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  • I would like to play D1 Football?

    I'm entering my junior year starting on offensive line . I'm a 6'2" 260 LT

    i run the forty in 5.13 seconds, bench max 240 squat max 420 clean max 210

    i'm a really good pass blocker and a dominant run blocker and i've gotten letters of interest from several big colleges but no big offers yet . what do i have to do to make sure i can go to a big college . my team is known for producing good players but we really dont get much exposure

    3 AnswersFootball (American)10 years ago

    I want to buy an unlocked blackberry storm 9500 from First of all will it work with the AT&T 3G service and 2nd will AT&T charge me for using a blackberry even though the storm is not an AT&T phone .

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  • i've had a dog before and he ran away but it wasn't my fault. How do i convince my folks to get another one?

    My dog ran away on feb 4 and i would really like to get another one since i showed responsibility for him up until his departure. My parents say we don't have the space because our last dog escaped our back porch. what can i say to change their minds?

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  • I have a pitbull that's about 8 mos. old and I want to housetrain him but my mom doesn't want him in the house?

    My dog is usually on our screened in porch and now that its getting a little bit colder and becoming fall/winter we are trying to keep him warm out there. The problem is he is kinda destructive and chews a lot. We bought some plastic to put up but he ate it and now he's going to be cold. I keep telling my parents that if we just house train him, they'll save money in the long run and i'll be able to spend more time with him as he grows older. please help me i need it

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  • There's this girl and she is pulling at my heartstrings please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Alright, there's this girl and she is so beautiful and just and all around great person and I REALLY like her. The only problem is she likes a guy and won't tell me who he is I need a way that's sure-fire that will make her my girlfriend. I will be a freshman upcoming and I've liked her this much since january

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  • I'm Crazy about this girl.?

    There's this girl and we've been texting each other for about a month now and she's incredible. I want to make her my girlfriend but I don't know what to tell her. Then when I go on her myspace page it says stuff about the best moments of the year are with you and I don't know If she means another guy or one of her girlfriends. So I started sending her texts again and she hasn't replied yet. I don't know if she's mad at me or annoyed I'm at a loss. I just do not know what to do I need this girl in my life and I know we should be more than just friends. I'm still a minor by the way.

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  • I had another question before this one sooooo.?

    I really have feelings for this girl she has my mind going loopy. ok so we went to the theme park and she didn't hang out with her boyfriend at all and she told me i think you're cute and you're fun to be around and i told her the same so she still goes with this guy but we kinda like each other so what should i do

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  • So There's this girl And I need serious help!!1!?

    There's this girl at my school and I really like her whenever I get free time I'm either thinking about her or I'm trying to get close to her. We're friendly to each other and everything but the problem is she has a boyfriend and she's really good friends with this other girl who i used to like. So I can't talk to her and let her know how i feel without the added pressure from the other girls. Her boyfriend is a really good friend of mine and I don't want to have to hurt him (LOL) but yeah, IDK what I need to do I really want to go out with her. OOOOHHHH Yeahh my school is going to a theme park on friday so if I could talk to her there maybe we could.... Im thinkin out loud well kinda on a keyboard but answer please 5 STARS TO THE BEST

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  • My dog is acting very strange!?

    I just adopted a pit bull from my local animal shelter and he was neutered last thursday. He's a little flinchy and he won't walk on a leash. My thing is that when we're not home, he destroys newspapers and tries to get on tables, but when I'm there he's afraid of me and I don't want that. How can I get him to not be afraid of me and get him to walk on a leash because luring him with treats doesn't work.

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  • How would I travel with my dog?

    I have an american staffordshire terrier and he is somewhat large. The trip is about 13 hours long and we'll have four people in a 2005 chevy avalanche. How could I make the trip comfortable for all four people and the dog?

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  • Please Help my parents are soooooo mean!?

    My grades have been slipping a little bit and my teachers have been telling my parents that I don't do anything and that I never turn in work. I have turned in my work but they still say the same thing. So I come home and everyday I hear the same thing. Why don't you do anything you're so lazy. Shut the F up I wish you would say some BS like that to me etc. I hate it when they yell at me and curse me out and when I tell them to stop or I start crying they get louder and tell me that they are not falling for That S**T. I've been asking for a dog and they keep putting it off and cursing me out even more. they always tell me if you want to get an attitude then you can leave so I think that im going to go and stay on the streets

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  • 1.Should I continue playing Basketball? 2. Should I play against my friend?

    1. I've been told that i'm a good basketball player but i never believed it. people have told me that i'm a special guy that doesn't come around to often. Big, Tall, and Quick. So From hearing all of this i went into my school basketball tryouts hoping for success and you guessed it i got cut. But that's not the worst part The kid that beat me for the final cut was 5'2'' 110 lbs. The best player at our school said I should stick to football what do you think? I know that I can play but maybe I'm going for a lost cause I've been working with my dad who was an all-american in 4 sports and made it to the nba but maybe i'm not cut out for this sort of thing. If Sure the coach hates me and my family but he shouldn't cut a player who can contribute for personal beliefs and hatrid should he?

    2. I am now playing aau basketball but I just got my schedule and it's says that i have to play my best friend's team first. What should I do.

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  • I think my bus driver stole my ipod.?

    I lost my Ipod Nano/Video on the bus and I still haven't found it. I'm only in middle school and can't afford another one. I'm afraid of 'what my parents may do when they find out I lost it. The problem is my driver found the headphones and no Ipod. I've reported it to the school several times and all they've told me is that It's not important enough. What should I do to find it. My bus driver is kind of scary (hood style) so I don't want to accuse him of stealing and then find out he didn't steal it.

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  • Lost IPOD Nano/video?

    I had an ipod nano on the bus and i lost it. the driver found the headphones but no ipod which means someone who rides my bus had to steal it. I can't afford another from my own pocket and I want my parents to believe that I'm still responsible .

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  • I'm in 8th grade taking algebra 1 but I'm also a 3 sport athlete.?

    Is it to much to do.

    Oh yeah I am also in Honors English where we have to read 6 books per quarter

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  • Im 13 5'11 and weigh about 200 lbs and i want to play defensive end for my school. Any Suggestions?

    My coaches judge you off of size but I am fast run a 5.5 40 yd dash so I have skills l really just want that position

    2 AnswersOther - Sports1 decade ago
  • Ok So my parents told me that if I wanted a dog I had to make straight A's. Any Suggestions?

    None of that work at a shelter clean the house style stuff I already clean the house and im only 13 so i can't work at a shelter

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  • how can i find free toon porn online please?

    like dragonballz toon sex?

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