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  • What to expect in an interview with Columbia University?

    I have an interview with someone from Columbia this Friday. What should I expect them to ask? And. What should I wear???? It's at this local independent coffee shop in the art district, if that influences it in any way.

  • Can someone please proofread my college essay?

    I need someone, like and English aficionado, to check all my grammar and whatnot. I am also open to any suggestions about the content. Please be honest and tell me what you really think, seriously.

  • How do I find acceleration?

    Static force=11417 N

    Force applied by brakes=10000 N

    Mass=2500 kg

    Incline angle=25 degrees

    How quickly is the car moving after 20 seconds?

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  • What color shoes look good with a lace dress?

    I want to buy this lace dress that we have at my work to wear to my friend's pageant next week. I want to wear colored heels but I don't know what color would look best with it. I'd prefer to stay away from just plain black or nude heels or cowgirl boots since they're so expected. The dress has short sleeves and is an off-white lace and has a brown leather rope belt with it but that could easily be removed.

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  • Where do I stand with colleges?

    SAT: not so great...1910

    ACT: decent...32

    GPA: 3.96 unweighted, 4.1 (ballpark) weighted

    I haven't taken any subject area tests yet, I'm taking 2, possibly 3, in October. My AP Exam scores won't arrive for a few more weeks. I'm in just about every club that is offered at my school, Honor Society, Crown Club-a community service organization, People to People Student Ambassador, Who's Who of America (apparently, I was just informed of this roughly 10 minutes ago, I don't even know what it is), and I do my fair share of personal volunteering and stuff with my church. I'm nearing the beginning of my senior year in high school and will soon be applying for schools and scholarships. I live in Mississippi but I want to go to college in New York; my dream school is Columbia but I'm realizing I may not be quite qualified for there, so my "backup/fallback plan" to Columbia is NYU. I will also be applying to several schools in the New England area after making sure those two applications are absolute perfection and after visiting them later this summer. So. Where do you guys think I stand as far as acceptance and whatnot; also, I'm open to suggestions of schools to apply to, I've only got about 8 so far and I would love to have a longer list.

  • I found a metrocard on my desk today at school?

    I'm in 11th grade and I live in MS. I walked into my class and noticed that there was a metrocard on my desk. Since I'm trying to convince my parents to send me to New York this summer (finding this metrocard was totally a sign that I'm meant to go) is there a way that I can find out if there's any money left on it like online or do I have to wait until I get to the city? And I won't like get in trouble if I use it, will I?

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  • What to wear with a high-low skirt?

    I got this high low skirt from my work a few weeks ago. It's a Ya Los Angeles skirt that's pink and white diagonally striped. I work at Altar'd State if any of you have seen it in that store or other stores that carry Ya Los Angeles. I absolutely LOVE the skirt but I have no clue as to what shirt i should wear with it. Please please pleaseeee help me:)

    Oh and I've looked all over Google Images for a picture of it but I can't find it at all!

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  • What shirt should I wear with this outfit?

    I plan to wear these navy blue pleated shorts with black tights underneath. But. I have no idea on what shirt/sweater/jacket I should wear with them. PLEASE HELP! Thanks!:)

    These shorts are really similar to the ones I'm wearing. They're high waisted.

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  • What could I get my BEST friend for graduation?

    Ok. So this year I'm a sophomore and my friend is a senior, but she's my best friend. I was thinking of getting her Oh! The places you'll go! by Dr.Seuss and writing a note in it and then getting her a camera and leaving some pictures on there. But I want this to be the best present ever so I wanted to get some of you all's ideas about what you got your best friends or what you're going to get them. Thanks!

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  • What do you think of me dying my hair to brown and blonde? (pictures included)?

    This is me right now:

    This is what I maybe possibly might want to do:

    I'm not even completely a hundred percent sure I want to do this to my hair yet. I want you guys honest opinions and insight on if this would completely ruin my hair. Lately I've just been thinking I might want to dye my hair and I've always loved her hair like this. Thanks for the help!

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  • How can I make a CD for my best friend?

    I want to make a Cd with just me talking and pretty much like I'm reading a note as a part of my best friend's Christmas present. How can I do this? I don't want it to be like a CD of music. Just one of me talking to her.

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  • How to heal a busted lip?

    I've got a busted lip but I don't really know what to do about it and also I've got a few knots on my head and some

    bruises on my face so if you guys know how to get those to heal too that'd be great. Also I've got this killer headache that won't go away with just there anything else I can take?

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  • What is the best camera to get for a beginner "photographer"?

    I really want to get a camera but I have no idea which one to get. I don't really want to become a photographer, I just like photography and want to get a camera to do my own stuff on vacations and all. I was hoping to get one from Best Buy either tomorrow on Black Friday or sometime very soon. Thanks for answering

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  • How can I incorporate music and God into a tattoo?

    I have recently been thinking about getting a tattoo and I'd want it to have God and music somehow together in it so I was just looking for some ideas on how I could do that? Any ideas on how to do this are welcome and greatly appreciated and pictures would be great! Oh! And I'm not quite sure where I'd want to get it yet so if you have any suggestions for that too they'd be welcome as well! Thanks!

    4 AnswersTattoos1 decade ago
  • Is 29 a good ACT score?

    I'm going into 10th grade and just got my ACT score back and made a 29. I hope to take it again to bring math up since I haven't had all of the math that's on the test. If I want to go to Columbia or Stanford what else could I do to stand out? I have helped around the community because I'm in Honor Society and I'm in a few other clubs but what else can I do to stand out besides raise my ACT score? I plan on taking the SAT sometime during 10th grade after we take the PSAT. Oh, I'm also a member of People to People Student Ambassadors and I was selected for Who's Who of America or something like that and I have a 4.0 GPA but I still need ways to stand out! Please Help!!

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  • Does the Insanity workout by Shaun T. work?

    I'm 15 and it's summer and I don't have much to do during the day. I just saw the commercial thing for this and it looks pretty intense and like it would work. I already go to the gym everyday(usually twice a day for an hour) but I need something to do during the day. I want to start going mountain climbing soon but I already do the workout stuff for that at the gym. I want to know if this really works because it looks intense but it's on the costly side for a workout dvd program so can you guys please honestly tell me if this works or not? Thanks!

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  • How can I earn about $20,000?

    I want to spend all of next summer in Europe and I'm guessing I will need about $20,000 based on how much I spent when I was there last summer. I need ideas on how to get this money and I'm sure my family will help with some of it but probably not a lot. Also if you know this will cost more or if you know a better estimate on how much this will cost, it would be great if you could let me know! Thanks!

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  • What is a good perfume for a teenage girl?

    I want to get a new perfume but I don't know which one to choose! So which one do you guys think is the best? Please tell me what each perfume smells like so I can get an idea. Thanks!

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  • What does the passion tea lemonade from Starbucks taste like?

    I really want to try this but I want to have an idea of what it taste like. Thanks!

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  • What is the best MacBook?

    I have a Dell laptop right now and I really want to buy a new MacBook. Would you guys recommend the original, the Pro, or the Air one? And also do you guys have any info on the Airport Express and the Airport Extreme? Thanks!

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago