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  • What is a good starter camera?

    I would like to spend more time working on my ameteur photography hobby. Do you know of any good starter cameras for under $500 (including lens)?

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  • Which should I choose - more RAM or larger Hard Drive?

    I'm purchasing a new laptop. I will use it mainly for internet & school work, though I also like to edit photos and watch movies.

    It comes with 2GB RAM and a 250GB Hard Drive. I can only afford to upgrade one. Should I go with 3GB memory upgrade or a 320GB hard drive upgrade?

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • Another Invitation Question...?

    Please offer suggestions for the following invitation. I love the wording, but I want to make sure it isn't breaking etiquette rules and that the punctuation, capitalization, etc are correct:

    Because you have shared in their lives

    with your friendship and love

    Bride's Name


    Groom's Name

    together with their parents

    invite you to share the beginning

    of their new life together

    when they exchange marriage vows

    Saturday, the fifth of April

    Two thousand and eight

    at twelve o’clock in the afternoon



    City, State Zip

    Reception immediately following ceremony

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  • One more color...?

    Just getting some opinions here...

    My wedding colors are sage green, peach, and ivory. I need one more color for a few accents, and I'm trying to decide between a champagne color and chocolate brown. I definitely want this last color to be neutral, not another "color".

    Just an overview - spring wedding, outside reception, very natural.

    Thanks for your opinions!

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  • Bridesmaid dress as wedding dress, part 2?

    I have been looking at informal wedding dresses online, and it didn't occur to me that I could also look at formal bridesmaid dresses until someone suggested it.

    Does anyone know of any cons of doing this? I'm not worried about deviating from the norm.

    Here is an example of an informal wedding dress I am considering:

    and a bridesmaid dress I found that I like:

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  • Bridesmaid dress as wedding dress?

    I am having an outdoor wedding and tent reception, and I have been looking at informal wedding dresses (no train). Someone recently recommended to me that I look at some formal bridesmaid dresses as well (if they come in white or ivory).

    Obviously, a big "pro" would be that it would be more cost efficient, but what would be the "cons"? Are bridesmaid dresses made more cheaply? I have seen a few that are more elaborate than the wedding dresses I was considering!

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  • To Crazymommy3 (or others who have done this...)?

    What were the pros and cons of ordering wedding flowers in bulk online? I basically just want a whole lot of peach, champagne, and white roses for my wedding and want to see if it would be a good idea to order them this way. We're pretty crafty & I feel confident we can make our own arrangments.

    Any experiences to share (please provide website)?


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    Does anyone on here have a profile on I'm nosy and want to see your wedding pictures and progress.

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  • Bridesmaid order...?

    I know that the bridesmaids are supposed to enter in order of importance, but this would mean putting my 5'2" friend beside my 5'11" future sister-in-law. Should I put my 5'5" sister in between, even though technically she is more "important" to me?

    Am I thinking about this too much? Right beside me (MOH) will be my 5'6" other sister, and I am also 5'6".

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  • Question for the "Wedding" ladies of Answers...?

    Just so I can get you all straight, which of you have upcoming weddings (and how far in the future), which of you are already married, and which of you are anti-marriage and are here to voice your opinion?

    Me: engaged, not getting married until April 2008


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  • Diet pills - permanent damage?

    My roommate has been taking diet pills on and off for almost 15 years (since she was a teenager). At times, she has taken up to 5 or 6 brands all at once, most recently including Hoodia, Lypozene, Cortislim, and some sort of "digestive enzymes".

    She has recently stopped taking these pills, and has found out from the doctor that she has elevated cortisol levels, hormonal imbalances, and a thyroid imbalance. She has started taking prescription medicine to correct these problems, and thinks that maybe the imbalances were what caused her to be "heavy" to begin with.

    I think that the problems may have been caused by the years of diet pills, but she disagrees. Has anyone ever heard of permanent damage (besides heart problems) caused by diet pills, or ongoing imbalances caused by them?

    7 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Invitation etiquette?

    I am inviting a married couple, both are doctors. How do I word the invitation?

    Would it be:

    Dr. and Dr. Smith

    The Drs. Smith

    Dr. Jim and Dr. Jane Smith

    Thanks for your help! This is the only one that kind of stumped me...

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  • Top Contributor?

    Top Contributor - how do you get this distinction on Yahoo Answers?

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  • Opinions needed: dresses?

    Outdoor garden wedding in April '08: What do you think of the following dresses?

    Bridesmaid dress: Alfred Angelo #6476

    Dress in a light green, ribbon in peach

    Wedding Dress: Alfred Angelo #1505

    Can be found on

    I like how these two dresses are similar. The outdoor wedding calls for a more casual wedding dress, I think. Our colors are green and peach (obviously).

    All opinions are welcome! Thanks!

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  • Shin Splints from WALKING!?

    I've heard of shin splints from running or jumping, but I currently have shin splints from "speed-walking" for 30 minutes at lunch every day. It actually feels BETTER if I start jogging.

    Am I walking funny? Should I get a specific type of shoe? I don't want to stop walking at lunch - that's just depressing!

    3 AnswersInjuries1 decade ago
  • Pretty, affordable wedding invitation websites...?

    Start slinging some ideas my way, please!

    Preferably one that you or someone you know has used and had good results. Thanks!!

    13 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago
  • Questions to ask Reception site manager?

    My fiance and I are going to look at an old plantation (complete with a gorgeous turn-of-the-century chapel!) for a possible wedding/reception site this weekend.

    The wedding will be in the chapel, while the reception will be held outside in the gardens (there is no place for an inside reception), so we plan to rent a tent and all the works.

    What questions should we ask the site manager? I've thought of a lot, I just want to see if you guys think of any I haven't yet thought of!

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  • Honorary Bridesmaid?

    I have a friend I would like to include in the wedding party, but unfortunately there is just no room (physically!) at the altar to add another person. I would still like her to be in the wedding, so I was thinking about asking her to be an honorary bridesmaid (I've seen this done at another wedding). She would still be invited to all events, would walk down the aisle before the bridesmaids, but would wear a different dress and would sit with the family instead of standing at the altar. What do you guys think of this practice?

    12 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago
  • Shopping for Bridesmaid dresses...?

    Just getting started, but I wanted to get website suggestions OTHER than David's Bridal (we have one here, and I can look in person).

    Also - what would be a universally flattering shape for a dress? My bridesmaids range from 5'2" size 4 to 5'11" size 8 to 5'6" size 14...lots of variation. I would like for all of the dresses to be the same.


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  • Bridesmaid flower color?

    Bridesmaid dresses are a rich green (clover) color. What color should their flowers be? Flower color will also be used as an accent color through the decorations.

    14 AnswersWeddings1 decade ago