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I am interested in self improvement. I am a mother of 3. I live in the country and commute 1 hour to and from work. I love animals. I love to help others when I can. I love country music.

  • What is the best way to fight the DHS in Iowa?

    We need answers and quickly. Parents immediately called the police when they got their 3 month old son from daycare two days in a row. He had awful scratches on his back, they looked like a child had scratched him. (mom has no fingernails) Even though the parents had no time or reason to inflick the injuries the worker took away their visits. They pick up their son at 8:00 AM and had contacted the police before 8:10 AM when they discovered the injuries. Worker is biased and actually told the mother she does not and will not believe her. No grandparents rights in Iowa. Child was taken at the hospital for supposed neglect. I was there everyday and child was in no way neglected. He was in the room almost the entire time and well cared for. Mother has Mental health issues that are being medicated. I have seen an injustice like this in the past and can't bear to see it happen again. They need to be working the cases like Casey Anthony not harassing those who have done nothing to deserve it.

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  • how do I make reindeer head tread with bugels and pretzel and red hot nose?

    They are made with small straight pretzel sticks and either candy corn for the head or bugles. I saw them once and they were so cute and simple but I can't remember exactly how to make them.

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  • I currently have Direct tv. would it be wise to switch to Dish?

    Dish has offered everything I want at $54 for 1 yr then it will go to $75. I currently pay $145 for DTV and they will only offer me a $16 discount to upgrade to HD. I like DTV but am disappointed that the cost is so high. I have researched and they seem to offer the same. How do I decide? Is there more HD on DTV?

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  • My son is in a life threatening depression, how can I get some major help for him?

    My son will be 18 next month. He is likely the father of a baby girl born in Sept. (No money for paternity test at this time). He and the mother are not together but they promised we could all see her anytime. What they didn't say was it would always have to be in their house.

    We asked to take the baby and mother (if she wanted to go) 8 blocks to my grandmothers and get a 5 generation picture and stay for 2 hours. They said "NO". because it was "not healthy" but they had already told me they took her to school and let others hold her etc. We pleaded with them to let my son bond with the baby, instead they sent a (very poorly written)certified letter (not a legal letter) telling us we are not allowed on the property. I chose to honor their request to avoid complications and give them time to come to their senses in hope of having a relationship with the baby. (we were there when the baby was born) The mother is 16 and lives with her recently unemployed mother in an extremely filthy home. So bad if reported the baby would likely be taken away from them at least temporarily. We are not trying to hurt anyone though. We have given them many things as I wanted to help them and they told me I was a great friend. Now they have owed me $500 for 2 years and have stabbed us in the heart. They sent an email telling me they don't need anything we gave them so they put it all in the garage (which has no doors) and for me to pick it up (which of course I can't do without going on their property). We may have to go to court to plead our case but we don't have the money to do so as my husband and I commute 2 hours each day for work.

    My son has always had issues. He was severly injured when he was 3, he had skin grafs and high fevers and several surgeries. 4 teachers have told me he shows signs of a head injury such as motor skills and mental processing. Some people think he may be bi-polar. Of course I have spoke with the doctors about this and they say even if he does have problems there is nothing that can prove it was from his injury when he was 3 and that there would be no treatment. He has been defiant, he lies, steals, has been diagnosed as ADD and has been through a lifetime of counseling. He has been in placement by my request through a school for children in need of assistance for 1 1/2 yrs. I drove 2 1/2 hrs one way to see him every weekend. He came home only to get into trouble again. He then lived with his 26 yr old brother which he was excited about because he thought his brother was cool and he lived in town not in the country. His brother is a sargeant in the military and he kept my son for 2 yrs. I had him everyother weekend during that time. He ran away for a month and then called me and came to live here again.

    Recently he got mad at his teacher in alternative school and poured milk all over her car. He had to clean it and I had to pay because he has had 3 jobs and lost all of them. last week he was caught stealing over the counter medicine and I found out he is taking 20 at a time to get high. I made him go to the police and fill out forms. They say they cannot do anything about it. He came home and my husband and mother had found marajana and more meds in his room. We live in my mothers home she will retire in renovating it for her, so she makes the rules and she kicked my son out. He then asualted my husband (his step dad)

    I called the sherriff, police, a judge, the insurance company, mental department and hospital. I had the sherriff pick him up for a "wellness" check. None of them will do anything. It is my understanding that unless he slits his throat or mine or something deadly in front of the doctor nothing can be done. The doctor wouldn't even do a drug test on him.

    With that said I am legally responsible for him but he is not allowed in the home I live in. Not only can I not help my son. I cannot see my first grandaughter either. I even wrote to Dr Phil and it has been a month and I have had no response. Today I took his books to school and was going to help him with legal aid about his daughter and an issue he has with losing his liscense and he took the bag of books, discovered that my mother also found his porno which I did not know he had and burned it. He told me he has no family anymore. The only reason he is going to school is because he has to in order to stay at the home he is currently in. I have prayed for him his whole life. Also as bad as he is the babies mother and other grandmother are just as bad. The mom has stolen and lied and the grandmother uses people all the time for money, cel phones, vehicles, food etc. I didn't understand that was what was going on until I had helped then too. I want what is best for my grandaughter and son. Who can help? I am totally at a loss and stressed beyond explaination. Never ever would have believed all these things could happen in my life for my family. Very sad and frightening. He could be dead or in jail very very soon.

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  • How do we get rid of poisonous (copper head and copper belly) snakes in our pond?

    We live near the river and near a creek and have tremendous flooding this year. For the first time we know of we have numerous snakes in and aroud our pond and have had one in our yard. What is the most efficient and inexpensive way do get rid of them?

    3 AnswersReptiles1 decade ago
  • My 16 yr old is moving in with his 26 yr old brother. Should I let him?

    My 16 yr old has always been difficult..I have had him in counseling since he was 10 and he spent almost 2 yrs in a Military type shelter for difficult children. I visited him every weekend while he was in the shelter 2 1/2 hr drive one way. He has terrible grades and is often suspended. The principal will not let him in the regular school because he is disruptive in class. He is currently in alternative school 4 hrs a day. They would kick him out but they labeled him Special Ed. He smokes etc and has no allowance or work because he won't do anything to earn $

    He will be moving in with his brother who is FT military.

    I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. He opens the windows in the middle of winter, Leaves doors unlocked etc. Any simple task he refuses to even try to do right.

    I take him to hockey games, movies, races, rodeos, concerts etc. I am really hurt he doesn't want to behave. I don't want to give this burden to my other son but don't know what to.

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  • What is a good Christmas tradition to start and to look forward to?

    We want to start a fun tradition to get everyone excited about getting together with family and need some good ideas We would appreciate your help.

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  • Favorite Christmas recipes? Oreo cookie ball recipe anyone??

    I have heard there is a recipe for oreo cookie balls with cream cheese and coated with white almond bark. Does anyone have this? Or your favorites....Meals or deserts....

    10 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Have you ever left a cart full of items in the isle because the store didn't have enough registers open?

    I was in line and the register quit working for the person in front of me. I only had 4 items and the clerk just walked to another register and didn't care that I was waiting in her lane. I went to the back of the line and decided I didn't really need to purchase those items at that store since I was ignored.

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  • How do you feel about working holidays?

    I work in an office and they have decided the office needs to be open on holidays. Currently they are getting volunteers to work the holidays but if that fails they will schedule them. I feel enough is enough and holidays should be just that. Business has too much control over us. When events like 911 happen we are in the dark with no radio or tv to keep us alert. I think it is sad that we are letting big business control everything and our families have to suffer. What are your thoughts?

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  • Where can I find information on how to cope with Parrots in heat?

    My parrot stays in heat for 1 or 2 months at a time. She shreds anything she is given and uses her toys to pleasure herself. It is embarassing when we have company. Is there somewhere I can get information on how to deal with this and how long is normal for this behavior?

    5 AnswersBirds1 decade ago
  • How do I begin the process for a follow up surgery when my insurance and job have both changed?

    My son was injured when he was 3 yrs old and has multiple scars from the injuries. One is on his face and the doctors advised to follow up when he was a teenager to help with scar removal etc. I have changed jobs and insurance companies. My son is almost 16 now and has really grown in the past 2 yrs. I would like to persue the options now for his benefit and let him decide if this is what he wants to do.

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  • Movie theaters are all closing in our area what can be done to support them and keep them open or reopen them?

    We live in a small town and the theatre closed last year. This year the surrounding towns are closing their theaters also. The cost of renting the movies to display and also heating and cooling the buildings is no longer profitable. We have very little for the kids to do. No skating or bike trails, no community center with basketball or ping pong. No mineature golf. I am concerned that withouth some other options the kids will continue to get into trouble out of boredom. I have heard there could be government funding or a non profit organization could take over. How do we apply for this type of assistance?

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  • How do I find the program that is preventing my mic and headset from working?

    I tried to hook up my mic and when I try it tells me it is being used by another program and to cancel it. I have no idea how to find the program or what to do. Please help.

    1 AnswerOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • What is a good tree to plant for wind-block and shade around a farmhouse in southern Iowa?

    We have had walnut trees but they are very old and are losing branches. I would like to replace them with something that is strong and not quite as messy. I don't care for evergreens I prefer a leafy tree.

    4 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago