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  • so we are best friends....but im starting to like him alot!!!!! what do i do!?

    so this guys like my best friend everybody thinks we are going out becuse we are always together... but just recently i realised that im begnnig to like him! i dont know if he feels the same but hes always trying to kiss me joking around and he did it the other day when he went to my house! we pretend it never happend...... and hes always poking me and hugging me... we text all day long frome the morning than we see each other at lunch than he goes to work and we keep texting till like 12 in the morning. im sure he knows i lke him but today he said your my best friend i cant belive everyone thinks we are together.....than tried to kiss me agian!!! whats going on! HELP ME PLEASE IM SO CONFUSED!!!

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  • How long does it take for a cold sore or herpes to pass on to somebody else?

    when would you start to notice if thats what it is?

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  • does this happen if you kiss somone withe acne?? help please!!!?

    ok so yesterday i was kissing my friend dont ask haha it just happend! ok he has like acne like a bunch of pimles all over his face...and this morning i woke up with a pimple on my lip! i dont really get pimples that often around my mouth is it just a coinsidence or is it becuse of him having acne? HELP PLEASE!

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  • i need guys advice on this question!! please help me!?

    how do guy like a girl to show that they like them? in other words how is it that a guy wants to be flirted with, how do i flirt with him and let him know that i like him!! help me please!

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  • i really need help i dont know how to tell this guy that i still like him i think he feels the same...........

    well theres this guy and well i had liked him for awhile and the time i finally decided to let him know i liked him a girl asked him out before me and i told him after he said yes to her and i didnt know. well after that they only went out for a couple of weeks well we ended up becoming friends well when they broke up i started falling for him all over agian he walks with me on my way to class he invites me to hang with him and his friends asked me for my number he is just really nice to me really really nice. and well now im thinking about telling him but i just dont know what it is that i could tell him my friend told me that he likes me but i just dont know if he is just really nice or if he does like me. but i just dont know what to tell him with out him being wierded out

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  • do vegetarins eat twizzlers????

    well im a vegetarin and i dont eat any sort of candy exept for chocolate....but i went to a party and got a candy bag full of candy and now im wondering if twizzlers are safe for vegetarins??

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  • im so confused now i really dont know what to do about this guy anymore!?!?!?!?!?!?

    well i receantly asked a question about this guy he had a girlfriend and he knew i had like him well we started to become pretty close friends. Well i thought we would just stay friends well they ended up breaking up and well my friend says he does like me and i still like him a whole lot but i dont want to be just a rebound for him, But on the other hand my friend said that i would not be a rebound becuse he just really likes me ahhh i dont know what to do know


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  • does he really like me even thou he has a girlfriend?? i need help im soo confused!!!!!!! HELP ME!! HELP ME!!!

    Ok there is this i had a crush on him and my firend told him with out me knowing and he told my firend he would like to talk to me and lots of other nice things. when i finally got the nerves to write him a letter a girl asked him out the same day and he just said yes. my firend told me becuse i waited to long i only waited a week. So then i decided to talk to him tell him i know he has a girlfriend so forget about the letter,then he started ackting weird and he kept wanting to say something but he kept stutering and i was late for class so i left. then a few days later we start walking to class together.....which was wierd but i dunno than he kept smieling at me always saying hi i thought nothing of it. Then he dropped a bomb on me...i was walking in to school i heard him call me so i waited for him to catch up then he asked me for my number stupid me forgeting he even had a girlfired got over exited and gave it to him and it was really wierd i dont get it my friends say he likes me??

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  • i need alot of advice how do i make the first move on this guy that i really like alot PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!

    this guy ive liked for a while now we have only glanced at each other but weve never spoken i really like him when i get to school in the morning he somtimes is buy him self and i want to go talk to him but i would never know what it is that i am suposed to say. And some of his friends are kinda weird so i dont want them to say anyting or laugh at me

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  • Theres only three days left of school and theres this guy i really like I NEED AS MANY ANSWERS AS POSSIBLE!!!!

    ok my problem is i really have a big crush on this guy and well weve never ever spoken but every time i look at him i sometimes catch him looking at me or just turning away. And well the problem is theres only 3 days of school left what can i do. I think he MIGHT like me but im not really sure so what should i do. And i dont want to get emberessed becuse his friends are really anoying and will probley laugh and make jokes or something help me what can i do.

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  • Well im trying to figure out if this guy likes me or not theres alot of staring going on? help me?

    heres my problem theres this guy in my school and everytime he passes by me my friends say that hes staring at me but when i turn around he just looks somewhere else. Sooooo i never really see him staring at me. he just know started to let me even see him look at me and i flrit back but its really strange weve never spoken but hes really really really cute. And i just dont know if he does like me or if he just has some sort of staring disorder. but if he does like me what should i do becuse know im developing a crush on him like a big one WHAT DO I DO???? help me please people

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