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I started this July 2007, not sure why it states 2006? I am trying hard to learn how to do all of this.. I like swimming, camping, horses,, I love most all animals.. no snakes plz and of course.. my college football team.. UT of Austin.. Hook'em horns.. Music is one of my greatest loves.. Nothing like listening to an ole song--- to build ur spirits, -- if you are having a BAD day.. I like most all kinds of music.. and enjoy concerts. I do not try to hurt anyone with my ans.. I just try to call it as I see it... I hope u will have strength and courage to get through ur problems.. Remember.. God helps those.. who helps themselves.. Nothing in life is free.. We all live.... and we all die.. !!! U only go around once .. so make the most of it.. don't just settle for it..!!! Good luck to all ..and God bless..

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