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  • What is this movie scene?

    This might have been some sci-fi/futuristic movie. I was young when I saw this and it bothers me that I don't know where this scene is from.

    So there was a scene when a guy illegally hides in a robot instead of legally jumping to his death. It might have been a vending machine robot.

    I think there was another scene where a (probably female) cop or soldier gets killed and the partner wants to get revenge. I think these cops wore white.

    1 AnswerMovies6 years ago
  • Revolution TV Show Question?

    Ok, so it is my first time watching Reovlution, just saw Episode 20 The Dark Tower.

    So...what in the world is going on? Spoilers are fine because I'm not quite sure I'll watch the previous episodes, just wait for it to come back in the fall.

    Also, what would be the significance of the United States Colony in Guant. Bay, Cuba and the President being alive shown at the end of the episode


    2 AnswersDrama8 years ago
  • Blue Screen of Death+Display Driver?

    I am getting the Blue Screen of Death fairly often and it's always from watching flash videos from YouTube. Is there any remedy for this? I have a Windows 7-64bit HP Pavillion G6 laptop. The processor is AMD A6-3420M APU with Radeon HD Graphics-6520G 1.50GHz. Is there any remedy?


    If this needs to be in another category, let me know.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • How to heat water for tea? I will live in a dorm. My only source of heating will be the microwave. Coffee makers and kettles are not allowed for "building code safety regulations."

    What's the best way to heat water for hot tea?

    Sorry about post in P&S. There's just more people here...Any suggestions welcome!

    6 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • How to heat water for tea? I will live in a dorm. My only source of heating will be the microwave. Coffee makers and kettles are not allowed for "building code safety regulations."

    What's the best way to heat water for hot tea?

    4 AnswersNon-Alcoholic Drinks8 years ago
  • Since when did Yahoo change the number of Answers the higher levels could answer?

    I remember it used to be unlimited. Now they have it at 80 :(

    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • What's your favorite fast food item?

    3 Questions


    Big Mac instead of Hamburger.

    Chicken Nuggets from Wendy's.

    2. What about a regular restaurant?

    3. Choice of drink with your meal?


    1. Classic Chik'n Crisp from Burger King

    2. Chicken Parmesan from Olive Garden

    3. Sweet Tea

    8 AnswersPolls & Surveys8 years ago
  • Calling all Polls and Surveys people...?

    So I'm looking at the back of my cereal box...which would be your top choice

    **These are all Cheerios varieties**

    Apple Cinnamon




    Yogurt Burst

    Cinnamon Burst

    Honey Nut

    Banana Nut

    Oat Cluster

    Multi Grain

    Dulce de Leche


    3 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • Poll: Your favorite foods!?

    List your top two:

    Cereal (Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Reese's Puffs

    Candy (Snickers, Ghirardelli)

    Fast Food Restaurants (Burger King, McDonalds)

    Casual Restaurants (Olive Garden, Applebee's)

    Chips/Crackers/Cookies (Cheez It, Cheese Flavored Chips)

    Soda (Pepsi, Mountain Dew)

    18 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • What would you buy with $10?

    I would buy some Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. They're my new nom nom

    21 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • What magazines do you read?

    I read



    Popular Science

    Popular Mechanics


    PC World

    PC Magazine

    Motor Trend

    17 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • Poll: What's your favorite kind of sauce?


    1. Chicken Nuggets

    2. Salad

    3. Pizza

    I'd say Ranch on all three!

    13 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • Do you buy stuff from Amazon?

    If so what?

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • Need help loading aspx pages?

    I have trouble loading aspx pages. This is with all browsers (Chrome, IE, FF, Opera). I am running Win7 with Microsoft Security Essentials and Kaspersky. Help?

    I also have a question about the Amazon Kindle Fire;_ylt=AjfKt...

    If you need any details. I'll be happy to add them

    1 AnswerOther - Internet9 years ago
  • Amazon Kindle Fire..?

    Hi, I'm in the market for a tablet and was wondering what you thought of the Fire.

    Since I'm a college student, my primary use would be for apps, reading e-textbooks, and internet.

    The dealbreaker is that there is no expandable memory. Apart from the Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, and Microsoft SkyDrive, is there any other free online storage (that doesn't expire). Or any other ways to survive non-expandable memory?

    If you don't like the Fire, is there any other tablet that you would recommend? Please be mindful that I'm a broke college student so $250 is the limit

    Thanks in advance. If you need any details, I will add some. And yes I know this is the wrong category, but this where the users are!

    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • College Football Conference moves?

    So I'm an NFL fan and do not follow college football at all (except for my D1-AA Florida A&M Rattlers)

    I'm reading the articles but it's not really explaining why. So...

    Why are they moving conferences?

    What will the new conference gain?

    Thanks in advance. Go Jags!

    PS: I also have another question concerning Tablets...;_ylt=Ap5eV...

    5 AnswersFootball (American)9 years ago
  • Tablet Recommendations?

    1. $100-200 (may squeeze in to 250)

    2. Capacitive Touch Screen

    3. At least Android 2.2 (would prefer 2.3)

    4. Prefer 10" but may consider 7"

    Primary Use-

    1. E-Textbooks for College

    2. Surfing the web before going to sleep.

    3. Will leave laptop home from time to time (because laptops take so much space in backpack)

    4. Quick Check for weather

    5. Reading news

    Secondary Use-

    1. Games

    2. If 7", may use as portable music player

    Thanks in advance. Will update with details if requested.

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago
  • A Couple Computer problems?

    1. Sleep Glitch: Toshiba Satellite L645D, AMD Turion II P520 Dual Core 2.30 GHz. RAM: 4GB. 64-Bit. Win7 Home Premium

    Why can't my laptop sleep properly? It doesn't matter if I use the start menu or just close the lid. It pretty much will turn back on by itself and proceed to the log in "locked" page.

    2. Why can't I load websites with GIF images?

    Thanks for help in advance. Will add details if you need them

    1 AnswerOther - Computers9 years ago
  • A couple comp. questions?

    1. My laptop has a sleep glitch. It sometimes will turn back on after putting it to sleep.

    2. Why can't my browser display GIF pages?

    Toshiba Satellite L645D Laptop w/ Windows 7 Home Premium

    If I need to recategorize this question in a different category, please let me know

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago