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  • Should i make/let my kids go stay with their dad?

    Every time my kids are with me they complain that they want to be at their dads. So my 9 yr old daughter wants to move in with him, and my 5 year sone want to too. I admit I am not a perfect parent, but i don't abuse my kids, they are health and fed and I do fun things with them when i can afford it. Things have been really bad for me lately because i am so broke so I can't take them out a whole lot and even small things like going to the park isn't poassible because i can't afford the gas money. I have rules he dosn't have and i make them follow them. I am tired of them telling me they don't love me or they hate me and they want to go to there dads...and they could go more but he chooses to have them only 8 over nights a month. But last night my daughter said she wanted to live with him so i called him and told him he was gonna have to worry about finding the sitter and stuff now and I am seriously thinkingt about having them spend like 2 whole weeks over there. I am just afraid hes

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  • anyone ever been to Martinsville speedway???

    what do they mean by "clear plastic bag" pertaining to what you can carry in, can it be a backpack/napsack type, as long as it is clear?

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  • do i have to teach my cat to catch mice or will she just do it?

    before i got her i had a lot of mice all the time, then when she got there she was only 9 weeks old and tiny, but i never saw another mouse, or dropping. Now she is like 5 months old she has never brought me one, and when we are there i never see any, but sometimes we will spens a few days at my boyfriends(me and the cat) and i come home to droppings. so if there is a mouse still there will she get it?

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  • can you give me some insight on this dream?

    Ihave looked up some stuff on my own, but i want to know what you think...

    I had a dream that Chad (my boyfriend) and I were at a hotel...(not in Kentucky oddly enough, but in our home town in Michigan). He was in the room sleeping, I was wandering about the halls. I would stop and chat with people on the way, The coversations I dont remember too well. I walked outside and it seems we were on a mountian(which is strange cause you would think that would mean we were in kentucky, but I really feel we we in MI) because there was a beautiful stair case from the doors leading straight down to the street. On the right side of me there was church benches and a few people sitting on them.

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  • why won't he tell me???

    I am in love with my boyfriend. We have been together for 6 months. (by the way I am 26 he is 27)We have been through some stuff together, and a few weeks backs we almost broke up because he told me he didn't ever want marrige, more children or even a long term relationship. (not that I ever pushed any of that on him, cause IF i decide to ever get married again it will be a long time from now. But after we decided to "take a little break" i saw more of him than ever. He just came around more. Then i hear from someone we both know that he told her he is just scared because he found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Then we went on a vacation together to his dads house out of state and I met the rest of his family. When we got back I went to a concert with a friend of mine (and one of my b/f's best friends) and his girlfriend and they got drunk and spilled the beans, aparently my man told his friend he loves me and wants to marry me. I want to hear it from him SOOO bad, but he won't tell me. He will tell everyone else but not me! Why? I need to hear it from him to believe it. Shouldn't he want ME to know??? he knows I love him. I won't ever tell him that these people told me these things, but should I tell him i know how he feels about me? should I ask him if it is true?

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  • Too impatient?

    After 5 months of dating I feel like i am in love. I swear I fell in love at first site but now after spending all my free time with my boyfriend for the past 5 mo. not to mention he stayed with me for a whole month while waiting for his new home to be ready, i have "bonded" with him and feel more in love each and every day. things are pretty good for the most part. We still take turns staying at each others house and spend alot of time together, but sometimes I feel more like his friend than his mate. I wonder if i am wrong for wanting him to TELL me how he feels about me. Sometimes I feel like he is in love with me, but he never says and then I wonder if he really is. And i kinda think if he hasn't fallen by now, he never will. I need reasurence. I don't expect him to say he loves me if he doesn't or say it 20 times a day if he does, but I want to know. And if he does not, am I being to impatient? I feel like if he isn't in love with me I need to move on.

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  • Is this normal/ok?

    my boyfriend and I frequent bars...except he go to a paticular one and only a few times has he asked me to join him there. We are only there for a few min. then we leave and go somewhere else. Or i will pick him up from there and then we go somewhere else but he spends a lot of time there with out me. And is it ok for me to just show up if he is there?

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  • what are the necessities for moving into first house?

    It has been years since I got my first place, but my boyfriend just bought his first house. He always lived with roomates who already had everything so he is starting fresh, he has NOTHING. I want to go buy him some things today that he will need. I can only come up with towels. gimmie some more ideas please. Oh, I already got him a manual can opener, some dish cloths and dish towels.

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  • Do you know anything about sexsomnia?

    maybe a good link for info would be helpful...

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  • In his dreams?

    My boyfriend often atempts to make love to his sleep. I can tell he is sleeping for a few reasons. One is it is different than when he is awake. He is more "romantic" for lack of a better word. he is more "attentive". His kisses are sweeter and more passionate. The first few times I just went with it. we would go through the motion and then he would just stop. I wasn't sure what to think because I didn't know he was asleep.but now, after 4 months I know better. It feels as if he is trying to make love to someone else. i know he is dreaming of somebody, though until last night never asked. Now I don't have a problem with him dreaming of other women. This is not something he can change, we all dream of sexual encounters with peolple other than our parteners. its normal and healthy in my opinion. Here is my problem...when this happens ( I now ask him if he is awake) once he realizes whats going on he stops. This happened last night. I was good and asleep, but from the time he came to bed he held me extra close and stroked my hair and gave me kisses. I was however in and out. Well when he actually started going under my clothes, I WOKE UP!!! So I ask him if he is awake and we continue on. We actually got to the point of putting on protection...(not entirely, at least we didn't waist any) when I asked him to grab the condom he was like what are you talking about? I was like are we gonna have sex or not. He chuckled slightly and just closed his eyes. i was a little "bent out of shape" to say the least. Then i asked him...Who were you dreaming about? he just chuckled. Then i said wow, that must be really disapointing. He said what? I said to wake up and realize its only me... again a chuckle. that is exactly how I feel. Like he must be disapointed. This is a fairly new relationship and I think he should be making love to me the way his is to whom ever in his dreams and be glad when he wakes up and actually has a partner to finish it out with...

    On top of all that...It is very difficult to get turned on to that point, and get turned down. I didn't even sleep after that. And it kinda hurts. Why am i not good enough for him?

    Am i over reacting? Should i just let it go? I just want to stop being disapointed.

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  • Men answer exspecially; whats love go to do with it?

    Do you think, or in your case, that if a man was in love with the women he got pregnant, that he would want her to have an abortion? Keep in mind that the person I speak of (my boyfriend) has 2 children already. (of course so do I) not his. He knows how I feel about abortion, we discussed it a few months ago before I eneded up pregnant. He knows I would not be able to live with myself and probably be totally crazy after. And he also knows that I lost a baby boy @ 15 weeks of pregnancy 5 years ago. And this time I was on the pill and due to some female conditions I was told I may not even be able to get pregnant, yet I did. Almost like "someone" made that decision for us, ya know? I sometimes feel like he just doesnt love me and never had any intentions of loving me.

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  • Is it ok to consume Splenda while pregnant?

    what about artifical sweetner? sweet & low, equel, etc.

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  • why am i sooooo tired this time?

    I am about 6-8 weeks pregnant and I am EXAUSTED!!! I have been pregnant 3 other times and don't ever remember being this tired. I am almost falling asleep typing the same time this is the only thing keeping me awake here at work right now.

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  • do you ever feel totally consumed by a specific issue or problem in your life?

    I don't know why I seem to think If I keep asking about it, talking about it, and thinking about it i will majically come up with the solution and everything will be fine. I know things will turn out the way they are ment to one way or the other, but in the mean time i stress myself out over it be CONSTANTLY going over it in my head, here on this silly site, or talking to my friends... And i am no closer to solving anything now than i was yeasterday or the day before... How do you cope?

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  • Another shower?

    So i saw another similar question, but here is mine. my Daughter is 8 years old. I had a shower with her. My son is four, no shower with him. I am currently pregnant again, but with a different father (I am divorced from my other childrens daddy) Is a shower ok???

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  • Should I tell his mother???

    If my boyfriend decides he does not want anything to do with our baby, 9i am pregnant now and he wants me to have an abortion, but i won't so i think he is gonna break up with me and i told him he could sign away his rights) so if he does should I tell his mom about the baby and give her the oppratunity to be in the childs life? I think she would want to know, but is that over steping my boundries?

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  • Is it wrong?

    For me to keep my baby if the father doesn't want him/her? I feel like it is wrong for him to ask me to murder our child. I would rsther just let him sign away his rights and then he won't ever have to pay child support because that (in my opinion) his his problem. Well that and he doesnt want to change his free life style. I tell ya, sometimes it takes things like this to show you a persons true side...he has broke my heart.

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