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  • Is it safe to just assume he's a Capricorn? Jan 20th Birthday.?

    He is Jan 20 Birthday..some sites say he's a Capricorn, others an Aquarius. His Mars and Mercury are also Capricorn. So is it ok to asume he's pretty much a Capricorn based on this results?

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  • What would be the easiest way to get my soulmate into the U.S.?

    my Boyfriend lives in England. we are both 32 and there is no question we want to spend the rest of our lives together. We have agreed it would be easier for him to move here to the U.S., in Florida because I already have children. He doesn't. I know nothing about visas and whats the easiest way for us to get him here to start the rest of our lives! if it includes marriage, i'm not against the idea.

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  • What do you think he is saying?

    Got an email from my boyfriend that lives in another country. He's 5 hours ahead of me. Everyday he sends me a goodnight email and a Good morning email. Tonights email said " hope all is well, if not just remember someone loves you more than they will ever experience them selves " I don't understand what he may have meant by " someone loves you more than they will ever experience them selves" I can take this 3 different ways

    We both come from English speaking countries, so its not poor English

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  • Only 4 days apart, is this Synastry good or bad?

    I just got into a new relationship this week. He is exactly 4 days younger than me. 1/16/79 and 1/20/79

    Almost all our planets conjunct except our moons and Rising signs. Is all these conjunctions good for a healthy relationship?

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  • is this some kinda sign or just coincidence?

    My Best friend of the past 6 yrs, her Birthday is Feb 20th. One of my friends is a 61yr old man thats like a dad to me, His birthday day is Oct 20th. My last boyfriend whom I have to see at work all the time, because we work together, his Birthday is April 20th. Just started talking to a new guy about 4 days ago, his Birthday is Jan 20th.... What would you say to that? whats with all the 20th's in my life?

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  • What is he trying to say?

    I;m an U.S. american( a.k.a yank) and been chatting with a guy in England for a week now. He sent me a message that didn't make any sense to me, so I replied "huh?" and he said the exact same thing as before. It went like this


    Its going good, for some reason i can't wait to get off and get on the laptop/notebook, whatever you guys call it! i clock out at 5pm which is just 67 minutes away!


    oh maybe your work out why in time!




    you said for some reason you cant wait to get off and go on the laptop. so i said.. maybe your work out why in time!


    aww ok,

    So I acted as though I got it, just to move on at this point. I know Brits and american have quite a few different words common to their own country, thats why I'm asking this question. Thanks for all your help

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  • Did I name my son after him?

    OK, When I was pregnant with my son in 2007, I wanted a strong Irish name that the English speaking Americans could pronounce that wasn't Aidan or Riley. I was listening to one of my favorite Irish singers Ronan Keating. I liked him in Boyzone and was just starting to listen to his solo stuff. And I thought Ronan, theres a name thats not over done..yet. Did my research, it means "little Seal" and named my son Ronan Victor. Now when people ask me how I found the name, I tell them that story. Alot of people get the impression I named him after Ronan Keating after that story though.

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  • How do I file a complaint?

    My Ex Husband is a control freak. For this reason I took the opportunity to get out of the marriage when I could. He was very controlling through that process aswell. He insisted on gettng everything including custody of the kids (that normally would shut me up, in yrs past, but realize I wasn't being the mom I wanted to be with my kids as long as I was living there being emotionally and mentally scarred by my what was best for the kids is mommy needs to take care of herself first, and the first step was to get away from him) So when he said he was gettng whatever I said yes to everything,(custodity of the kids, the house, and a few other things, thats how bad I wanted to get away from him. At this point sleeping in my car was better than living with his emotonal abuse. When He saw tht wasn't gonna stop me now, he then said he wanted Child support from me. I only had my job less than a year working in a grocery store makng $8.00 per hour. He had his job for 10+ years making $40K. First e said he wanted $200 a month, said ok, then $300, I said fine, at the divorce hearing he got it up to $325 and got it where the state takes it out of my check auto. I myself have been living on $600 a month (after child support) The divorce was May 2009, Everyone says I need to go and fight what he did to me, but I don't because I have no idea what to do. On that note he hasn't had Health Insurance on the kids for over a year now! want to do something about it, I just don't know. Its not far that I have to pay him $325 a month that he doesn't even need and he doesn't have health insurance for my kids. I'm ready to put my foot in the door. I live in Florida if that helps, and yes I do see my kids all the time. Saw them today...Thanks in advance

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  • Why do I start tearing up and wanting to cry when...?

    I see pictures of my cousins with their families and kids on FB? I really am happy for them, but this feeling I get is not tears of joy. Its like I am more less in dinial, but I am not sure what I am denying. I did grow up with my cousins, Every Sunday was family day at Grandmas. I am livng 800 mles away from family, if that helps

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  • Are there any neat coincidences n your life? Share them. I was to here about them?

    Are there any neat coincidences n your life? Share them, I was to here about them. For example, My Grandpa John had 4 daughters, no sons. Those 4 daughters combined gave him 7 Grandkids, 6 girls/ 1 boy (I am the oldest grandchild), my 2 kids Renae and Ryan were his first 2 Great-Grandkids. Ryan(his 2nd male descendant ). was born s 2002. My grandfather died in Oct 2003 (or 2004?) Since then my sister, cousins, and I have given birth to 7 more kids....All Boys, no girls. My daughter Renae is his only Great Grandaughter. How in the world can you explain that one?

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  • song ideas for wanting someone (related to my situation)?

    It doesn't have to be about a crush. see I been waiting on the same guy in my grocery deli for 2 years this winter. I always had a small crush on him and we would small talk. I never went forward with it because he very very shy and introverted, and I always feared I would come on to strong. Not to mention, I have been in 3 relationships in those 2 years (6mos, 13mos and 2mos) On Dec 31 he gave signals that made it clear that the feeling is mutual. So ever since Friday I have been crushing hard on this dude, I'm waiting to see him again to give him my number. (he'll either want it or not...either way it will get me out of this "wondering" stage.

    Anyways looking for a song that descibes a person, or both, who want each other and have been watching from a distance, but either they are too shy or afraid to get hurt. perhaps maybe ones that the person says "I'm done fighting this feeling," (other than REO Speedwagon)

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  • What should I write in the note When I give him my number?

    I been waiting on this one guy for 2 years! He's obviously the extreme introvert shy guy. He's usally with his mom, and looks around my age (32) I broke the ice 1 1/2 years ago when I commented on his Yankee T-shirt. After that, if I ever wanted to small talk with him I would bring up baseball. I actually like baseball Alot, more than most chicks, so I actually could fallow what he talks about.

    Over time I noticed he would talk a little more..but again it was just about baseball nothing else. I always had a small crush on him. Nothing big because of his shyness. I can be a patient person when I have to be, but I wasn't sure if I had the patients to wait for a shy guy to come around. In fact now when I tell ppl I have a date, they all say the same thing "take it slow!" I've also had 3 boyfriends in those 2 years (6mos, 13mos and 2mos)

    Anyways on Sunday this guy came in and I decided to talk about something different. I first tried to guess his age..he wasn't 28 nor 32. So I stopped guessing. I asked him if he hoped 2011 will be better that 2010 or just as good (in other words is he content with his life at the moment or going through a rough patch.) I also noticed he was more lit up this time, almost like a glow, and for once he did most of the talking! 10minutes after I finished with his order and he left...He Came Back!! He's never done that before.

    I asked him "did you forget something?"

    he said "no I just came back to tell you 1971 was a good year!"

    I said "what? your not 39!! No way!"

    He said "I turned 39 in november"

    I told him I was 32. The whole time we were talking he was holding a folded peice of paper in an obvious way, like it was important, and moving his fingers around on it. He was nervous about something! I want to believe he was trying to give me his number, but he's just to shy! I wasn't gonna ask whats that? It could have been a shopping list and I am just wishing it was something more! but I really don't think he would have held a shopping list like that!

    I have no doubt that he likes me, and I want to give him my phone number, and facebook. I want to write a short and sweet little note,but I don't want to go over board. Or do shy guys enjoy it when you get to the point because of the whole insecured thing? what I mean by getting to the point is, what I want to write in the card "Hey Steve, ever since that last time you were in here, I havn't stopped thinking about you, and would really enjoy hanging out with you sometime..give me a call or text if you like" I also would add "p.s. I need someone to go with me to the Yankee/Rays games this year!" Does that sound like to much? if it does, what would you suggest?

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  • How powerful would the attraction be in this Synastry? (top 10 positive aspects)?

    Been texting this guy for about 2 weeks now, we are planning to meeting up this weekend. I really hope we click in person like we been on texts. When I look at our Synastry..I"ve never seen anything like it!! How in the world can this synastry go worng? How strong can a Synastry work, if one might have fears and doubts (if he had fear and doubts for example!)

    J-male 12/8/1979 A-female 1/16/1979

    1)Sun Conjuncts Venus Double whammy (A's Sun Cap, Venus Sag/ J's Sun Sag, Venus Cap)

    2)Moon Conjuncts Moon (A's Moon Leo / J's Moon Leo)

    3)Ascendant sextiles Ascendant (A's Scorpio/ J's Cap)

    4)Ascendant Conjuncts Sun (J's Asc Cap/ A's Sun Cap)

    5)Ascendant Conjuncts Mercury (A's Asc Scorpio/ J's Mercury Scorpio)

    6)A's Moon Trines J's Sun (A's Moon Leo/ J's Sun Sag)

    7)A's Mars Trines J's Mars (A's Mars Cap/ J's Mars Virgo)

    8)J's Venus conjuncts A's Mars (J's Venus Cap/ A's Mars Cap)

    9)J's Venus Conjuncts A's Mercury (J's Venus Cap/ A's Mercury Cap)

    10)J's Mars Trines A's Sun (J's Mars Virgo/ a's Sun Cap)

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  • Which kinda man should I be reading to attract? Sun:Gemini Moon: Scorpio?

    The Man I met on Monday, and have hung out with twice already and alot of texting. Is A Sun: Gemini and a moon Scorpio: My past experience with Astrology, Gemini and Scorpio are very different. When I read online on how to attract a man, should I be reading how to attract a Gemini man or a Scorpio man? He is also rising sign Aries, Venus Taurus, Mars Auqarius. Mercury is the planet for Gemini. So his Mercury is also Taurus if that helps at all.

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  • Did I lose my new Gemini Man?Does he really like me?

    Ok, my girlfriend and I went to a local pub on monday. she met up with a few guy friends. I'm 31. And 2 seats from me was this nice looking man (he's 39) I figured he may have someone and just having alone time so I didn't put much thought into. I did tell my girl that I think that dude a nice looking.

    Well maybe 30minutes later, my bff and her friend went outside for a smoke. I was by myself. maybe not even 2 minutes later, this dude says to me "nice phone, I think I have the same one." Yes our phones looked alike...this is true, but they weren't the same ones. I leaned his way to hear him talk. I figured I'd just bounce one seat over and be right next to him, thats where I wanted to be

    My bff came back in, and I talked to him and hung out with my group, multi-tasked. We exchanged Numbers. Tuesday Mr. Gemini texted me good morning and texted me all day. It was nice. I'd say he texted me maybe 20 times. We agreed Thursday night (Christmas eve) we should hang out again. Wed was just as many nice sweet Texts. I asked him if he had a face book, and he said he was gonna ask me the same thing. We added each other on face book and he would "like" my statuses

    Wed I worked 3p-11p. When I got off work, I had 3 texts from him and 3 from my bff. My bff had gone up to the pub with her friends and they both were informing me, they "spotted" each other. my bff says to him "so I hear you been talking to Ange?" and he said he liked me alot, she said good things about me, and he said in his texts to me, that he already knew that about me. After I got off work I called my bff. I asked her "well him and I are saposed to hang out tomorrow, should I still drive up there and 'pop' in?" she said Yes. She informed him I was on my way and he "thanked" her for having me come up.

    From 11:30 - to 2AM he and I sat and talked, when we would social with others I would lean towards him, and he would respond in a good way. He walked me to my van and he kissed me. He kissed me twice! It was good!

    Thursday night I show up there at 8:30, he came shortly after. We hung out there, and "we" met up with his 2 best guy friends and the girl friend of another. went to 2 different pubs together then back to the place of one of his friends. I was soooo buzzed that I showed Mr. Gemini on my phone, what I put on my bff's facebook wall. I said to her "i'm thinking of putting all the other dudes on the back burner for now, I really like him!!" He said that was really sweet and he liked it. So I had a few too many and he offered for me to crash at his place. Even if I wasn't drunk, I still would have if I could.

    He didn't take advantage of me, and I am glad for that. We cuddled in his bed and went to sleep. Woke up Christmas morning and layed there together for awhile, alot of kissing, but never all the way. He was really happy! He said so.! He said I was great, amazing, sweet,...all that! He walked me to my van around 10:30. Christmas morning and he kissed me bye. I know he pulls a double on monday, so I suggested getting together Sunday around 8:30 and he liked that and agreed.

    I got just one text from him Christmas day ....but it was Christmas day! I tried to tell myself that! but I'm used to getting plenty from him. Then today Sunday I never got a morning text from him. I waited until 1:30 and I finally texted him "how are you?" 30min later he replied "tired! lol, Don't know if ill be back in time to hangout tonight, i'm on my way to my moms for dinner and to see my brother but i'll let u know. how was ur day?" This seemed red flaggish to me because we normally hang out "late" so even if he couldn't get back by 8:30, we could have easily hung out still at 10:30 (but he does have that double shift tomorrow I know) I replied "thats cool about tonight, I only suggested it because i know tomorrow is your busy day! Have fun at your moms :-) " never heard back from him! :-(

    I'm wondering if its that "space" time that Geminis need? I don't have alot of experience with them. Based on my story, how do you know if he likes me or not. What should I do tomorrow? text him in the afternoon? don't text him at all? find something silly convo to text about? Any Advice is helpful!

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  • How is the best way to ask a man almost 40 about dating exclusively?

    It is still very early since I started dating a nice gentleman. I'm about to turn 32 he is 39. I been divorced since may 2009. I've had 2 exclusive relationships since then. One was 31 and on the 6th day of being together he said "who did you get all pretty up for? your other boyfriend?" I replied "I didn't know I had one" And then we had "the talk". the 2nd guy I was 31 he was 28, I just flat out asked him on our second date "if people ask me if I'm with you, what do I say?" Because we worked together and he said "tell them we are boyfriend and girlfriend"

    What is a good length of time that is fare to have the talk? Or maybe its not a time thing, but rather how intimate you have gotten? I'll tell you we met on Monday, been on two dates since then . Going on a third one Sunday. We text each other and check each others facebooks out throughout the day. I am really interested in him, that I threw any other prospects on the back burner now, and a really buzzed me told him that last night as a "hint".I could wait for it to happen Naturally, but I am just curious what other people near, or over 40 experience in the situation. its not as easy as high school "will you be my boyfriend?" lol

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  • Can I give Mr. Taurus a poem or will that make it worse?

    I was with Sun: Taurus, Rising sign Cancer, Moon Pisces, Venus Pisces, Mars Libra for 2 months. We were very much in love and had the soul mate thing going on. In those 60 days, there were only 2 days where we never saw each other at all. We also work together. He loved getting cards, poems, letters from me. I'm 31, he's 28. I know deep down inside he still loves me, he's just being stubborn and fighting it. For one, there is these 2 people at work that don't like me, and he's hanging out with them now. they are praising him for breaking up with me. These 2 people don't know me outside of work, and there only doing this for their own selfish pride. So now I have to see him at work alot, and the wounds open right back up. I have been giving him his space these last 3 weeks. the only time he calls me, is when he drunk dials and tells me he loves me!(most recent was sunday last week) I ask him then why won't you let us be together? he says "because its not gonna work" and he won't give me a reason.

    Anyways I want to win him back in subtle ways. If I give him a poem today, will that help things a little? (I don't expect him to come running back to me anytime soon, not even for a poem) Or will it drive him further away?

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  • What does this mean? Synastry?

    I work with my Ex Boyfriend. We were together 2 months and it was best relationship I ever had. The connection was amazing. I thought he was my soul mate for sure! He was the closest to "man of my dreams" I ever seen. Anyways he broke up for his own selfish reasons 3 weeks ago. I been reading our charts to get any info to win him back. I learned this .Synastry. My Sun Capricorn, his rising sign is Cancer (my opposite). His Sun sign is Taurus and my rising sign is Scorpio (his opposite) I can tell ya we are either madly in love with each other or what does the Synastry mean in general?

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  • If I let go and move on, is there any hope for the future w/ Mr. Taurus?

    I work with A Sun: Taurus, Moon Pisces, Venus Pisces, Mars Libra, and Rising sign Cancer. We were in a very serious relationship from Sept 20 to Nov 23. It was so intense I thought he was my soulmate. Which says alot coming from a 31yr old. He was the closest to "man of my dreams" as I ever seen. He broke up with me, to this day I am not totally sure, except for the fact he let his drinking come in the way of our relationship and he blamed everything on me. Sadly, being myself a Co-dependent I was more than willing to put up with it.I Know I deserve better, but that doesn't change how I feel about him and fell like a rock for him. Today we been broken up for 3 weeks. I am ready to move on, and make "trying to win him back" on the back burner. We will still have to see each other at work. But I'm wondering as time passes and I leave him alone, will he remember that girl he had a crush on at work, and things will come back to him? or once they are done, they are DONE?

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  • Will my Taurus Ex like this for Christmas?

    He is Taurus Sun, Pisces Moon, Taurus Venus, Libra Mars. We work together, he broke it off with me the day before Thanksgiving. We were together 2 months, but those 2 months felt like 2 yrs because we had the soulmate thing going. Anyway I am putting a composition book together with Music Lyrics and poems. So sad, some so-so and I miss you themes. I would love to get back together with him, but not sure if he would really want to. The only time he calls me is when he drunk dials at 11pm, and says he loves me. (i know not to read into that) So 1) Will he like the book I'm put together for him? 2) will this help open his eyes a little and "maybe" want to work it out or will it push him away further?

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