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  • HELPPPP!!!!! If you are really good with English/Language Arts, I need a little assistance!?!?!?

    Ok here is my problem, our English teacher gives us a quiz every friday on about 6 or so vocabulary words. This week the quiz is different. we have to write sentences with our words and i want to make sure my sentences are grammatically correct. Our words for this week are....


    2. creed ( a belief )

    3. bias

    4. variable (like in math)

    5. decimal (like in math)

    6. tyranny

    Here are the sentences i have already come up with....

    1.That book takes the fantasy genre and gives a unique twist at the very end, which will leave the reader wanting to know more.

    2. Many church creeds state that we believe in one God, the Father Almighty.

    3. When conducting a scientific experiment, be sure to run test a few times so your result will not be bias.

    4. There will be variables on our Algebra test next week, so I think i will need to review my notes tonight.

    5. We had decimals on yesterday's homework and I didn't quite understand, so I think I will go ask my teacher after school for some help.

    6. Many government officials or individual rulers are accused of tyranny, which causes alot of political uproar.

    Please feel free to correct my grammer, punctuation, etc. also feel free to give examples of how i could make those sentences better!

    THANK YOU!!!! :)

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  • HELP!!! any name suggestions... for goats?? :)?

    we just got three new goats and we need a little help naming them. one female, and two males. one of the males is brown and grey, the other is white and tan on the ears... we havn't gotton the female yet, but we will in a few days. names that go together a great! some suggestions i like, (if have any others that belong) are...Basil, ivy, rosemary, charlotte, heidi, billy jean, oliver, charlie, & fern... please&thank you

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  • Does anyone know what happened to joey on MTV's the Real World????

    i've been watching real world and i missed an episode... then the next time i saw it Joey was gone. what happened???

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  • Create a Species???

    I need a little help... In science we are learning and evolution and stuff and we have to create a species...

    We have to answer questions like... what would it look like, where would it live, etc...

    I done with all of that... but i can't think of a name...

    So.... If you could create a species what would you name it????

    Please and Thank you!!! :]

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  • Have u read the book "So B. It"???

    I need to know Sophie's mother's name????

    Plez and Thank u??? =]

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  • how do u delete a song ( itunes) from a slver?

    I just got a sliver and i need to know how to delete a itunes song fro it ?????????????? Help !!!!!!!!

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  • comebacks??!!? HELP!!!!!?

    there are lots of mean boys at school ,and they always figure out something to argue about with me and some of my friends ,for example we have to wear uniforms and on dress down day (a day where you get to where watever you want ) my friend wore camaflage and boy said to her "i the fashion police and your not in iraq so take those off!!"i could'nt thnk of anything to say to stand up my friend. the boys at my school are so immature and mean!!!

    please help and give me comeback or ideas or somethin

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  • pomeranian????!!!!?

    i luv those things ,i have a solid white one named leonardo leo for short

    who here likes em'????!!!!

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  • what does a tabla sound like?

    please give me references with tabla sounds!!!!!!

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  • what does a tabla sound like?

    please give me references with tabla sounds!!!!!!

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