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  • Why am I experiencing soar throats while sleeping?

    Recently, I've been experiencing soar throats when I wake up in the morning, and they will go away about 10 minutes after I get out of bed. After 10 minutes or so, I feel fine again. What is the cause of this, and how am I able to prevent this from happening?

    Oh, and as inappropriate as it sounds to have soar throats while in bed, PLEASE do not make any immature jokes about this.

    3 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • How do I make the most out of a hotel TV for residential use?

    I bought an HDTV and found out that it was a hospitality use TV, and didn't come with a remote. I had to use a universal remote, but features, like changing the channel or accessing the menu system won't work. The TV is a Sharp JC37ht3u. How do I bypass the hotel features and make it more suitable for residential use?

    2 AnswersTVs1 decade ago
  • How do I strip the vocals out of a song?

    I bought some songs, and I was wondering how I could modify the audio to the point where the vocals are close to nonexistent. What program should I use, and how do I do it?

    2 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Dell Inspiron 1501 can't identify battery?

    When my brother turns on his laptop (Dell Inspiron 1501), a screen comes up telling him that the battery cannot be identified, and the device will be unable to recharge. Press enter to continue, or press F2 to go to setup. The device is still able to recharge, and we haven't made any parts replacements. All the parts are factory, and the laptop is about 1 and a half years old. What can we do to make the screen not appear? I have already tried removing the battery and putting it back in, but that didn't help. Any suggestions?

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • What do I need if I wish to mount a 2nd hard drive in my computer?

    I want to mount a 2nd 500 gb hard drive in my computer for storage purposes. I am missing everything necessary to do so. I need to buy a 500 gb 3.5 in. hard drive (specifications don't matter too much right now).

    What do I need to buy to get everything running (cables, the drive itself, equipment)?

    2 AnswersDesktops1 decade ago
  • On T-Mobile, does using AIM on my cellphone count as text messaging?

    I just got a text plan for 400 messages (I know, not that much) on my T-Mobile cell phone plan. If I use AOL Instant Messenger on my cell phone, does it count as a text message on my plan, or does it count as another type of text messaging?

    I want Instant Messaging to count on my 400 message plan.

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Does the Blackberry Pearl have a removable front case guard?

    You know how some blackberry phones have that little case with the magnet that turns the screen off when you slide the phone into it? I need to know if the Blackberry Pearl uses that so I know I have a guard to use when the phone is not in use. Please answer if you are 100% sure with this, and DO NOT GUESS!!! I need a reliable answer, and don't give me that stupid "I don't know, but thx for the 2 points" stuff. You people who do that annoy me. Thank you for your support (If you actually helped! lol)

    1 AnswerPDAs & Handhelds1 decade ago
  • Will a Guitar Hero 3 PS2 controller work on Guitar Hero 2?

    As the question states. Because I'm going to buy GH 2 for my friend this Christmas. Please give the answer if you're 100% sure and you've tested it, because she might get pissed if it doesn't work XD

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • WMA to MP3 converter? Anyone?

    I'm in need of a good WMA to mp3 converter. One that requires only one download. Can be an installer, RAR, or a ZIP.

    No useless answers here, please.

    5 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Is this a good set up?

    I am planning on buying a new Dell Inspiron 1501 notebook. And I need to know if these specs are good for gaming (My approval is if it is able to play World of WarCraft with little or no lag)

    These are the specs:

    Processor: AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile Technology TL-60 (2.0GHz/1MB)

    OS: Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium

    Memory: 1GB DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz, 2 Dimm

    Sound Car: ATI RADEON® Xpress1150 256MB HyperMemory™ (Integrated)

    Sound: Integrated Sound Blaster® Audigy™HD Software Edition

    Please give me professional answers, because this is an important manner.

    3 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Missing critical system file?

    I am missing a boot file, so my computer won't boot up. I have a reinstallation disk. Is it possible to use it to only restore the missing file? Reformatting isn't an option. I need everythng step by step, and give me real answers. The last thing I want is a dumb answer during a serious matter.

    3 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Weird oil coming from my behind....?

    Ok... I have no idea how this happened. But it's likely something I ate. I get diarhea (or however it's spelled >.<) and have drops of orange, oily liquid. Please tell me what this is, and give me a proffesional answers. No "OMG THAT'S GROSS SHUT UP", or anything stupid.

    9 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • In need of a video converter?

    I need a converter than can make a WMV into an MP4 so I can use it on my iPod. Please give me a direct link, and don't tell me to Google it. If the converter is a trial version, tell me if the video quality is reduced, if it can record about 25 minutes of video, and how long the trial period is.

    3 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Pokemon DP question?

    I am in need of a Lumineon. I have a Finneon, but I need to know. How does it evolve? Give me details. Like the required level. That is really important.

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • Problem with my computer.?

    My computer started doing this (I don't know how it started), but it opens an about:blank page for internet explorer that I cannot even see, then quickly closes, then my computer makes the asterisk sound. I find this annoying because it minimizes the games I play and usually disconnects me from the server due to lag. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it? I need answers that aren't stupid and they are logical. Tell me something a 12 year old could understand (I'm very smart with computers), but don't make your answer sound like you're talking to a baby, or you'll see spam like you never have before.

    12 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Any good MMOs?

    I have very high standards right now. The game must be a downloaded game, and must be free (not including exclusive cash items). I want the game to have a lot of freedom, not have very little like WarRock does if you play for free.

    I have already played: PangYa (Albatross 18), Maple Story, SCO, Trickster, Ragnarok (private servers), FlyFF, Corum, Rappelz, Audition, O2Jam, FantaTennis, GunBound, Every Ijji game, and World of WarCraft.

    Please DO NOT recommend: RuneScape, Adventure Quest, DragonFable, any games made by Acclaim, any game that is not a downloaded game, Any flash games that aren't MMOs, and something that requires payment (like Guild Wars).

    Do not call me a nerd, geek, loser, or such. And don't tell me to get a life. AND PLEASE!!!! Give me a valid answer. I don't want to waste my time reading your insults or spam. It is annoying, and stupid

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • LOZ TP Hawk Eye Scope and Cave of Ordeals?

    I need to know where to get the hawk eye scope and where to get to the Cave of Ordeals.

    Don't be a smart alack if I forgot the name of those and don't say something dumb like "I don't know" or "check"

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • How do I stop this terrible swing habit?

    Hello, I am a beginning golfer. I have been having trouble with my swing. On impact, I tend to move my club to the left while the ball is being hit so it(as in the club) can come to my shoulder. Every shot I hit is now a hook. Please help me so I can end this nightmare.

    8 AnswersGolf1 decade ago
  • Is it free to text T-Mobile 2 T-Mobile? details listed.?

    Hello, I am a T-Mobile customer that has the FamilyTime plus plan (700 minutes) and I have been wondering if it is free for me to text T-Mobile 2 T-Mobile.

    3 AnswersCell Phones & Plans1 decade ago
  • Question concerning Wii?

    When I got my Wii, it had this clear plastic thing that is a little circular, and has 2 slits on one end, and says "Slide off" and "Slide On". What is this for?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 decade ago