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Not a bunch to say. Old guy and like to share life's experiences. Avid motorcycle rider, wood working, fishing, golf, and a few other hobbies.

  • What is the deal today?

    I came on this morning and all I saw was crap about RUBS and Harley owners and fags. I never watched an episode of South Park in my life and I doubt I ever will. Is this the fuel of the trolls? I knew this was a bad subject but I never knew it was this bad this early. I see stuff from through the day and it doesn't seem to be getting better. Evidently BART is using several new aliases? I don't own a Harley but I know many that do. Fags? I seriously doubt it. They all appreciate things they worked for and appreciate the fact that us metric riders work for our rides too. We don't snub each other and we all wave when we meet. Evidently the rest of the world is either getting too many drugs or not enough. Even the sport bike riders here are friendly and wave. We even ride together sometimes. Anyone that dislikes other riders just because they ride a different make of bike is a jerk. I am proud of my metric and I may buy a Harley later on. What does that make me? A wannabe RUB? I have a friend that sold his Harley and kept his Honda. Does that make him a piece of shi t? No, he said the Honda was more comfortable to him and I respect that. I even thought about buying HIS Harley but changed my mind. I think it is time to quit feeding the trolls here! Maybe they'll starve out?

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  • Why is Obama so afraid of FOX news?

    Why won't he or any of his people give FOX an interview? Why did he exclude Fox news from a press conference last week? Why won't any of his people explain what is actually going into his health package. Why does he continually lie about things? George Bush lied? Obama is one lie after another. He needs to explain his connections to radical groups (even individuals). ACORN????? What is going on there? At least Bush would answer a question. Obama promised a transparent government? Obama is nothing more than a liberal puppet. He is doing the bidding of the LIBERAL loons and can't explain why he does anything. He'd sound even more foolish if he had to answer that he is doing something because Nancy or Harry told him to. Liberal puppet!

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  • What was your worst crash (or only crash)?

    What happened and how bad was it?

    I recently had a German Shepherd Run out of the tall grass beside the southbound lanes (4:00 AM and still dark) and stop right in front of me. I had the brakes but can't recall if I even had time to apply them. I slid down the road from about 55 mph to a stop with the bike sliding behind me. The results were road rash/burns to my left shoulder, chipped bone in my left elbow and 10 stitches there, burns and rash to my left knee in four places, a torn ligament in my left ankle, and 2700.00 damage to my bike. I spent 6 hours in the emergency room for cat scans and x-rays. I also missed 8 days from work. I am about 96% right now but still have swelling in the ankle and a limp. All could have been avoided by the dog's owner obeying the laws and keeping the dog in a pen or on a leash.

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  • What is going to happen when...........?

    The inventor of all the B.A.R.T runs out of alphabet? Does R&D start using numeric or alpha-numeric?


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    1) What Phillips driver bit do you experts use to work on Japanese Motorcycles?

    2) I have heard of stuffing springs and rubber hose inside HD handlebars to cure vibration problems?

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  • Thank you guys for confirming what I thought.?

    All the guys that answered my little rant a couple of days ago confirmed what I thought. Our mutual antagonist is nothing but a miserable little troll that hides out behind multiple aliases and tells people meaningless and utterly stupid things. I agree with the one about recommending a 100+ horse power sports bike to a novice or even a newbie. Such advice would only result in serious injury or even death. People here should disregard any information AND the troll that gives such stupid advice. I just go over the boards and block anyone that goes by the name Bart. I know that isn't a complete fix but it keeps him/her/it from screwing around with my questions and statements. I suggest everyone do the same. After that I can only ask that people here answer questions they know the answers to and learn by reading the answers of others. I understand the need for an occasional rant and even give a facetious answer now and again. Some people deserve that.

    And Choppy.............I almost forgot to tell you that when you change muffler bearings you need to use a set of sky hooks to hold the bike in a full upright position so you don't get the exhaust valves out of alignment!

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  • What is the big deal with Bart and Bart's many screen names?

    Why is everyone down on the Bart quintets (or dozen, however many aliases he/she/ it has)? The people here have poor old Bart so paranoid that ol' Bart has gone so far as to block many of us. That just breaks my heart and now I have to depend on friends to answer the silly crap he/she/it posts. LMAO, I guess when a troll is called out so many times and made to look a fool, they block the sensible ones. Now we just have to warn others about the sensless rants and raves whenever they ask a question and Bart (s) any of bart's identities answers?

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  • Looking for opinions on NEW Harley Davidson bikes?

    I went yesterday and looked at new Harleys, I tried a Sportster and a Night Rod. Sat on a few others and compared prices. I wasn't comfortable on any of them. The seats were too stiff and narrow, the bikes felt way out of balance and the prices were much too high. I am not a Harley basher, but why would I want to buy something I don't like? Maybe a couple to three thousand dollars would make it more comfortable, but I can get comfort right off the showroom floor with a Honda. Even the Yamaha Roadstar was hard on the rear end. The V Star was nice, but the Honda Shadow just fits. This will be a bike for either me or my wife and she felt the same after trying the Suzuki, Harley, Yamaha, and Honda. The Shadow Aero was the most comfortable and balanced with the 750 Spirit next and then Sportster, followed by the V Star 650. (I tried the 1100)

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  • Not so much a question as a comment.

    I just got from PC Florida this afternoon after 3 days there. I had a eye opener while there. While helmets aren't required for riders, EYE protection is. I saw rental after rental scooter on the strip and around all the beach area. Very few of the people riding had eye protecion, shirts, OR shoes. Some had sandals, but many were bare footed as the day they were born. Women/girls riding with their men and they didn't even have on pants or shirts. Many were in bikini suits and bare footed. I saw a few out of town bikers (they were riding sport bikes and cruisers) MOST of them had on protection and were riding like they knew how. Is there something the rental companies are avoiding telling these customers? Sometimes we were in bumper tto bumper stop and go. These kids were scooting up the bicycle lanes and darting in and out of traffic. Maybe a few opinions here? I was really shocked by the obvious disregard for laws and safety.

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  • tell me why it is?

    That when you give an honest opinion to someone about their silly question they report it as a violation but they are allowed to troll the answer boards and mess with people 24/7? Guess I made the list for being honest? Some folks and their young ones!

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  • Just out of curiousity.........?

    How many people here bought their bikes to save money at the gas pump? How about age, sex, miles to work, make of bike, and mileage?

    I'm 54


    10 miles round trip

    2008 Honda Shadow 750


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  • Curious about this.?

    Of the people here that are "avid" bikers, How many miles do you think you average per week riding. I know we would all ride all the time if the weather would agree, but in a good week, how many miles. Work? Fun?

    I ride about ten miles to work and back and then around 200-300 per week just for the ride.

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  • Something that has me wondering?

    I have been coming here reading questions and answers for a few months now. It is entertaining and that is for sure. Almost half of the questions aren't about motorcycles in the sense of learning something, but are about how FAST a certain bike is. How much POWER one has and how to do a WHEELIE on one. Are these people for real? Do they have any idea HOW to ride or are they just in here trying to look cool? The speed of the bike should be a secondary factor. It can be the fastest bike on two wheels but if you can't control it you are gonna bust your A$$! MPG? I think that is logical although almost any bike should get better than 40. Proper gear and size? That is probably the least asked question and the MOST needed answer. Why do certain ones pick on Harley riders and certain Harley riders pick on Jap bikes? We all ride for a reason. I do it because I enjoy it and I see things I never saw in a car. I also get to meet new people because they just want to be close to the bike.

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  • Follow-up on another question?

    Some one asked about helmet laws in various states or if they were required. How many here wear a helmet whether or not it is required by law? Sex, age, ride, and the reason you do or don't.

    I do!

    Male, 54, Honda Shadow, I think it is only common sense to wear one. My wife and daughter are/were in the medical field plus we lost a friend to NOT wearing one.

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  • Question here for Shadow owners?

    I have a 2008 Shadow Aero 750. Do any of you guys have a problem fueling? Mine will take the first gallon without a problem but I have to trickle in the rest of it to full. It takes about ten minutes to pump in a couple of gallons. Is there maybe an air vent that is not open or something? I hate it because inevitably I spill fuel on the tank and everywhere else. I carry a soft disposable cotton rag to wipe it with but it is annoying as hell. I don't recall that with any other bikes I've owned. Maybe they did it but not this bad? What about other makes out there. Any problems filling?

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  • Just for grins.............?

    let's see what following we have. Age, sex, make of first bike, years experience, make of bike owned now, and number of crashes.

    54, male, Yamaha YZ 250a, 10 years, Honda Shadow 750, 4 crashes or spills

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  • Problem here. Does anybody believe Obama never heard that jerk reverend talk his trash?

    The man was/is a member of this church and was brought to "Christianity" and married by the good reverend. Does he expect the American people to believe he didn't know the man was an anti-american speaker and had such hatred for our country? Obama has to have heard this type of speech from the man and to tell people otherwise defies the average person's common sense. I can remember EVERY preacher I ever heard and what he professed to believe most in, be it political or religeous. Obama has not only heard this venom but most likely has patted the reverend on the shoulder the same as the man did in the video. He now has to promise the american people he'll investigate this man and the church in elected. Obviously a possible terrorist cell in our country again? Obama needs to explain everything connecting himself to that church and minister. This along with the statement from his wife have me wondering about his loyalty to the USA!

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  • Can anybody explain to me why, in the economic times we are in, our government is so stupid?

    Why for the love of God is there so much concern as to whether or not a sports figure used steroids? Our Government sells out the American people every day by refusing to address big oil and our economic woes but they are ready to string someone up over steroid use? Who cares? Did this somehow make terrorists bomb the WTC? Did this create a record deficit? Does this somehow directly affect the future for our decendents or are we going down in history as the biggest bunch of jerkoffs yet? Our congress and senate are deplorable and with a lame duck president in office the world is laughing their respective asses off at us because our "intelligence" can't find their asses with both hands! Yet they give two rats asses about whether Roger Clements took a banned drug to ENHANCE his performance? Give something to our government to ENHANCE theirs!!!!! I, for one, am tired of the childish crap in Washington and the inability to care about the American people!

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  • Has potential voter out there thought about the economy as a basis for their decision this election?

    All candidates are talking about "change" and "inexperience". What do any of them offer as an answer to the prices of fuel and feeding your families? Hillary? Nothing! Obama? Nothing! McCain? Nothing! All say the economy is part of their platform, but none have offered a solution. Our government continues to be controlled by the oil industry and OPEC. We are literally being controlled by countries that would want to see our country fall from a world power. Vote your conscience and keep our economy in mind. Healthcare? Fine, just don't bankrupt our country doing it. Tax reform? Fine, think about a federal salkes tax instead of an income tax as we have now. Even the richest people in the country have to spend money sometime. Sales taxes offer NO LOOPHOLES! Tax the rich? How about giving them the option to contribute to the healthcare system for poverty level families. Should the government be allowing us to be robbed by OPEC and big oil companies? RECORD PROFIT OIL COMPANIES! BILLIONS!!

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