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  • I would like a way to see if my answer solved the problem.?

    I would like an answer from the asker if my answer worked.

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • heard the one about Matzoh ball soup ?

    Fella goes into his favorite deli where the waiter immediately brings him a bowl of matzoh ball soup. The customer signals the waiter to come back.

    "Taste the soup!" he commands.

    "Why?" inquires the surprised waiter.

    "Taste the soup!" comes the reply.

    "Max, you've been coming in here every day for ten years. There's never been anything wrong with the soup."

    "Taste the soup!"

    "What's wrong, too much salt--not enough salt?"

    "Taste the soup!"

    "What, the matzo balls aren't fluffy enough for you?"


    The waiter finally agrees, "All right, all right, I'll taste the soup! Where's the spoon?"

    "A-HA!" chortles Max.

    2 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago
  • misfire detection ??

    There are no sensors connected to spark plugs, coils, ignition wires or injectors, so how does the pcm know when a cylinder misfires and which cylinder it is ??

    I know but I want to see how sharp our mechanics are. Bet I don't get a right answer, 10 points

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • China trip?

    A Senior Senator called and had a question about the documents he needed in order to fly to China. After a lengthy discussion about passports, I reminded him he needed a visa. "Oh no I don't, I've been to China many times and never had to have one of those." I double checked and sure enough, his stay required a visa. When I told him this he said, "Look, I've been to China four times and every time they have accepted my American Express!"

    4 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago
  • VW Battery ??

    I have been told the vw requires a battery that can't be purchased anywhere except the dealer. If this is true, what makes it so special ??

    13 AnswersVolkswagen1 decade ago
  • obd conn.location?

    Wher is obd2 connector located on a 2003 saturn ??

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • how much??

    Not considering friction or other forces, how much force, pressure, would it take to push, lift, a 1200 lb. weight up a 45 deg. angle.

    I am curious as I saw a weight lifter do this using his legs and thought he was not actually lifting a 1200 lb. resistance.

    4 AnswersEngineering1 decade ago
  • ECC question ??

    What does ecc and non ecc have to do with ddr memory ??

    I want to upgrade but don't understand when it says ecc or non ecc.Does it take a certain syatem to use ecc or can it be installed in any system.???

    3 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • RAM question???

    I have 256 mb memory and I wish to install another memory module or card, whatever they are called.

    I plan on purchasing 2 cards that are supposedly programmed to work together and give me 512 mb.

    My question is where is the ram memory ?? Will I lose any

    information from memory when I pull the installed card ??

    8 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Answer ALL your ??? here fantastic site?

    Go here and sign up and register your vehicle, it's free. After sign up click on repair info. on left menu. Scroll down and click on component location and you are in business.

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • The movie "cars"?

    Did you know that in the movie "cars" the neon lights on FLO'S V8 CAFE flash the firing order of a Ford flat head v8 ???

    4 AnswersFord1 decade ago
  • The movie "cars"?

    Did you know that in the movie "cars" the neon lights on FLO'S V8 CAFE flash the firing order of a Ford flat head v8 ???

    5 AnswersFord1 decade ago
  • nuclear ???????? say what??

    nu - cle - ar [ nook lee ar ]

    how do some people, especially the President, get the pronunciation [ nook - you - lur ] from this word.??

    4 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • what length would a steel bar be to circle the earth ??

    the earth is 7,926.41 miles in diameter at the equator, this is where the calculation would be made.

    there is a critical piece of information missing from this request.

    If you work with steel you will know what it is, you can not answer the question without it. 10 points for correct answer

    4 AnswersEngineering1 decade ago