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  • My Macbook Will Not Save A?

    So ive been up the last 29 hours doing an assessment for a math class of mine. Point being, Ive been typing it on a Microsoft Word Test Drive *the trial one* on my Macbook and Ive saved it several times, but since 4am or so it will not save, it keeps saying that the Mac HD is full and the disk is full and to try another disk. Now, the disk is far from full *60 GBs of space* and I can save other ish as I just tried to save another word document, and it did. I dunno wtf to do. I need to save this paper so i can print it at school since i have no printer that is compatible with this macbook...i cant just copy paste it into an email since they are graphs and calculations done *using microsoft equation editor that is built into microsoft word* that will now show up...i need help, please!

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  • Does Anyone Currently Attend UCSD?

    I am interested in knowing how much it would cost for an "apartment style"dorm at UCSD that would fit 4 individuals. Also, if it's even possible for a freshmen to have such a dorm or if their are limitations or anything like that. I have tried the official UCSD website and other sites and to no avail have found nothing. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Physics Questions?

    1. A radar antenna is tracking a saetellite orbiting the earth. At a certain time, the radar screen shows the satellite to be 162 km away. The radar antenna is pointing upward at an angle of 62.3 degrees from the ground. Find the x and y components (in km) of the position of the satellite.

    2. The altitude of a hang glider is increasing at a rate of 6.8 m/s. At the same time, the shadow of the glider moves along the ground at a speed of 15.5 m/s when the sun is directly overhead. Find the magnitude of the glider's velocity.


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  • Physics Question?

    The left ventricle of the heart accelerates blood from rest to a velocity of +26 cm/s. If the displacement of the blood during the acceleration is +2.0 cm/s, determine it's acceleration (in cm/s^2). How much time does it take for the blood to reach its final velocity?


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  • Physics Question?

    As the earth rotates through one revolution, a person standing on the equator traces out a circular path whose radius is equal to the radius of the earth (6.38 x 10^6). What is the average speed of this person in meters per second and miles per hour?


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  • Where are your lungs?

    Are they in your back or the front of your body? I have heard they are in the back or closer to the back then to the front (your chest). Verification would be nice, thanks.

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  • What is the best computer for my movie making needs?

    Meaning brand, specs and everything. I dont need a monitor since I allready have a nice 19 inch one, and I want one where I could possibly add more cards inside the motherboard if need be. Thanks.

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  • Is it true that you cannot own/have a car on campus during your freshman year at most Universities?

    Any details to where this applies or how this works would be nice. Thanks

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  • When did Cassie sign with Bad Boy Records?

    A date would be nice, thanks.

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  • What's the difference between a Free Safety and Strong Safety in the NFL?

    Like, in the game of football, what would the strategical differences and positional differences including what the different positions have to do and react to differnet things, just overall, how would they differ?

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