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Life's questions.. what color does a smurf turn when you choke it? How many licks does it really take to get to the center of a toosie pop?

  • How do I find a good home for a pit bull?

    I friend recently gave us a 3 month old pit bull. She's really sweet and we adore her, however we cannot keep her because we're moving. I'd like to find her a good home but I'm at a loss about what to ask potential takers.

    I do not want her to be used for fighting or even worse, as a bait for the fighters. I want to make sure that she is taught how to behave and not just chained up somewhere. I want a home for her, not just a place to live.

    Any suggestions on what to ask people who are interested in her? Thanks.

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  • Need Advice ~ New Rabbit Owner?

    I just bought two young dwarf rabbits 2 days ago.

    I have them in a birdcage right now (a big one for a cockatiel) that's sitting on the floor with 2 pet corrals connected around it so they can climb in and out of the food dish slots (no dishes in there). I bought them some gourmet rabbit pellet/food mixture, alfalfa and timothy hay, some yogurt treats, a water bottle and some bedding from newspaper pulp.

    In the corral, I put a baby key toy, wadded up newspaper, an empty pill bottle that they can't get open and I put a few coffee beans in for it to rattle, and a shoe box with one side cut out. I also had a toy for the cockatiel that she never liked so gave that to the bunnies to play with. I'm going to make a vet appointment tomorrow for a check up. They're only about 2 months old so they're not old enough to litter train and still too young to have neutered. My question is, am I missing anything? I'll get a book when I go to the vets but I want to keep them happy and healthy.

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  • Leg cramps from my shin down, day and night! Help!?

    About 7-8 months ago, I started getting cramps (like charlie horses) in my shins. A relative said it was probably shin splints and to stop walking so much. I got a pair of flat shoes and stopped walking as much.

    About 4-5 weeks ago, I started getting terrible cramps in my big toe, along the top of my foot, and the instep where it feels like my foot is trying to fold in half sideways.. and still having them in my shins.

    I read up to try and figure this out, drank more water, made sure I wasn't using too much or too little salt and I've eaten banana's like crazy. No help so I started taking a potassium suppliment and still nothing.

    Anyone have any idea what could be going on (for me to do further research myself) or how to stop this? I can walk them out but I haven't had 2 hours of uninterupted sleep in over a month because of this. Any help is grately appreciated.

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  • Anybody know this poem.. it's somthing like this.. If you get to heaven before I do...?

    If you get to heaven, before I do

    (says something then..)

    just poke a tiny hole, and pull me through.

    It's about there being fabric or something seperating us from our deceased loved ones and they author wanting whoever it is on the other side to poke a hole in it to pull her/him through.

    My mother recently passed away and my uncle recited the poem but I'd hate to have to ask him to tell it to me again. It was just so beautiful and it really helped dealing with the loss. I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone could tell me the name of it or a website it's on. Thank's in advance.

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  • My son was just dignosed with MRSA and..?

    I don't know what to do. How do I sterilize the hosue so that he doesn't get infected with it again? What about him being around someone who's HIV+, will it transmit to them? Is it safe for my other two children to be around him while the infection is active?

    He had a sore on his foot and had to have it drained and the skin scraped off where it was dead, they did a culture on the pus that was coming out before the surgery so that's how they know it's MRSA now and they put him in isolation. I have active HS and what is the risk of me coming down with MRSA if I am around him right now? I know I need to wash my hands frequently but is that enough? I don't want to spread it to anyone else.

    The nurse said he had a spot on his back that she wanted the doctor to look at it, she thinks it's spreading. I've read stories about people dying from MRSA. What can I do?

    Please, no wise cracks or people trying to scare me to death, I'm scared enough as it is.

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  • Now what do I do for my cockatiel?

    We just got a cockatiel 2 months ago. I bought a book on their care but it didn't say anything about her laying eggs.

    She's been laying them off and on for about a month and we've been removing them as she lays them. I just read that I should leave them in there, so now what do I do? She's laid 7-8 so far. She has a 'pineapple' treat, like a cuttle bone type thing and we feed her fruit and vegetables.

    Is there anything else I should be doing? She won't have anything to do with regular cuttlebones.

    Also, we have 2 male parakeets that are in the same room, different cage. Could the males being close to her be affecting her reproductive cycle?

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  • How Do I Let People Know My Son Is Visually Impaired?

    My son has Stargardts Disease and is losing his central vision. He has an especally hard time adjusting to light changes. He cannot see anything for about 10 minutes, especially when we go from bright light to a dark room.

    We went to a restaurant that was fairly dark and he was bumping into people and they were getting angry. I tried to help him but he's 16 and independant. He doesn't 'look blind'. His eyes are clear, no sunglasses or cane and he does quite well most of the time.

    How could I let people know that he is visually impaired without ticking my kid off or other people. I don't want a stranger yelling at him because he bumped into them. He tries not to.

    Any advice or any other parent out there with a similar problem?

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  • What is the danger zone for BP and tachycardia with hyperthyroidism?

    I was diagnosed over a year ago with hyperthyroidism. I do not know exactly what form, the endo say thyroiditis but that only lasts 3 months and I have not nor will I go back to that quack. There's only one other endo my insurance will pay for and it takes 8 months to get a first appointment. I have to pay for ER services if it isn't an emergancy and all I have is a family doctor and this isn't her field, that's the reason for specialists.

    My blood pressure has been off, systolic is low, diastolic is high.. my resting heart rate is never lower then 120 and my body temp has went up from my normal of 96.7 to never less then 99.5 . I have never had blood pressure problems before my thyroid started messing up.

    I don't want to go the emergancy room but I will if I need to. I do not want to go into a thryoid storm but I can't find any information about how high is too high concerning Blood Pressure and resting heart rate. Any info is greatly appreciated.

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  • Do you listen to the same music your teens listen to?

    My son (15) and I share each others music.. I got him listening to Ozzy, Queensryche and Nickleback, he's got me listening to Spineshank, Foo Fighters and Bowling for Soup. I listen to stuff he doesn't, music a lot of kids his age listen to like My Chemical Romance abd Fall Out Boys. It's not an attempt to stay 'young', I just love all kinds of music. How many of you listen to music your teenage kids listen to and like it?

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