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  • When do you suppose the best time to buy an HP laptop is?

    I want 1 gb of memory, at least 120 GB of harddrive, a webcam/microphone, Microsoft Office, most all of the goodies. But it seems like HP and Costco keep taking away one amenity or another every week, and they never just offer a complete whole package at a good price.

    Do you think when school season come around I'll get a better deal? Or will they jack up the price? I just need to know when I should buy a laptop when I'll get the cheapest price and the most bonuses. Thanks a lot !

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  • Last night there was a bright red spot on the upper righthand corner of my right eye, it looks like blood?

    That's my question. What is it? It looked like a very small bright dot of red blood, like a burst vessel or something. I'll begin by saying for the last two days I woke up at like 4 and 5 in the morning, respectively, for an early shift at work. I got maybe 6-7 hours work.

    This morning, the dot is fading, but it makes my eye flicker every once in a great while. What is it? Thanks in advance, anything helps.

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  • I woke up this morning and my left eye was red and had thick yellow crusties on it?

    It was like that for a couple days, I think my mascara might have irritated it. Well, like a complete dummy, I kept putting my contacts in and wearing mascara for one more day, and this morning I had a hard time opening my eye, and there were a bunch of yellow crusties in the outer corner of my eye. It looks like the vessels in my eyes are all red and irritated. What's wrong with my eye?

    Please don't tell me I have pink eye, unless you are sure I really do. Because I can't afford to go to the doctor, I have no insurance... :(

    I'm 23, female. Oh yeah and sometimes I touch my dirty hand to my eye... I'm a cashier. I know I'm dumb, sorry.

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  • I need help buying a laptop please?

    i know I want at least 1 gb of memory, and probably more than 80 gb of hard drive. And I want it to have Word on it.... and probably be HP. not toshiba, not compaq, not acer or any of those other brands. I'm looking to spend less than $800. And it'd be nice if it had a camera.

    Most importantly, I guess I am looking for a good return/warranty policy. If something goes wrong with it, will someone come to my house to fix it? Or do I have to send it through the mail and wait weeks for it to come back? Thank you much.

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  • I can't stop stalking my ex. I miss him so much. How can I forget him?

    by stalking, I mean not physically. I just keep looking at his myspace page, and I have this really strong urge to keep checking up on him to make sure he's single and that he's doing okay. I've tried really hard not to, but it's like there's this little pest that keeps saying "look at it!" I'm pretty sure he doesn't want me back, and I know it's just going to hurt when I see that he's in a relationship again.

    I'im 23, he's 28. We were together for four years. How can I forget about him? I've tried dating sites, and talking to other guys, but it's like I have a weird permanent loyalty to him and I always prefer him and measure other guys up to him, even though he wasn't very nice to me toward the end of the relationship.

    Thanks, anything helps..

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  • I want to buy an HP laptop from Costco. Is that okay? Should i buy the extended warranty?

    I dont know if costco is a good place to buy one from. I dont even know really what I want. I know I want 1 gb, and at least 120 GB hard drive, and turion amd i suppose. someone, anyone, please give me a little info or hints or suggestions, anything helps. thanks. i guess its going to be like the one on this link here.

    AMD Turion(TM) 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology TL-60 (2.0 GHz, 512KB+512KB L2 Cache ) [add $68.00]

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  • I want to quit my job and move tomorrow?

    i'm 23. i moved in with my sister 2 years to go to college where she lives. now that i graduated, I hate my job (a retail hardware store). My sister is a difficult person to get along with. She likes to make me mad, and she invites her boyfriend to spend the night which makes me feel very uncomfortable as I have a strict set of morals. I try not to let it bother my but it always does.

    I know they are going to get back together, and i dont want to see him anymore or see him spend the night anymore. I want to move back home tomorrow, quit my job, and just spend the whole day driving 7 hours home to my parents house. That's how much i DONT want to be around him.

    I love my sister, but she's never going to change... he's such a bad boyfriend to her, they're a bad match, but she doesn't get it, she says shes lonely and that some attention is better than no attention. Part of me moved to help her get rid of him, but that didn't work. Should I just pack up my bags and leave tomorrow?

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  • I feel hopeless and I don't want to live anymore.?

    i'm not going to kill myself, i don't think. but sometimes i certainly want to.

    I have so many problems... I thought I was okaylooking, but I can't find a husband, or a good job, and my sister/roommate is driving me crazy, I hate her boyfriend and she's so controlling.

    I have chronic pain in my jaw and facial muscles because of TMJ. I just dont see how things can get better. Everyday i have more lines in my face than before. I want to trust in God but I feel like I have nothing to live for. I miss my parents, they live far away, and my best friend, my dog Snoopy passed away in April of last year, and my life is going nowhere fast, and I'm 23 and a female and I want children but I can't even get a decent boyfriend, please help me. I have no friends, no one i can talk to. My heart is breaking, I shouldn't be this sad but I am. I don't know who I am anymore.

    I wish I could be grateful for what I have but my heart is so heavy. Why can't I find happiness?

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  • My sister has a good-for-nothing boyfriend. Should I move out?

    they've been on and off for four miserable years, and she can't get rid of him. i moved 377 miles to live with her and support her, hopefully to help her get rid of him, but she just can't seem to break the habit. She's really pissing me off and I hate how he spends the night and comes over, and they fight and keep me up.

    he's short, fat, younger than her. i know he flirts with younger girls all the time because she's older, and he's just using her for her money, and well, other obvious things. he's irresponsible, in tons of debt, and doesn't go to college. he won't marry her or buy her a ring, but he spends tons of money on motorcycles, cars, and stereosystems. she's 28 he's 24.

    we we going to go to disneyworld this summer, but I'm just wanting to cancel all that and move home like TOMORROW. becuase i cant stand it if she's going to be with him. her life is going nowhere and i can't stand to see her suffer like that. But she also doesn't want to change her ways. What should I do?

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  • Is it okay to buy an HP laptop from Costco?

    It seems pretty cheap and to have a lot of good stuff on it for the price. I was considering either them, Dell, or Circuit City. My price range is $600-$850 or so.

    Is Costco's return policy pretty good? Should I buy the extended service plan?


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  • I'm bleeding but my period's not due yet?

    My period isn't due for about two weeks, but I'm bleeding the slightest bit in my underwear. Sorry it sounds gross. What could it be? I'm definitely not pregnant because I haven't had sex.

    For my stats, i'm 22, female obviously, 5'4", 104 pounds (i lost a bit of weight because i've been worked and stressed). I'm underweight. I'm on spironolactelene or something like that, for acne but it also doubles to lower my high blood pressure. I don't have medical insurance. I've never been to the gynecologist. sometimes I skip my period, or it is greatly delayed, (amenhorrea) maybe because I don't weight as much as I should. But I've really never had bleeding this early, even if it is in small trace amounts. Should I be worried?

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  • I want to buy a laptop. What's the best kind to get?

    I don't want apple. I was thinking of dell. also, what's better 1024 mb or 1 gb? i dont understand the lingo. Should I buy a warranty plan? Thanks!

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  • I am really in love with this guy, but he's always gone?

    He fights fires, so he's gone for weeks at a time. Am I doomed to a life of loneliness if I continue to like him?

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  • I'm trying to install Caesar 3 on my xp laptop, but it won't install?

    It keeps saying InstallWizard is preparing to install, then it goes to 100%, but nothing else ever pops up. I bought it on is this a bad disk or what? what should i do? I really want to play it :(

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  • I like a guy. But he's a firefighter, and always away for weeks at a time?

    I don't know if he likes me, but I like him. But I miss him so much when he's gone. What should I do? Is it wrong to like someone who is in a profession where they will always be away for long periods of time?

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  • My ex broke up with me two weeks ago, then sent me a blank email this past sunday?

    It didnt say anything. The subject line said Re: like he was responding to a past of email of mine. What the heck is going on?

    He was really mean about how he broke up with me, saying he wanted to be with his friends and I take up too much of his time, even though we've been together for 3 1/2 years. I begged him not to go for an hour, but finally i said that if he leaves, dont come back. So far im just ignoring his "blank email". What does it mean and what should i do?

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  • Does my thesis statement about Mexico-U.S. border Health sound allright?

    It is as follows:

    What are 3 largely preventable illnesses that still continue to impede the health of Latinos living on the border?

    And the way I plan to answer it is:




    My teacher said to have a clearly stated research question. Does this sound all right? Too narrow, too broad? I have to write 8 pages about it so I dont want it to be too specific. Or even suggestions on any other slightly related health topic is very much welcomed, thanks.

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  • I want to pierce my belly button for the third time. Will it hurt pretty bad?

    so i have a little bit of scar tissue. first time i got it pierced, it was too shallow so it had to be taken out. second time, it never healed and got infected and was sore, so i took it out again. now i want to get it pierced again. i am 22. any advice?

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  • Can anyone recommend a good facial moisturizer?

    im 22 and my skin is nice but looks dull. i'm going to sephora tomorrow and want to find a good facial moisturizer. price doesnt really matter, but preferbaly something less than $70. my skin is dry in winter and very oily in summer. i have a little bit of fine lines around my mouth.

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