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  • Why is English a dying language?

    People here on YA can't put together a complete and cohesive sentence with their "I known" and "my friend and me" Atrocious spelling, poor grammar and punctuation. What are our schools teaching our kids. What ever happened to READING, WRITING and Arithmetic, along with math, history and science. For the past many years I have been a classroom instructor for the US Army and have seen college grads that can't read, I have seen high school grads that can't add 1.3 and 1.5 without a calculator. We are getting dumber and the dumber we get the lower our standards are getting.

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  • Has anyone ever had a Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe converted to a Trike?

    I know the RS Venture can be converted to a trike, but does anyone know of an RSTD that has been converted. Any info would be helpful

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  • Does antone have any leads on a passenger backrest w/luggage box for a 06 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe?

    I'm looking for a wrap around backrest that will fit the above mentioned bike. Like the one that comes on the Venture. I've tried all the dealers in my area and am told that noone makes one and that the one for the Venture will not fit and cannot be made to fit.

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  • For sarasmama: Who do you think you are?

    I'll have you know I have stayed out of it I have not said anything to them about it. I have only mentioned it on here, my wife and I have not discussed it in detail because it only leads to more unanswerable questions and I have said nothing to any of the other relatives. My wife has discussed it with the daughter-in-law only. I am not that crass and above all I know they are the parents. You need to research more before making a judgement call on someone.

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  • Update to: why would she say such a thing?

    remember I said when we visited our son, his daughter said she would be glad when she was big enough to have sex. They do infact control(or try to)what they watch on TV. They also watch what they say around all the kids(4). She is 9 yrs old, the other day her mom went shopping and took the 3 younger ones with her. She returned home to find the 9yr old locked in her room with a 12 yr old boy, they were actively engaged in sex. Of course her mother blew her top dragged the boy to the front door and threw him out butt naked and called his mom, who said that she couldn't do anything with him, either then took her daughter to the Dr. and a phsyc that said he thinks she is just experimenting because she is growing up.

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  • Why would a child say such a thing?

    While visiting our son and his wife we heard his oldest daughter(9yrs old)say in the heated discussion with her stepmother and father, "she couldn't wait until she was big enough to have sex. Now, she said "big enough" not "old enough". Where does a 9yr old learn this from.

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  • Neighbors daughter? Since she was 9 I have been helping her with her homework, at her mom's request.?

    One day when she was 12 she came over, I was on my front porch watching the world go by, while we were just talking she reached down and lifted her skirt, no panties, and said how would you like this wrapped around you c**k. I took my belt off and whacked her all the way home, her mother came out and I told her what had happened and she said that I should have taken the girl into my house and f**ked her. I quit helping her with home work. Since then she walks by my house with a friend and tells the friend, loud enough for me to hear that she is going to make me F**k her. When I'm working in the yard she will sneak up behind me,take my hand and place it on her breast. I told her that this type of behavior is wrong. She said that she doesn't care if it's wrong or not one day she is going to be in my bed. Then she leaves her blinds open and her lights on and yells my name so I'll turn and see her standing there naked. Her mother has taken her to counselling but to no avail. Any Advice

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  • I asked: What was the youngest girl you had sex with?

    I've been checking on this site for awhile now, I asked the question to men only, I never checked the answers only the people that responded and found the following results for the 1st 32 answers. 1. 20 females answered a male only ?. 2. Very few of you can SPELL so I figured you were just kids yourself. 3. 12 of the answeres were lies. SO really people I am not a pervert or perverse person and I beg your forgiveness for the question but remember this "shame the devil tell the truth and take the consequences" AND ABOVE ALL NO ONE ON HERE CARES ABOUT YOUR LIFE OR YOU so get a life away from the internet.

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  • Guys only plz: Whats the youngest girl you've had sex with?

    No I'm not the law and this is not a trap.

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