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An Aries Horse born April 13, 1954 in Chicago, IL and now residing in Colorado Springs, CO. I write poetry and stories. Interested in all manner of the arts. Putting together for the publisher my poetry and hope to finish it soon. Am Nana to 2 grandchildren, 1 dog and two cats. Mom to one boy and girl (the girl has all the

  • Help wih links!?

    My kids gave me FINALLY their old computer. It's a compac presario. No manuals, no restore disk. Nothing. Warned them about microsoft win 98, can they listen...NO!!! Thkis computer has not been hooked up to the Internet since only the lord knows when. I need to get upgrades at no or little cost. Like im servicce. I have a laptop with winxp. 98 is old. need programs. where can i link to to download. I need to send my laptop in for service, am in midst of a book being published and need im services et al on this old thing. Anyone have a clue where to get some of this with little or no cost to me? My budget is already screaming.

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  • If you were to do a 'pay it foward' project, what would it entail?

    Catherine Ryan Hyde produced a book which became a movie of the same title: "Pay It Forward". Tell me what you would do if able to improve world conditions.

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  • I am on disibility. Not much money. Is there a program w/o watermark that I can try to save asf files to dvd-r

    Being on disability sucks. I need a program that I can try (I don't want watermark distraction) for family asf files to be converted to a playable dvd-r. My laptop is old and somewhat crashing now because of all the programs I have tried. I cannot afford much, but know enough that to produce the family movies to play on all dvd players is not easy to find within my meager means. DVD Santa is okay, but barely. I want high quality dvd's from these files so I can send them to family members.

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  • What do you think about the wordplay I used in this piece?

    Weights & Measures

    Dislodged from the bowels of Hades

    I ascend to an uncertain prison of

    retrospection & consciousness

    A cerebrum already frenetic

    in its infinite voracity to break out

    of the wretched penchant for romance


    The substance of my being seems to

    yearn for perpetually

    I must prepare my troubled heart

    for its destiny of existence

    devoid from that which it

    secretly desires most

    ---your love---

    Sweet as a mountain rain

    ---fresh as spring

    ---warm as a summer day

    Dreams of yesterdays...

    Fantasies for tomorrows (never to arrive)...

    Longings torn asunder under the

    light of true realities

    That is my world today

    Yet, the core of my being

    resists said verity

    © ember rose 3/19/02 All rights reserved

    Author's Questions/Comments

    I wrote this awhile back. After reading so much romantic poetry lately, well...I just felt like my sense of humor in that department won't be lost on some here on this site. In its original form it is all centered.

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  • Forrest Gump?

    Is there a real person that this character is based upon?

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