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  • Need a book recommendation on Mid-Century-Modern decorating?

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a book about Mid-Century-Modern furniture and interior design.

    1 AnswerDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • What time should I get to the airport if my flight is at 1PM and I'l dropping off a rental car.?

    I have a 1PM flight out of San Diego. I'm dropping off a rental car. How much time should I alot for dropping off the car, getting to the terminal and checking in luggage? Also, has anyone ever used curbside check in? Is it any faster?

    4 AnswersSan Diego1 decade ago
  • What would happen if you didn't get off the pater noster elevator once you got to the top?

    Would you get crushed or turned upside down or would you just go back down?

    4 AnswersSafety1 decade ago
  • Advice for purchasing vacation apartment in Munich or Berlin?

    I'm looking for advice about buying a second home (apartment/flat) in either Munich or Berlin. I know Berlin is a lot cheaper, but I'm not very familiar with the area. What's a good part of town? What about financing? Is it available if you live overseas? What are the monthly costs and what's included? I'm looking for something modest. Around 50sq m or is fine. Less than 60,000 Euro. Any advice from someone who has done this? What was your experience, and what is the process for the transaction. I live in the US (if that makes a difference for providing comparisons)

    4 AnswersOther - Germany1 decade ago
  • Help me plan my next trip to Germany?

    I'm relatively familiar with Bavaria and I've been to Berlin once before. I'm in the early stages of planning my next trip for May or early June of 2008. I'm in my 30s and I'm not looking for clubs or nightlife. I'm interested in shopping, eating and sightseeing. Right now it looks like we'll be starting our 2 week trip around the Garmisch area and from there I want to head North towards Berlin. I want to end my trip in Munich and I want to also visit Warnemuende, Bremen and Rotheburg odT. Fill in the blanks for me. What else should we see along the way? Rhine River Valley? Black Forrest? Where should we stay in Berlin? I want to see the KaDeWe and go to the Bundestag. What else? Dresden or Leipzig? Should we stop in Postam? Any hotel recommendations under 100 Euro per night? What cool restaurants have you been to? I like the the local german foods (not looking for Italian or Greek in other words).

    9 AnswersOther - Germany1 decade ago
  • What should I bring with me to Europe?

    Traveling from US to Germany next year with my HP Pavillon laptop. What do you recommend I get in terms of equipment? Additional battery? Cables? What about connecting to the Internet? What have you done and what products worked well for you? Where did you buy the stuff and how much was it?

    5 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • In Freising a few years ago I saw a man in a strange green outfit and hat. Who was he?

    His hat looked like some kind green felt scull cap. It didn't look like a uniform or costume. He was on bicycle and picked up a whole flat of vegetables from a vegetable market. I heard the people walking infront of us talking about him, but all I heard was something like "oh yeah, Regensburg has one too". Since then I've been wondering who/what he was. Could it be that he was some sort of Hermit by chance? His outfit definitally looked like something out of the middle ages, but I don't think he was just dressed up for the fun of it.

    3 AnswersBavaria1 decade ago
  • i sent my CA Franchise Taxes to the wrong address.?

    I used the refund address instead of the balance due one. What's going to happen? They haven't cashed the check and the return isn't in the system yet.

    1 AnswerUnited States1 decade ago
  • Have you ever tried shipping your luggage in advance of your international trip?

    With all the security hassles these days, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried shipping their luggage in advance of their international flight so that you don't have to deal with having it searched. I've missed 2 connections because of security delays and I'm trying to figure out if there's another way. If you have done this, please let me know how you did it, would you do it again and how much did it cost you.

    5 AnswersPacking & Preparation1 decade ago
  • Has anyone ever purchased a vaction home in Germany?

    If so, please tell me about the process, financing etc. Things to look out for or problems you've run in to. I live in the US and I'm looking for a small apartment or flat near Garmisch.

    2 AnswersBavaria1 decade ago
  • Does anyone else feel disrespected at their jobs?

    I've had a series of jobs and after a while it seems like people start to disrespect me and stop taking me seriously. I am a very good employee, smart and I work hard, but for some reaon I have never been given any promotions at any jobs I've had and after a while I just get so frustrated that I end up very negative at work and end up quitting. I'm too old to keep quitting my jobs, so what am I doing wrong? What do I need to do for people to start taking me seriously?

    8 AnswersCareers & Employment1 decade ago
  • Who has a parent with Borderline Personality Disorder?

    What where the symptoms and how were they diagnosed. How do you deal with it as an adult child of someone diagonsed with this condition?

    4 AnswersMental Health1 decade ago
  • Who is familiar with

    PBS had on a very sad story about the chimps that were/are used in research and the space program. You wouldn't believe all the stuff these pool animals had to endure! Some researchers say that no cure has ever been found by doing research on animals. Some of the ones has were taken from the wild in Africa in the 60's when they were just babies. In order for the "researchers" to get them, their mothers had to be killed! Around 1300 remain in labs still today! Save the Chimps gives these poor animals a permanent sanctuary where they can live out the rest of their lives without being exploited, poked and prodded. I've "adopted" one of the chimps, who else has?

    2 AnswersZoology1 decade ago
  • Where to visit on Colorado, Wyoming, Montana trip?

    This is really a 2 part question. We're in the beginning stages of planning a road trip from San Diego to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington. What places should we be sure to visit and or stay at? Any route suggestions? I'm more interested in smaller towns - mountains - trees.

    We are considering this a scouting trip for possible relocation. We're thinking most likely Montana, Colorado or Wyoming, and will want a place with at least 10-20 acres. Any suggestions? What are some nice areas/towns.

    4 AnswersOther - United States1 decade ago
  • Dual German/American citizenship?

    Who has applied and received it, and what was the process and criteria? I currently have German citizenship and have lived in the US over 20 years.

    6 AnswersBavaria1 decade ago
  • Has anyone ever published a calendar?

    How did you do it and how much did you have to sped up front? How did you market it?

    3 AnswersPhotography1 decade ago
  • How to start a TV Program?

    My local area doesn't have it's own TV program/Channel. We only have the cable company's channel that sells advertising of local stores. How do I put together a weekly informational public access type show about the local area and sell it to my cable company?

    2 AnswersTelevision1 decade ago
  • My 1994 BMW 325IS with 115k miles stalls out?

    It is a stick shift and since yesterday when I start it up it idles for about a minute and then it just dies out. What's up?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Is it worth ebaying my stuff?

    I have a bunch of nick-nacks that I want to get rid of. It's all americana type stuff....stars and stripes welcome sign etc. Should I emay it? Who's done it? Is it a total hassle? I read that you have to pay them an insertion fee upfront.

    5 AnswersOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago
  • How can I find out more about my civil war soldier sculpture?

    I have a civil war soldier sculpture and I don't know anything about him. He is reclining with his rifle at his side. I think it might be a plaster or ceramic repro of a bronze, but he is painted to look bronze. He is about 8 in high and 12-14 inches in length. How can I find out more? The piece is signed, but I can't read the signature.

    3 AnswersSculpture1 decade ago