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  • No sound coming out of laptop?

    i've checked the Device Manager, there is no exclamation on anything. i've check the Mixer in the volume controls, nothing is muted. all i know is i had sound now i don't. i think i may have pressed a button by accident and if i did i don't know what i pressed.

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  • Female Party Song That's Making Fun of Certain Women?

    i heard a song off of and i think some of the lyrics had "we're drunk and we're stupid" in it. it sounded like a song that makes fun of hollywood girls. i can't seem to figure out who the singer is and the name of the song. also i think it mentioned something about them going to party. It's not by Pink, so it's not Get The Party Started or something like that. when i added Stephen Lynch as a station, she came under him along with Katy Perry.

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  • Area of a Segment. Radius 6.8 and Central Angle is pi/8?

    according to the

    i should use the formula S = (1/2)xr^2 - (1/2)sin(x)r^2 or ((r^2)/2)(x - sin(x))

    so i get S = (((6.8)^2)/2)((pi/8) - sin(pi/8)) = .23156

    so i used the Area of a Sector formula.


    A = (1/2)(pi/8)(6.8)^2 = 9.1

    I'm doing online homework, and i've submitted both values and neither one are acceptable.

    what the hell is going on.

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  • Area of a Segment. Radius is 8cm and Central Angle is 2 degrees?

    find the area of a circular "segment" of a circle of radius 8cm that subtends a central angle of 2 degrees.

    i keep getting something like 2.0e^-4

    here is what i'm doing

    S = ((r^2)/2)((x - sin(x))

    2 degrees = pi/90

    S = (64/2)((pi/90) - sin(pi/90)) =

    what exactly am i doing wrong. the question says to round to the nearest whole number.

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  • How far has the ship travelled using Trig?

    A ship is sailing due North. At a certain point the bearing of a lighthouse that is 12 miles away is found to be 39 degrees East of due North. Later the bearing is determined to be 44 degrees East of due North. How far, to the nearest tenth of a mile, has the ship traveled?

    here is what i did. let me know if i did it right, and if not, then what should i had done to solve it.

    tan(39) = 12/x

    x1 = 12/tan(39)

    x2 = 12/tan(44)

    x1 + x2 = (12/tan(39)) + (12/tan(44)) = 27.2

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  • Finding the height of a scalene triangle when given 2 angles and 1 side?

    i'm only allowed to use sin(A), cos(A), tan(A), Law of Cosines, and Law of Sines to solve this one.

    side c = 1200

    Angle A = 72

    Angle B = 77

    i have to find the altitude/height of the triangle. can someone help me.

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  • Where to get an online authentic Windows Vista Home Edition Windows Installation Disk?

    my computer crashes and most people tell me just to either get a new hard drive or reformat the one i have. so i was wondering is there a place where i can download a Windows Vista Home Edition Windows Installation Disk without having to order one. i don't mean a bootleg i mean a Microsoft copy or whatever. my computer use to crash like 10 times. then i turned of the Windows Update thing which i know i need, but my computer doesn't recognized the digital signature for it. now it only crashes like once or twice, and when it does, it comes back up with svc.exe stopped working. i can't download a virus/malware/spyware protection programs since my computer says they're corrupt or whatever i guess because it can't read it. so i'm thinking of trying the Windows Vista Home Edition Windows Installation Disk, i just hope if i did the format thing it doesn't completely screw up my system. or instead of downloading a disk, i'll have to actually buy one. i can always put up with the crashes, because like i said it's only once or twice and so far i i'm able to do what i usually do without a problem.

    i'm saving up my money now to get maybe a $400 to $500 windows 7 computer. so far i've saved up $140.

    i figured since my system is 4 or 5 years old, it's better to just get a new system since i hear Windows 7 is the best and i don't know if my stuff will be compatible. besides i'd be getting a larger hard drive and RAM plus some other stuff.

    then if i save up enough money again, i can get the new hard drive and windows installation disk that i was going to get for the crashing computer i'm using now, so it'd be like a new computer, sort of.

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  • How To Format My Hard Drive?

    i already know about saving my files. but how do i format my hard drive, do i just pop the Windows Vista disk in and update all my drivers, or do i need to do something to my computer before i can do that. like is there somewhere on my computer i have to tell my computer to format my computer, then i just pop the disk in, shutdown, then cut it back on or what. sorry i'm not familiar with completely starting over my computer. once i get that done, do i just pop in my System Recovery Disk to get it back to Factory default.

    is it possible even if i were to do that, would my computer crash. can the System Recovery disk i bought become infected when i completely restored my computer back over in order to get the crashes to stop, which by the way are still occurring which is why i'm thinking about formatting my hard drive, or is it a waste. i think it's because some how certain Windows files have been lost or corrupted. i'm thinking about saving up my money and just get a Windows 7 computer. speaking of which, has anyone here had their Windows 7 for years without any problems.

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  • Free Sceensavers for Vista?

    are there any sites where i can get cool or really good screen savers for vista. space, fish, electricity, etc...

    ones i can download and ones i don't have to register for in order to get.

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  • adding Rap stations to my Pandora Toolbar?

    i already know about the Add/Edit stations for pandora toolbar, i try it and i can't get anything. i try the Local Stations and i get something.

    i'm trying to find good rap stations i can add my pandora toolbar, ones that actually work. instead of having to listen to Local Stations.

    can anyone please help me.

    Rap Stations that include Ludacris, Plies, and all the other famous rappers.

    2 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop10 years ago
  • Turning the old account into the new account?

    i created a new email unrelated to the previous email (i didn't add a new email to my old email) and i'd like to know how to transfer all my information from my old account to my new account. so that i don't have to do everything over again. unless there is a way to delete my new account then add the new email to my old email. is there a way to transfer account information without having to delete my new one and add it to my old one.

    1 AnswerPassword and Sign In10 years ago
  • Are HP Desktops Worth Buying?

    i've found a computer for about $350 after instant rebate. without the monitor. is it worth buying. also they offer a free upgrade to 3G RAM and 500G memory, how are they able to give me that for free, do they just put in an inferior RAM and Harddrive making it so that i can get it at no extra cost, or is it great quality stuff.

    i'm trying to find a really good computer that has at least 2G or 3G RAM with a 320G memory, windows 7, hopefully with a DDR2 memory, but if not i'll go with the DDR3. i was hoping to find one with DDR2 but only because i already have a 1G DDR2 RAM, but if they offer a 3G RAM DDR3, then there is no need for the DDR2. I'll go with the Home Premium, not professional.

    i need it to be between $400 and $500.

    i found a compaq and emachines, but they all say isn't worth buying.

    3 AnswersDesktops10 years ago
  • Thinking about getting a Windows 7?

    what is the best brand name to get.

    i need it to be around $300 to $400. i don't really need one with a Monitor, but it could help, but it isn't necessary. i saw the rating on a Emachines for $298, not certain if i should go with it or not. i've had an Emachines XP before. i had it for years. but needed to upgrade to a new computer for obvious reasons. so i was wondering what would be the best computer to get.

    also does Windows 7 come with a System Restore like Windows Vista does so that i don't need a System Recovery disk so my information does get erased.

    i'm looking to get a Desktop. just so u didn't think i was talking about a Laptop or anything else.

    what brand name computer do u recommend. and can u give me a link to where i can buy it online. a trusted site.

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  • Can My Computer Work With 2 Internal Hard Drives At The Same Time?

    this is my computer.

    how can i tell if my computer can work with 2 Internal Hard Drives without me having to swap them out.

    i think it's called a Dual. i don't want to have to take my tower's case off to tell.

    also what is the best internal or external hard drive to get. RPM, Brand Name, Capacity, $50 to $90.

    so far i've heard bad news about Verbatim, Seagate, Western Digital. ARE THERE REALLY ANY GOOD HARD DRIVES OUT THERE.

    maybe one between 5400RPMs and 7200RPMs.

    size around 320GB 160 to 320GB can also work. if there is a really good one that has 500GB thats ok to. make sure u check the Cons before suggesting it. and i'm talking about using it for years. most people say that it stops working aftre 6 months. Personal experience preferred. by that i mean if u've used an internal/external hard drive for years and haven't had any problems, then direct me to where i can buy one.

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  • Anyone Know Of A Good External Hard Drive?

    particularly one that doesn't need to be kept cool. maybe one that is charged through the computer rather than through a power plug, one that contains at least 100GB to 250GB, and one that might be at around $50 to $70. i'm looking for a really good one. i have maybe under 10GB left on my computer but i need like 8GB or so just to make a movie so i get Low Disk Space off and on. little by little i'm still getting rid of the information off my computer to make room.

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  • best lube to get and how long it lasts?

    i'm thinking about getting a fleshlight, i know to get the water based kind but which one is the best to get. also how long does a 5oz to 10oz bottle last. i'm thinking about buying some, but i don't want to spend a lot of money on something that is messy or won't last long.

    3 AnswersMen's Health1 decade ago
  • Firefox Isn't Remembering Tab At Start Up?

    i recently updated my firefox and i recently found out how to make it so that when i close manually (i mean no errors), click Save and Quit, then restart firefox they will show up again, but when an error occurs and i have to close all windows and i don't get to click Save and Quit, when i restarted firefox it would ask if i wanted to "start a new session" or "refresh" or something like that and i could tell it which tabs to open back up or to close, but now it's not doing that. so how to i make it so that it will Warn Me At Startup, because i don't see it on the about:config unless i'm just not looking in the right place.

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  • Facebook Text Messages?

    does it require internet access. basically i'm trying to find a way so that people can send me a text message through facebook like i can send text messages using my yahoo email address. only i don't want to have to pay for internet access on my phone just so they can send me a text. i think i've seen some people where they have it so u can send them a text using facebook. also how do u add a link to Photos on ur facebook. i have a link but a friend of mine doesn't. it's not like they are trying to keep it private, i just think they don't know how to add it on there. also how do i get the new facebook. which i don't know if i even have the new one, or if i'm still stuck on the old one. i clicked to get the new one, but i think it might have gone back to the old one. not certain though. how do i set all of this up, or to make sure i have everything i need.

    3 AnswersFacebook1 decade ago
  • Ways To Clean a Fleshlight?

    i'm thinking about buying one mostly because i've never used one besides there are other reasons. and i was wondering, what are safe ways to clean fleshlights without messing them up an allowing me to reuse them for years to *** (lol), without it ever wearing out or changing the effect it has when u first get it. also i was thinking about getting a clear one, also what size and any alterations (wave, bumps, etc...) do u recommend.

    8 AnswersMen's Health1 decade ago
  • Fat Guy In A Fat Suit?

    it's cold outside, so i decided to put on a bunch of long sleeve shirts, i'm fat, so i told my nephew that it makes me feel like a fat man in a fat suit. he says isn't that "ironic" i said "isn't it redundant". i'm trying to figure out what word i'm looking for. like when a smoker tells another person not to smoke is hipocritical, or alone together is an oxymoron, etc... it's just bugging me. what kind of word makes this make since.

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