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  • How can one trace the answer that he/she posted on Yahoo answer to see how his/her answer is being rated?

    yesterday, I gave my answer to the question officialy posted by her Exclency Madam Nancy pelois, the peaker of the house; but could not read my answer after I submitted it on my account or yahoo answers board. Please, help me to see how my answer is being rated.

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  • What does the whole story of rape and murder by US soldiers in Iraqi imply?

    I was really shocked to hear the fact that the case of rape and killing of innocent Iraqi that the US troops are acused of in relation to Abeer Quassim al-Janabi is one of the several in which the US troops acused of. I can't realy comprehened what it means. How can a soldier with reasonable level of high school eductaion and who also have got the opportunity to see and enjoy the fruit of development can be turned in to evil who just act barbanic and discared every value his family, friends and his nation attached to humanity and decency. Live alone the spiritual value of mankind that his forefathers might have known, or at least it is written all over the DOLLAR that they trus in God. How can one justify the act of members of the 101 air born division of US army with a mission of setting order and peace causing untold suffering to the poor Iraqi people. I am a father of two and a born again christian pray that no US soldier to come near them for any reason.

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  • Is modern man becoming more and more intolerant and barbaric?

    when I see the current situation of the 21st century politices and social stracture( mined you I am not a professional in these regards), everything seems to be worsening. The political system advocated by ancient phiosophers such as "democracy", "Justice", 'egaliterianism", etc. seems to be theoritical devises to play the power play of politics in a very cunning manner. No political thoughts or ideas seems to be brining any relief to the suffering of man in this world. Don't count the less than 10 % the world population who seems to be economically better off (about the figure also I am not professional, forgive me)

    Look at what is going on in Africa, Asia, latin America, midle-east, for that matter US and Europe. What hope do makind has to enjoy life to its fullness.

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  • Do you agree that what makes life difficult in this world for mankind to be man"s greedy nature?

    _ I witness greedy politicans causing so much problem to their nation and to the whole world to day

    - Highly self centred individuals violating others right and taking morethan what they deserve as aresult deprived others from enjoing what is rightfuly and naturally theirs.


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