my crazy-ness lol :D I want something that easy for people to say and type out, but I also want it to have a special meaning, so when people see my name think they will want to watch these videos!!

    So! Please please please. can a few people give me some ideas? :) I would be very thankful :D

    and thank you again for reading all of this, and for those who answer thank you so much :) it really means alot to me :) <3

    Much love,

    -KristenMarie <3

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  • I have a BF but I'm starting to like someone else! D:! plz help?

    My BF and I have been together for almost 2 year now, and we have had so many ups and downs, and we've been through a lot together. But lately I just don't feel a spark or anything, like when he calls i wont even pick up the phone :( and i don't know why. And if we are on the phone we barely talk =/, 2 years ago you couldn't get me off the phone with him, and now its just dull, bland, and i feel like nothing is there :(

    And now I'm starting to have feeling for another guy =/ and its making me feel so bad. :( i shouldn't have feeling so some other guy, when my current boyfriend is talking about us getting closer. *sighs* i just don't know what to do. i haven't told my bf about this guy Ive got a crush on cause he would go crazy.

    So can i please get some advice on what to do. I'm just so confused and my friends are planning their wedding and having babies so i don't wanna bother then with this, so please, and someone just give me some advice :( please <3

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  • Does miracle whip left out overnight go bad?

    well will it >_> i wanna go eat my ham sandwich dammit but im scared lmao

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  • X-box games for Boyfriend?

    so im trying to get a few games for my guy for christmas. So i asked him but he said he wants me to guess what kind of games he would like!! Im like what the heck =/

    i know he likes games like left for dead and call of duty soo any ideas? because im kinda clueless on this one. x.x


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  • Could I or Am I pregnant?

    I had sex about 2 months ago, and i skipped my period for the month of november, but thats a common thing for me sadly, but ive been acting like a crazy person, and i think ive gained weight too, and ive been so stressed out about it im getting pimples which isnt a nomal thing for me. Also ive taken about 14 home pregnacy test because im so freaked out, and they ALL came back negative, but im still freaked out. I havent have any other signs but i did feel like someone punched me in my lower stomach today and i almost wanted to cry. im just confused so please, any tips would be nice. thankyou

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  • Syncing Ipod to itunes... Not itunes to Ipod?

    I had my friend sync my ipod to her computer and put all of her music on my ipod. Well i want to put more songs on my ipod, soo my main question is... can you take music off your ipod and put it on your itunes? please someone get back to me soon! I would like more music to listen to in my car!! :DD

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  • Does the T-mobile Touch Screen Cell Phone (G1-468) have aim on it?

    I NEED AIM ON MY PHONE!! and i really like this phone but i have to know if aim comes on it!! so please someone help meh!!! :D

    THANK YOU!!!!


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  • How to make moving backgrounds with photoshop 6

    I just got photoshop 6, and I want to know how I can make my background move when I edit my pictures. I know I cut out my pic, then open up a bacground to paste my edit onto, but how to I get my background to move?

    Can someone please help me?

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  • Where can I DOWNLOAD Tokyo Mew Mew??

    I have looked at alot of sites where you can watch it BUT i want to DOWNLOAD IT to my computer!!!

    SO please do not comment if you are going to say youtube or google or any other sites that you can watch..

    I tried anime eden(and I love there site but they just did't have it there).

    So please I watched the first episode( and I was like great now im hooked) So i have to download it now...


    Please can someone give me a good site where I can find it. Also good subs.. would be nice!!

    p.s. how ever gives me the best site will get the max points !!

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  • I need help with windows movie maker!!?

    I am trying to upload a a video that I have saved on my computer. But everytime i try to upload this comes up

    "C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\Ouran Host club\01.avi could not be imported. The required codec was not downloaded automatically because the Download codecs automatically check box is not selected in the Options dialog box."

    Now I have looked for the options dialog box but i cant find it! please i need help!!

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  • I need a new ringtone?

    any ideas.. I cant think of anything...

    I like pop & j-pop

    (japanese pop)


    </3 kp...

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  • female question!!!?

    I havent Had my period since around christmas time. And I am still a virgin, so there is no way I can be pregnant. So it is normal for a girl my age (17) to have a period that skips like this? I was always regular till i turn my current age. Any thoughts why this is happing?

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  • Kitchen Princess manga v.6?

    Can anyone tell me the release date for the 6th?

    Also the release dates for the 7th & 8th volume?

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  • Where can I download Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch episodes?

    I have been searching every where for them i would liketo save them on my computer with out haveing to roam the internet trying to find them evrytime i would like to watch it. SO can anyone helo me?

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  • Where can i find Avatar the last air bender book 3 online?

    I have been looking around for it and I will find them but the video will not load up all the way ... i will even download the 3rd book if i have to so... can someone please just help me ???

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  • Where can I find The Salior Moon Anime in english?

    Ok i have been searching for theonline anime and I can't find it anywhere... Can some one please help me???!!

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  • Who is the Horse in Fruits Basket??

    So i am tottaly in love with the manga, and anime of fruits basket. Anyway I am the year of the horse so which character is that in Fruits Basket???

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