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I started working on cars when I changed front wheel bearings on 1940 chevrolet for my mom. (dad was away working as a carprenter at a military installation!) He showed me how to do the change, and brought the beaings to me when he came from work (night shift). When daylight arrived I installed them so my mom could go to town. By 1952 was Changing transmissions on Model "A" Fords, been working on cars, airplanes and other stuff ever since! I am also an electronic technition, developmenta tech. for aircraft (R&D), Instrument repairman, Hold Commercial pilot certificate, and restore old cars, and guns! At age 68,- I now know how to do all this stuff, but my body is going bad, and my usefulness is limited! My answers are long, because you can't determine what your problem is till you can understand how the unit works!

  • Anybody build one of these magnetic generators-- And it works?

    Examples Magniwork, or Magneticprojectwork. Supposed to be able to build magnetic electric units that can take over part of power needed for home use! See "testimonials all over the place", - bear in mind the old "snake oil salesman" in early days -- they brought their own people along to be cured in city after city as they traveled selling their medical cures! I am looking to see if some real person has done this and had it work reasonably well! Anybody can dream up names and locations, and put in glowing testimonial-- with out that person actually even existing!

    Would like to find a group of people working in this direction so we could compare results! Or maybe make one myself if a few people want to form one! We could save money and wasted time on things that don't work well (or at all)! --- Not just another website that sells all these programs that may or may not work!

    Probably a lot of experimenters looking for same things?? Any ideas?

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  • Honda transmission swap?

    Hey "honda guys" the "old mechanic" needs some help here! I have a 92 Civic with transmission that slips in second, -- guess this is weak point of Honda! Anyway I see lots of them that do this for sale!

    What I would like to find out is whether transmission out of a 89 Accord will fit without a lot of problems! I have good transmission in Accord, but it is about 15 miles from Civic, - so it is hard to do a side by side check! The Civic is very nice otherwise, -- the Accord drives, but would need a lot of external parts and interior work plus paint job to make nice, so hardly is worth the work--- especially if I can swap transmission! Also Accord does not have title!

    I have Haynes manual for the Civic, but not Accord, so can't look at pictures and see if appreciably different, -- but bodies look very similar (as if that made a difference!)

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  • I need Honda mechanic with experience on 92 Civic automatic transmission?

    I just picked up a Honda Civic with transmission that slips a little! I bought it cheap because of this, but am wondering if there is some kind of external adjustment that can be used to tighten internal clutches! I have “Haynes” that covers all the rest, but doesn’t say much about automatic, -- except what the owners manual says. == “take it to your Honda garage”!! I am dubious about transmission oil, as it is closer to clear than red, (Dexron2 specified in book),-- although it appears to be real clean, and doesn’t smell bad! I have no objection to changing out transmission, (though I’d rather not-- if I can avoid it)!!

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  • About \Ford Tarus transmission 1989 GL.- (Auto trasnsmission man!)?

    Neighbor had a stroke in Dec.-- Now his station wagon refuses to shift out of low gear, needs car to haul wheel chair around! Wondering if anything I can do without pulling the trans.? Would removing the valve body and cleaning out possibly fix the problem? Possibly this is a common problem with this model car?" Please, - no "cute answers" -- he can't afford a lot of money right now to change transmission or buy a new car! Reverse is fine, - no effort to shift up, acts just like it is "pulled down in first gear" on selector!

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  • Hey"Toyota expert". Do any of the other Toyota cars use the same engine as the Camry?

    Specifically, the 1990 Camry! It seems that all the Camrys are "gold plated" around here, and it is cheaper to buy another car than change out the engine! Can buy" broken" ones in most other models pretty cheap, - but "broken" Camry running in excess of $600 around here, (if you can find one for that even!) If other models have same engine (in this case a 16 valve 4 cyl), - regular engine would be ok, as long as computer could be adapted to run same...... I see other models "all over the place",- that have been rear-ended, (or otherwise wrecked leaving engine compartment intact), - or ones with brakes, or transmission out -- available for $250 or so. This is for a grandson that is going to college, so he doesn't have a whole lot of excess money right now!

    I used to know all this kind of stuff when I worked in foreign car garage 30 years ago, but I saw no need to keep up anymore!

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  • Does anybody in GB have access to used or new parts for Fordson Dexta Diesel Tractor?

    This tractor has over 30,000 TTL hours on it , lots of parts becoming so bad that they are getting unrepairable, like all the covering on the steering wheel is worn off and there is just the "wire ring "left. The front end keeps breaking down, and the front of tractor falls down on ground. Lots of other stuff needed too

    Bought new in 1961 ($6000 at the time).

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  • Suzuki Experts?? Engine changes.?

    I have a Suzuki Sidekick that has "fried" the head. Would like to know what other car engines would fit. I know that the Geo Tracker engine is the same, but what about other cars? Currently has 1.6 liter engine,- but anything that will bolt up and work without major modifications would be fine (even smaller engine)! This is a standard transmission, 4wd model. Don't know if the automatic engine would work by changing flywheel (like most american engines) or not. Last guy took head off and lost it, so don't know if engine block is still good or not. Otherwise maybe a good head would do the job. Got used engine quotes on internet, but the engines would cost twice as much as the car is worth!! I am an old mechanic (ret) with 50+ years foreign and domestic exp. So can probably do minor changes without much trouble! I will then try to pick up a wreck that has right engine, and fix mine!!

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