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  • Topsy Turvy Strawberry planter Problem?

    I was given a Topsy Turvy strawberry planter, it's all set up and full of strawberry plants! But the , problem is when I water it from the top all the water shoots out of the top planter hole. I'm afraid that the bottom plants are not getting any water. I tried to water them individually, but it doesn't work to well. Now some of the plants are wilting and I'm not sure what to do. Has anyone else had experience with these?

    3 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • How do I keep my fish tank lights from heating up the water?

    I just set up a ten gallon fish tank, with heater pre-set to 72. I bought a new 25 watt light that the pet store suggested. Now the water temp. is at 85 degrees. I want to be able to see my fish because the tank is on a book shelf without any natural light. Now I have only been turning the light on when I'm home in the evenings and turn it off before bed,but that still raises the temp. do I just need new lights? Leave the lights off all the time? i want to be able to enjoy and see my fish. What do I do? I have already had a fish die, because I didn't have a thermameter yet.

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  • My college is having a contest to see if someone can come up with a creative name for there new Web page.?

    Currently it is ePathways, it is a student tool for academic planning and career exploration, they need a name that captures what it actually is. The school I go to is chemeketa community college. I have been brain storming but thought I would ask to see what other people came up with. I know there are lots of creative minds on here!

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  • My college is having a contest to see if someone can come up with a creative name for there new Web page.?

    Currently it is ePathways, it is a student tool for academic planning and career exploration, they need a name that captures what it actually is. The school I go to is chemeketa community college. I have been brain storming but thought I would ask to see what other people came up with. I know there are lots of creative minds on here!

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  • I need some 50th Birthday party ideas for a coworker. We want to do 50 days of 50 diffrent things... ideas?

    We thought it would be a great idea for a coworkers birthday to get 50 things for 50 days to celebtate her 50th birthday. I need some ideas and a cute saying to go along with them. of course they have to be inexpensive and on the smaller side. Like 50 erasers to erase her wrinkles or something.

    So I need 50 great ideas for things we could get. Any help would be great!

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  • I'm Confused, Is my Financial Aid for school taxable?

    I got Financial Aid for one term of college last year. I got enough for tuition and books and had about $200 left over for living expenses. I didn't need to take out any loans and didn't use any of my own money. I'm doing my own taxes online and I'm confused about what I need to put when they ask me what my total taxable scholarship income was. Is Financial Aid Taxable? I don't have to pay it back.

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  • I really need some money like yesterday, so How should I go about doing my taxes for a fast return?

    Ok, Going though some rough times, and it is just a blessing that it is around tax season. My boyfriend lost his job and I only make enough to pay rent, anyways.... We need money from our taxes ASAP. I have always done them myself in the past, online with e-file. But I was wondering about some of the Tax services like H & R Block and Jackson Hewitt. I know that they do instant cash and things like that but is it worth it? We will be getting a child tax credit and getting quite a bit back. Should I just go to one of these places and do it or just online with direct deposit? I don't want them to charge me alot but need the money. Any suggestions or advice? We have a toddler and bills that are due. But I still don't want to get ripped off!

    4 AnswersUnited States1 decade ago
  • My two year old gets out of bed at night and sleeps on his floor, right behind his door?

    It's the weirdest thing, he has been in a big boy bed for several months now and until just recently has had no problem sleeping in it. but lately when I go into check on him at night, he is sleeping on the floor right behind the door. I pick him up and go put him back in bed and usually doesn't even wake up. He doesn't sleep with a nightlight or anything so when he gets up out of bed his room is pitch dark. I don't hear him cry or anything and I never hear him moving around. He always brings his blanket and sippy cup with him too. He has done this several times now and it kinda freaks me out when I look in there and he is not in bed. He also knows how to open the door so he could get out if he wanted to but doesn't. And when he is scared he always crys out for me, so I don't think he does it because he is scared. Is this normal? why do you think that he does this? any suggestions? and putting him back in a crib is not an option.

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  • How do I get two glass bowls unstuck? They are the same size and are stuck together?

    I have tried dish soap and water, I don't want to break them or throw them away. Any suggestions? They won't budge.

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  • My 18 month old son is not wanting to sleep anymore! help?

    He has been on a schedule that has remained the same for a long time now. He goes down for a nap at 12, and goes to bed at 8 everyday. Now this last week, he will not go to bed, hates it! he will eventually get so tired he will take a nap at 2pm and wont go to bed till about 9:30-10 pm. I will put him down an as soon as I leave the room he starts screaming! Tonight I put him down about 8:15 and I let him cry until 8:35, then I went to try to sooth him, but he wanted out of his crib. He has always been so good about going to bed, I would put him in his crib and leave the room, he would go right to sleep. This is driving me crazy! The evening is my ME time. I don't know whats wrong with him, nothing has changed at home or anything. What can I do? He really needs to be on an earlier schedule for daycare, which he only goes to twice a week. Any Suggestions or insite on why he does not like going to sleep anymore?

    8 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • Do you think that having a deposit on soda/beer cans will get more people to recycle?

    I live in Oregon, and we have a 5 Cent refund when you return them to the store. That goes for glass, plastic and cans. I think if more states had this type of program, more soda/ beer containers would be recycled. There are no cans or bottles lying beside the road either, makes for a cleaner environment as well. You do pay the extra 5 cents when you buy the cans but you get it back. Why don't more states have this?

    31 AnswersGreen Living1 decade ago
  • I'm having computer speaker problems. It says that The drivers for this device are not installed?

    Then I click on install driver and it tells me it cannot install the driver because it can't find the nessasary hardware. I have windows Xp Professonal, and a gateway computer. I just bought the computer used and the speakers I have are older and some off brand. They do work, The power light is on and the volume is up. There is just no sound. Where do I go to download a driver? Any suggestions?

    2 AnswersOther - Hardware1 decade ago
  • I need a unique Salad recipe for a bar-b-q. Do you know of any?

    I was told to bring a unique, creative salad to my family bar-b-q. I need something easy, good, and ingredients you wouldn't expect. I have been searching online forever and can't find anything. I need more of a side dish salad then a dessert salad. Do you have a good recipe?

    8 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • I just saw a casting call for "Take Home Chef!" I thought they just surprised random people for the show?

    But I saw a casting call for it on The show makes it look like they walk up to complete stangers in the grocery store and surpised them. But it's all casted? That's pretty much what I watch it for, not the cooking but the peoples reaction.

    5 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Does turning off your breaker switch (for your heaters) Save electricity during the summer?

    The breaker switches are for the base board heaters in my apartment. If I turn those off during the warm months will it save electicity? enough to even matter or lower my electic bill?

    7 AnswersGreen Living1 decade ago
  • I Just bought a used computer, and it's saying that microsoft cannot validate windows? Help?

    I bought a used gateway computer, it came with windows xp. But I wanted to upgrade the internet explorer and in order to do that it needed to validate that my windows was authentic. It came back saying that is was unable to validate it's autenticy. I entered the product key number located on the side of my computer tower. And said it was invalid. So now what so I do? I'm guessing this windows might be counterfit? I have really no idea. If that is the case how do I get the Real Windows Xp? I still have my old computer with the real windows Xp on it, but no disk. Can I somehow transfer it to my new computer? Any suggestions? I really don't know about computers. Help me please!

    10 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Why do Parents take their young children into R rated Movies?

    I just went to the theatre and saw an R rated movie. I was shocked to see that people would bring their young toddlers and babies too.

    Not to mention that there was language, violence and dead bodies! There were kids running up and down the isles during the movie! Now I haven't been to a movie theater in a while, is that an okay thing to do now? I have a toddler and wouldn't even consider bringing him. We found a babysitter! I have nothing against children being in the theater if the movie was child appropiate, but it was far from that.

    13 AnswersParenting1 decade ago