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  • Where can I get a cam gear for a Chinese 70cc ATV?

    Does anyone know where I can order a cam gear (Timing chain sprocket) for a Chinese 70cc ATV? Everybody keeps telling me to just use a Honda part and a friend gave me an old CT70 head but neither the gear or cam from it will interchange. Those engines only look the same on the outside but on the inside it's a different story, every part in the Chinese engine is updated in one way or another over the Honda engine. The head has a few improvements over the Honda with bigger cooling fins everywhere and extra fins added in one place and the cam has big roller bearings while the Honda don't have bearings at all. I would just try to swap the whole head but now I'm not even sure that would work and besides the Honda head I have needs repair anyway... A few months ago I found a cam gear for $22 but now I can't seem to find that website again... I would just scrap the whole engine but the missing cam gear is the only thing wrong with it.

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  • Why is the SR-71 Blackbirds' true maximum speed still classified?

    The planes' maximum speed at altitude is still claimed to be "Mach 3.3+" ...I saw a show on the discovery channel that interviewed one of its pilots who said he was at cruising speed(Mach 3.2) over Cuba when he noticed a SAM being launched at him and nudged the throttle forward until he began seeing Mach numbers that where getting "scary" and outrun the missle. That sounds to me to be more like Mach 5+. They claimed to have retired the plane in 1998 and is currently only being used by NASA for high altitude research. I understand that some of the planes' technology has to still be classified but if it was retired by the CIA and USAF then why can't they reveil it's true maximum speed and why is 10 pages of its flight manual still classified when its missions are now being done by un-manned stealth aircraft?

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  • Why aren't there as many dual purpose motorcycles availible in the U.S. as some other contries?

    The only street legal dual purpose models currently availible in the U.S. are the Honda XR650L, Suzuki DR650SE, DRZ400S & SM, DR200SE, Yamaha XT225, TW200, Kawasaki KLR650 and KLX250S. There are no more 125's any more and the only 250 left is Kawasaki's KLX250S. There used to be a 125 a 250 and 600 availible from any one of the four Japanese manufacturers back in the '80s, what happened to that? I understand why the 2 strokes are gone and don't care for anything smaller than a 250 but I can't figure out why more 400's aren't availible. Each one of the manufactuers offer all sizes of 4 stroke dirtbikes but they aren't street legal. Why?

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