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  • how does interest on standard credit card purchases work?

    I was under the impression that if I charged something to my credit card, then paid it off in full by the due date, I would not incur an interest fee. I made a purchase a few days ago, then checked my statement today and found that I had been charged a fee on that purchase. Seeing as how that payment isn't due until next month, how is it possible that I can be penalized for it?

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  • What is the best way to repair drywall damaged by removing adhesive floor tiles?

    I bought a house where the previous owner, in her rush to sell, I guess, put adhesive FLOOR tiles on top of the wallpaper in the bathroom. Now that I want to redo the room, I'm having to deal with clumps of drywall coming off with the tile and some of the adhesive backing of the tile remaining stuck to the wall. Short of covering everything up with beadboard, does anyone have any suggestions? I read an idea of using a sheet as wallpaper, but it wouldn't work in my case because the wall is not a smooth enough surface. It's a very small bathroom, but I would like for the solution to not be too labor intensive, as I believe traditional repairing of the drywall would be; and I don't have the means or desire to hire someone to do it, so any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Do I let him go or stay and support him as he tries to get off drugs?

    I started dating my boyfriend in August of last year. A few weeks later we were having a casual conversation and I told him about my cousin and how his life had changed for the worst when he was doing drugs and how addiction runs in my family. My dad and a great-uncle died from alcoholism, and I witnessed another uncle go through it, so I don't want to be around someone who does drugs or drinks excessively. He confessed to me a few days later that he was currently doing drugs, marijuana, and had experimented with cocaine, crack, and alcohol. He pledged to give it up and I believe he did.

    He confessed to me this morning, that he had been doing drugs, no specifics as to which ones, for the past month.

    He's desperate to change his life. I know he has this awesome potential to be and do anything, but he had a horrible childhood and I know that's the reason he uses drugs as an escape.

    My fear is that he won't be able to remain drug free. I'm at a crossroads.

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  • How do balance transfers work ?

    I've transferred balances from other credit cards to one with a lower interest rate several times. I notice on my statement, it lists them separately, along with the interest rate, but from month to month, sometimes one balance will be more than the last month or it may be less. My questions is, how is my payment distributed? How do they determine which balance is paid off first and why do the amounts fluctuate so that it almost seems as if my payment is not making a dent in either balance, although my overall balance is less? Make sense?

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