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  • How to cook a spiral sliced ham?

    Hello all! I'm cooking my first Easter ham this year, and I'm pretty lost. How long do you cook the ham for, and at what temperature? What kind of glaze should I put on it? My family is coming up so I'm trying to impress ;) Any help would be great! Thanks!

    4 AnswersCooking & Recipes8 years ago
  • Sudden appearance of blood blisters?

    My husband had a few little injuries on him, one on his arm where he had burnt himself at work, and one where he had bumped his head on something sharp and it bled for a few seconds but nothing terrible. All of a sudden both places have popped up large, dark blood blisters, and I'm not sure why. The cut on his head makes sense since it was bleeding, but the burn never bled and they are on different spots on his body. Anyone know what this could be??

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions8 years ago
  • Can you borrow enough in a loan to pay off an existing loan?

    My husband and I are looking into buying a new home. We already own a home that we owe $15,000 on still. Can we borrow enough in our new mortgage loan to pay off the existing $15,000 still left on the first loan? I wasn't sure if the new loan had to be used solely on the new house or if we can divide it like that. Thank you!

    3 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • Foundation similar to Revlon Colorstay?

    I bought the Revlon Colorstay foundation in the Combo/Oily formula because I have acne prone skin and all the reviews said it had good coverage. Tried it, loved it because the coverage is beyond excellent, but it's causing me to break out worse, so that's making me pretty sad. Does anyone have a suggestion for a foundation with a similar full coverage and price? I paid $10 for the colorstay, so somewhere in the $10-$15 range would be awesome.


    3 AnswersMakeup9 years ago
  • Baby shower quiz questions with "Rose" in them?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to put together a little quiz for a baby shower. The baby's name is going to be Rose, and so I'm trying to think of questions with "Rose" in them.

    This is what I have so far;

    What is the movie with Jack and Rose?

    a. Titanic

    What’s the show with Rosie the Robot?

    a. The Jetsons

    A rose by any other name would smell as _______?

    a. Sweet

    Who was the group that sang “Every Rose has its Thorn”?

    a. Poison

    Any help with any more q&a's would be much appreciated! I'm running out of ideas. Thanks!

    6 AnswersBaby Names9 years ago
  • Multiple TV's connected to a PC, audio skipping?

    I work at a Museum, and we have an exhibit that is basically 4 large TVs forming one large screen, and that is connected to a PC running a video presentation. The video is running fine, but the audio is lagging and skipping, and I can't seem to fix it. Anyone know what I can do?

    1 AnswerTVs10 years ago
  • Dark brown hair to medium red?

    Hey all, I have dark brown hair that I want to dye red. Not orangy-red, but a more subtle version. Think almost maroon, but a bit brighter. Can I achieve this without bleaching it first, and if so, what products would you recommend? Thanks!

    1 AnswerHair1 decade ago
  • Is eating around 1200 calories a day safe?

    Last Monday (Jan 4th), I started a diet. I want to lose around 2 pounds a week. I figured up that I need to be eating around 1200 calories, most days I eat a little less, around 1100. I am 5'3", and currently weight 149 (I was 155 when I started). Every day I have felt full and satisfied, but I have people telling me I need to eat more because my metabolism will slow down. I don't want to eat more, I feel like I eat plenty. My normal menu is usually something like this, for breakfast I will have either a 2 egg omelette, or like a grapefruit and toast with sugar free jam. Lunch is either progresso light soup or a sandwich, or a 6" and light Lays from Subway. Around 3 or 3:30 I have the munchies, so I will have a piece of fruit or a low fat fudgesicle or something like that, something under 100 calories. Dinner is baked chicken, brown rice and steamed broccoli, or something else around 500 calories, usually including chicken and veggies. I feel this is a healthy way to eat, but I don't want to mess myself up. Any help?

    8 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Between an LG Versa and a Alias 2?

    Which would you get? I need a new phone, and I like these, but I'm not sure. If you have either of these phones, I would love some feedback.

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Indigestion after eating fruit and veggies?

    So my hubby and I are on a quest to eat healthier, but it seems like every time I eat raw, hard fruits and veggies my stomach hurts, like the food is rubbing the inside of it. I know, sounds weird, lol. But it's stuff that's crunchy that makes it happen, like apples, lettuce, carrots, that stuff. Does anyone know what might be causing this and how I can make it stop?

    2 AnswersOther - Food & Drink1 decade ago
  • Chicken breast use by date?

    I have some chicken breast that I left in the fridge and forgot to put in the freezer, and its use or freeze by date was aug. 27. Will it be ok to eat it tonight since it hasn't been frozen? It doesn't smell odd or anything.

    2 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Chicken breast use by date?

    I have some chicken breast that I left in the fridge and forgot to put in the freezer, and its use or freeze by date was aug. 27. Will it be ok to eat it tonight since it hasn't been frozen? It doesn't smell odd or anything.

    3 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago
  • Need a not-so-scary movie?

    Ok, so my hubby wants a scary movie for tonight, but I can't stand gore, blood and guts, all that. Like Hostel, all it did was make me sick. I prefer something with minimal gore, but a lot of suspense. I like movies like The Hitcher, The Uninvited, The Strangers, Hide and Seek, Ghost Ship, stuff like that. So, any suggestions?

    11 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • A couple of Playstation 2 questions?

    I bought a used memory card at Gamestop for my playstation 2, and it has corrupted data on it, and I can't delete it. I've tried pressing delete and all the way you're supposed to, but it says delete failed and the data is still there. It's shown by a blue cube, no game picture or anything. Anyone know how I can get rid of it? Also, I have a playstation 1 game, Tony Hawks Pro Skater, and it won't let me save it. Will it save on a playstation 2 memory card? The cheats won't work either, the screen shakes like it accepted the cheat, but then when I go back to playing it doesn't work. Thanks in advance!

    2 AnswersPlayStation1 decade ago
  • Infected earlobe piercing help?

    I got my 3rd holes in my ears pierced a few months ago, and one of them is infected and swollen. It's like red, swollen, got a little pus coming out, and the skin is a bit flaky. I've had minor infections in my previous piercings but this one is a little worse and I wanted to make sure I was taking care of it properly. I cleaned it with peroxide, and then put a little triple antibiotic ointment on it, and cleaned the earring and put it back in. Do you think that will do the trick? I just don't want it to get worse. Thanks!

    7 AnswersOther - Skin & Body1 decade ago
  • Swimsuit for a bigger gal?

    OK, so I need a new swimsuit. I am 5'3", 150lb, 36D (possibly DD, unsure). I carry some weight around my middle and thighs. I don't feel terribly fat, but I don't like showing off my pudginess, lol. What would you recommend?

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • Should I cancel a trip? Or am I being a worrier?

    OK so here's the deal. My dear hubby and I have a trip planned for FL next week for our anniversary. With all the "swine flu" worries circulating, should we reschedule? I will admit that I am a worrier, seeing something scary on the news and everywhere all the time will make me paranoid. I really want to go and enjoy the trip. Should I be worried at all?

    5 AnswersOther - United States1 decade ago
  • Question about dying hair?

    So I have a question. I want to dye my hair blonde and I never have. But I'm going to the beach in a few weeks and I really want blonde hair. My hair is dark brown right now. This is the exact stuff I would use I know it looks really blonde but on the back it shows how it will look on dark brown hair and it's more sandy blonde, what I want. So my question is, if I dye it blonde and absolutely hate it, how soon can I dye it back to brown without any major damage? Thanks!

    2 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • Who pays my medical bills?

    I was in a car wreck a few days ago. No pain then, but now I'm having back and neck pain. I have no health insurance, but the accident was not my fault. Will the at-fault driver's insurance pay for any medical bills I might get if I go to the doctor?

    5 AnswersInsurance1 decade ago
  • Breeding my chihuahua?

    So I have a delimma. My husband and I have a chihuahua, and he is our baby. We have a friend of a friend, and she has a female chihuahua, and she wants to breed them. We have never done anything like this, and we have no idea if we should or not. They are both good tempered and sweet, but neither have papers. We would not charge her anything, but what would a good deal be? Both of our moms want one, but I don't know what the correct procedures are. So help me out. If you were in my position, what would you do? He is 8 months old. Please don't bash me or yell or call me stupid, as we have not decided to anything. I just need opinions. Thanks.

    17 AnswersDogs1 decade ago