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  • Will Isreal release the security/journalist video that they took and still have?

    The Israelis shot a camera man as he was taking pictures and after commandeering the boat into Israel took all the security and video tapes. Will they now release it unedited and complete, release it after deleting sections that they don't like or even adding new video, or not release it at all?

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  • Will Israel stop building settlements in the West Bank?

    as President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanual stated or will Israel continue to flaunt International Law? If the latter, then for how long?

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  • Is Bush secretly Gay?

    Bush In Bed With Homosexuals

    1.Candidate George W. Bush appointed four openly homosexual, gay-rights advocates to his presidential campaign steering committee. According to the homosexual group, Log Cabin Republicans, "scores" of Bush state steering committee members and campaign volunteers were homosexuals.

    2.Perhaps this explains why hundreds of homosexuals gathered in Washington, D.C., last weekend to "celebrate the achievements and leadership of George W. Bush." It also helps to explain why Rich Tafel, executive director of Log Cabin Republicans, said, "We want the country to know that we are behind our president and administration."

    3.On Dec. 21, 2001, President Bush signed a historic bill, which "for the first time allows the District of Columbia government to fund a program that will give domestic partners of city employees access to health benefits." Remember, Bush insisted that openly homosexual Congressman Jim Kolbe of Arizona be given a prominent speaking role at the Republican National Convention. It was Kolbe who introduced the amendment lifting the ban on gay partner benefits in D.C.

    4.Bush named Scot Evertz, a prominent homosexual activist, to head the White House AIDS office even though he had absolutely no experience dealing with public health issues.

    5.Bush appointed another homosexual activist, Donald Cappoccia, to the U.S. Commission on Fine Arts.

    6.Bush appointed openly homosexual, Michael Guest, as Ambassador to Romania. Since then, Bush has decided to leave in place a Clinton policy that calls for supporting the "unmarried partners" of U.S. Foreign Service workers. This allows Guest's live-in lover to live in the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest and allows him to join Guest at official embassy functions.

    7.Bush presided over the appointment of homosexual activist, Stephen Herbits, to oversee the choice of civilian personnel at the Pentagon.

    8.Bush has not reversed a single pro-homosexual policy instituted by former president Bill Clinton. Not even one!

    9.The Bush administration posted a job for what is called a "gay and lesbian program specialist" at the Department of Agriculture.

    10.Bush appointed the ardently pro-homosexual Governor of Massachusetts, Paul Cellucci, as U.S. Ambassador to Canada.

    11.Bush appointed Lewis Eisenberg to become the new GOP chief fundraiser. Eisenberg has a long history of supporting pro-homosexual and pro-abortion candidates.

    You're a good-looking guy. Better looking than my Scott anyway.”

    Bush to Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin assistant.

    January 16, 2004 The Globe and Mail

    "It's been a fabulous year for Laura and me."

    -- George W. Bush., three months after the World Trade Center towers went down.

    "Karyn is with us. A West Texas girl, just like me"

    -- President Bush, May 27, 2004

    "And we'll prevail, because we're a faaabulous nation, and we're a faaabulous nation because we're a nation full of faaabulous people."

    -- George W. Bush., Atlanta, GA, January 31, 2002

    His whole Cabinet ("I put together a fabulous Cabinet");

    House Speaker Denny Hastert & Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist ("It is a joy to work with these two fabulous Americans");

    His whole administration ("I put together a fabulous team"):and

    Writing in NEWS1652, we reported that the Concerned Women of America (CWA) had raised the highest alarm possible on April 18, 2002, saying that the policy toward Gays and Lesbians in his administration was identical to the policy of Bill Clinton!

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  • Where is Bush hiding and why didn't he vote in public?

    I thought only Cheney went into hiding.

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  • Do you think Sarah Palin is a Reformer or do you think ?

    she is petty, small minded, uncurious and believes that the Earth was created 6000 years ago or both? Please give your evidence.


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  • Was the Republican idea of investing Social Security in Stocks?

    a good idea? Are you glad that it was blocked?

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  • What do you think now about Bush's stump speech in 2000?

    Candidate Bush Giving His Stump Speech: Election 2000

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    Can Republicans be trusted?

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  • Regarding the Financial meltdown in Wall Street - Who is right, Bush or McCain?

    McCain says Chris Cox (the SEC regulator) should be fired but Bush says he's doing a fine job. Who is right?

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  • If you needed a doctor, which doctor would you choose?

    Someone who only got into medical school on account of their daddy and even then was in the bottom of their class or someone who got into a top-notch medical school by his own hard work and got to the top of their class?

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  • Is John McCain older than Alaska?

    Was McCain born before Alaska joined the United States?

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  • Who would be a good candidate for John Mccain to select as his VP replacing Cheney?

    Remember they should have oil interest, be shady and lie a lot.

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  • Which do you find the funniest?

    Friday, August 1, 2008

    “Yesterday, Barack Obama was in the Fatherland. John McCain was in Grandfather Land.” -Jay Leno

    “Barack Obama is in France today. And again, McCain doing everything to compete with him. Like today, he ordered the French toast combo at IHOP.” -Jay Leno

    “You know, Barack Obama the last ten days was traveling overseas campaigning in Europe and everywhere. It was so successful, campaigning abroad, that he is actually thinking about campaigning here in the United States.” -David Letterman

    “Barack Obama’s upset. Did you hear about this? He’s angry, ’cause the other day in Israel, someone revealed the contents of a private prayer that Obama inserted into Jerusalem’s Western Wall. It’s supposed to be private, and someone opened it up and revealed it, yeah. Experts say it’s even worse than the time the Washington Post printed President Bush’s letter to Santa.” -Conan O’Brien

    “Did you hear about this? The Dalai Lama had a near-death experience today. He met with John McCain.” -Jay Leno

    “You see where John McCain met with the Dalai Lama? That was pretty amazing. Yeah, the man millions believe goes back to the seventh century standing next to the Dalai Lama.” -Jay Leno

    “Poor John McCain. The media is so in love. They’re all over Barack Obama. And McCain can’t get any media attention. Did you see what McCain did today? He kept getting in and out of his limo today with no underwear on, just to get the photographers.” -Jay Leno

    “It is tough seeing your old flame with someone new. John McCain and the media had a very hot fling back in the summer of 2000. They even had cute little nicknames for each other. The press called McCain ‘maverick,’ and McCain called the press any time he wanted favorable coverage.” -Stephen Colbert

    “Yesterday, federal immigration officials arrested 43 illegal immigrants from Mexico in Hawaii! In Hawaii! How lost were they? Boy! And today, President Bush called for building a fence around Hawaii.” -Jay Leno

    “And in Puerto Rico, it is Constitution Day. It is Constitution Day in Puerto Rico. So, that’s where the constitution went. I knew we weren’t using it anymore.” -Jay Leno

    “They said on the news earlier tonight that this political campaign has only 100 days left. Only! Anybody complaining that this thing was dragging out? Oh, not quick enough? … Only 100 days left. Oh, God! 100 Days. I don’t know what’s less likely, Barack Obama getting enough experience in 100 days, or John McCain living another 100 days.” -Jay Leno

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  • Why are some Republicans want Bush to claim credit for Gas Prices going down a few cents?

    when they were saying that Bush is responsible for the high price of gas. Oh, yes. They were also blaming Clinton for inaction when gas went to $1.50 a gallon. Is that called personal accountability?

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  • What do you think of Bush's administration decreasing the value of American's lives?

    What do you think of Bush's administration decreasing the value of American's lives in proposing environment regulation?

    WASHINGTON - It's not just the American dollar that's losing value. A government agency has decided that an American life isn't worth what it used to be.

    The "value of a statistical life" is $6.9 million in today's dollars, the Environmental Protection Agency reckoned in May — a drop of nearly $1 million from just five years ago.

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  • What will Bush do after he retires next year?

    Will he give speeches (Bush Sr.), be a fund raiser for a non-profit organization (Carter), be an important advisor (Clinton), etc?

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  • What will the Bush supporters and Neocosn do when Obama get's elected?

    Troops will get pulled out of Iraq and be with their families. The Dollar will stop it's fall and the US will once again be a respected nation again.

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  • Police Strip Search Female Victim?

    An assault victim is arrested by police and strip searched by both men and women in front of camera. Has the police been influenced by what the military is doing in Iraq and in Guantanamo?

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    Stark County Sheriffs Office Strip Search Female Victim

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