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  • There is no suffering in this world, do you disagree?

    Lol isnt it funny how ppl read your responses and completely twist it to make you say something you didnt? For example, certain people, think that you telling them they dont understand (even the basics of) genesis means that there is no suffering in this world. Isnt it funny how ppl can ask questions and claim to be wise, yet not have the capacity for basic comprehension of literature? Wouldnt you say its even more dangerous when that book is the divine truth, and they are hating on God because of their own failure to understand? Such arrogance and pride.

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  • Non trinitarians, mormons, JWs how do u explain this contradiction in the bible?

    As a trinitarian its no issue for me. We cant see the Father, but we can see Jesus or Holy Spirit.

    No hostility in my question to u im just curious.

    Exodus 33:20 But," he said, "you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live."

    John 1:18 No one has ever seen God, BUT GOD the One and Only, who IS AT the Father's side, has made Him known (btw this is the verse id use to back up the trinitarians answer).


    Exodus 33:11, "And the LORD spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend. And he turned again into the camp: but his servant Joshua, the son of Nun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle."

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  • Medical documentation of miracles?

    If u dont trust the link just fb search for divine healing documentation.

    Fb page has link to many documented miracles by scientist, news, doctors etc

    What u think?

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  • Its the evolutionist turn. Can u disprove anything here?

    I love those questions about can u reconcile these bible contradictions. I keep telling ppl there isnt a single contradiction, now its the evolutionist turn. This includes christians that believe evolution.

    Can u reconcile any 5 of the issues with evolution out of their 101.

    Sarcastic remarks or dodging the question will be seen as you throwing in the towel. This a friendly thing, i dont want it to get unpleasant.

    Yes its age of the earth. If we prove the earth is 6k u have no time in whch to work ur evolutionary process.

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  • Question about karma?

    Im speaking only of atheist buddhist. This is assuming my idea of what karma is is correct so could be wrong but

    Do bad get bad do nice get nice is that basically correct?

    If thats correct what causes the bad or good to come because of its respective actions. What im thinking is if this is a result of some cosmic or external reality how does it recognize whats good whats bad without a mind if it has a mind how is it not a God

    UNLESS of course u believe that its all based on a version of do unto others as... Which is more putting karma up to chance that the human will react in a similar way and not trade good for evil and vise versa. Which i think we have all experienced. Also what about those secret acts of good and evil do they not count if the human cant see it is from u. .

    So im curious as to how karma works.

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  • What do Buddhist believe?

    Like ur basic core beliefs and if u know the worlds origins according to Buddhism. If ud be so kind to keep it simple i dont want a wall tyvm peeps.

    Also how a Buddhist can be atheist altho that might explain itself once i see the answers? Tyty <3

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  • Why do ppl think God hating sinners makes Him less loving?

    Yes God hates people. if you saw and knew the depravity to its very core of Hitlers heart I'm sure you'd hateeeeee him. Ppl hate the guy that killed the kids at that school recently and he only killed a couple kids. yet this evil was so profound that it conjured genuine righteous hatred. Dont be a fool and think you are a good person. we are evil natured. we lie steal cheat are completely self centered/oriented slander for personal gain. Dont delude yourself to think your innocent. Also dont delude yourself to this God is less complex than humans. Humans can looooove and hate at the same time. We can do many things at the same time. God loves us. Each one. How do we know He sent His perfect sinless son (God as well, yet not God the Father. 3 persons 1 God) to die a brutal agonizing death for these sinners, us (us) criminals for hitler stalin pol pot everyone. He values us and gives us value and self worth by pissing such a High price. somethings only as valuable as the price that would be done to aquire it. The price was Gods (Jesus) life. which was a unjust murder He took injustice for us.

    in fact Gods looooove for us is shown to be BILLIONS time stronger by the fact that He hated sinners. Ultimate looooove is to lay down your life for someone. The omniscient God that knows you better than you do sees all our sins faults and evils better than anyone else still (after we spit on and rejected Him) choses to voluntarily out of sheer looooove die for us that justice would be served for our sake and His and to save us. Dont you want justice for all the evils done to you Jesus took the justice for that He suffered it. That makes it even STRONGER He died so you wouldn't suffer. out of love He die to give you justice that He wants you to have oooooooooooooooooooo the looooove of God is great.

    God hates sinners but God adores and loves sinners too.

    Thank you to some ppls earlier for the question actually shows how much more God loves than if He didn't hate sinners

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  • I obviously dont believe this but?

    For those that think the source of morality is the whatever is beneficial for the preservation of humanity and society, heres my question. Not attacking btw honest curiosity to what you think.

    why should I care about that? Why should that be my morality? is it just cus?

    Also lets say that is my morality what if I think the best thing for humanity its to eliminate a few million for over populations sake. or eliminate the israelis and arabs that are at war so the global society would be censored with more peace. And less ppl in the long run are spared seeing as that war is millenia old and no sign of stopping?

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  • I'm not baking anything but question about leaven plz?

    When adding more leaven than normal does it cause the normal effect of leaven to increase or the same effect only faster?

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  • I'm not baking anything but question about leaven plz?

    When adding more leaven than normal does it cause the normal effect of leaven to increase or the same effect only faster?

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  • Does anyone here believe in self evident truths or have any presuppositions.?

    if so what are ur self evident truths. What are some of ur presuppositions

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  • Lol again muslim help plz?

    why would muslims say praise be unto Him if He is mere human a prophet and on top of that a prophet that lied, if I understand your teachings.

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  • Muslims help plz??..?

    What does (pbuh) mean I keep seeing Jesus (pbuh)

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  • Atheist despite what anyone says or any survey says DID YOU KNOW (everyone else too but esp atheists)?

    Did you know that, regardless of if you know or not, that you are ADORED and BELOVED by God?

    My dear sisters and brothers my dearly beloved and longed for, my joy and crown-Jesus

    looooove encounters to all of you in Jesus name (atheist or not)

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