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  • Help I have lost him.?

    I played a fool of myself simply because I felt I was not ready.I loved him and he loved me too.He asked me several times out but I let him down,he has been coming to my house and we did kiss so affectionately.Imagine when I told him am ready for him,he told me If am ready to **** then I should be his lover but i am not rady,I dont want to loose him he is just the best.

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  • How will I tell him '' Yes I am now ready for a relationship''?

    We met some time back but I had no feelings for him,We once kissed and found him to be more romantic.He asked for a relationship but I told him that I was not ready and that he should give me time,I feel jelous when I see him with another chick,I want him but I dont knoe how to tell him I am ready for him.He is my neigbour and we see each other daily and we just pass salams.

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  • How Will I tell him that I do love and I want a relationship?

    He has been asking me out for a long time but I have always turned him down.I am in love with him but I fear telling him.He likes me so much because all the time we meet he keeps asking me if I can give him a chance to show me how much he care.Out of fear I am unable to tell him that I love him,Imagine he even begs for a hug from me!! How will I tell him that all this time 2yrs I have been thinking about my future with him.Pliz help me out.

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  • How do I get to know my skin type.?

    I have pimples all over and I dont apply anthing on my face

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  • How can I stop my frequent behaviour of fingure bitting? Am sick and tired of the ugly ones that I have.Pliz?

    I am a secretary and whenever I type something I cant stand the ugly site of my fingure nails.I need help because I have tried stopping the behaviour in vain.Would you please suggest a prevention method for me?.My toe nails are so cute by the fingure nails are micro mini and ugly.

    What causes this and how can I go about preventing it?I am so desparate just help me overcome this.

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