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  • Proofing that 3*7=7*3?

    I've read a book last summer about some university students... and I quote: "The advanced mathematics students where stunned because their teacher asked them to demonstrate that 3*7=7*3"

    Now, do you know any way of proofing that? (using advanced techniques)

    6 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago
  • Headphone with mic advice?

    My headphones are broken (they fell from 3 feet :D) so I was considering buying new ones. What do you suggest?

    I have A4tech AH-800. They have great acoustics, covering the whole ear, but the microphone is impossible to use it on a live conference or something... I have a 5$ desktop microphone that is way better than the AH-800's. I wanted to buy AH-810, but it seems to have same microphone specifications.

    What do you recommend? (please specify model, no just brand)

    -> as a subquestion, if you have AH-800 or 810, do you have problems with the microphone? Maybe mine where messed up...

    2 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • Reinstall internationalization in Drupal?

    Drupal was usind the internationalization module (aka. i18n) and there have been some problems with one of the *lang*.po so I deleted one language. Then it displayed:

    warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in /path/sites/all/modules/i18n/i18n.module on line 442.

    Line 442 of the module:

    if (array_key_exists($maybelang, $languages)){

    I've removed the module and tried to install again, but it won't work: to disable it I need to click on 'submit', but it's sending to a deleted language path. (, where EN doesn't exists)

    Any suggestions?

    3 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Free good hosting services?

    I need a free porfessional-like webhost.

    I need: php, mysql, perl, email, multiple subdomains (I have a domain), mod_rewrite, mail() activated, sendmail, full dns control with nameservers, DirectAdmin or CPanel, multiple databeses, cron, NO ADS. I want something like AHplace (for who knew it).

    Out of the question: geocities, freewebs, piczo;

    Also excluded: quotaless, FriHost, 110mb, freehostia.

    3 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago
  • How can i install ventrilo on a free webhost?

    i can access using ftp. I am not sure if it is using linux or freebsd.

    4 AnswersProgramming & Design1 decade ago
  • Do you know a good, fast, no ads, web host with ftp, php and mysql?

    I want to make a web site using a cms, so i'll need php and mysql.

    I have found even a "Free web host for only 28.99".

    What do you recommend me?

    About the ads: i have no problem if a little bar is on the top of the home page, or if i have to insert a little button linked to them, but no huge ads and thousands of pop-ups.

    10 AnswersInternet1 decade ago