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  • how much does a record label earn per record sold.?

    i am working on a project for my business class. we had to come up with a business plan. we chose a record label. we have one imaginary band signed to our label and i need to know what labels usually take as a commission.

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  • what is the best way to get over someone?

    i have had to walk away from a fantastic relationship recently. i still love her and she still loves me but her life won't allow her to be in a relationship. all i can think about is the time we shared. i can't keep going on this way. i know we may never have a future. how do i get over this.

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  • why are women so dificult to understand?

    i have been dating a woman for 3 months now. a couple weeks ago she ran into someone she dated years ago and had not seen in a while. i called her one evening and found that she had gone to the movies with this guy. i told her i had a problem with it. she did not feel it was a big deal. she said she was just get reacquainted with an old friend. is this a problem or am i just obsessing over nothing?

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