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Playing pool and offshore fishing...Florida is great!

  • Where does the energy come from?

    If experimentally, we suspend a rare earth magnet and an electromagnet from strings attached to the ceiling. We then tie strings directly underneath them to the floor, with steel ball bearings attached. The distance between the magnets and the ball bearings is 1/8" when the objects are stretched to the ends of the strings. Energizing the electromagnet causes the steel ball bearings to hover under their respective magnets. 100 years later we have consumed 1 billion megawatts of energy for the electromagnet. Where did the 1 billion megawatts from the rare earth magnet which has performed similarly come from?

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  • How can I make biscuits that are edible?

    I like to cook breakfast on Saturday morning. I use flour, baking soda, milk, salt and cut in some butter with a pastry thingy. They always come out flat and hard enough to kill small animals. Help!!

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